New Year Goals: How Creators Are Resolving to Go Bigger in 2023

Creators Hellthy Junk Food, Charlotte Dobre and LaurDIY in black and white with rainbow gradient border.

It’s officially 2023, and whether you’re setting resolutions or just ready to ramp back up after the holidays, it’s the perfect time to think about your New Year goals. While some focus on healthy eating, working out, or trying a new hobby, many set their sights on taking their careers to the next level—and creators are no exception.

So during the epic Streamy Awards weekend last month in Los Angeles, Jellysmacker Nicole Marks asked creators the question that everyone wants to know: what are they looking forward to most in 2023? From traveling the world to trying new content, even taking over our TV screens, here are the New Year goals that some of our favorite creators are manifesting right now.

What’s Cooking

While JP Lambiase and Julia Goolia of Hellthy Junk Food had an unforgettable 2022, they’re looking forward to an even better 2023. Not only did the creator couple star in the Jellysmack brand campaign and speak on our sponsored panel at VidCon Anaheim last year, they also amassed thousands of new followers across platforms with their innovative fast food hacks (Chick-fil-a buffalo mac and cheese, anyone?) and road trip restaurant tips. This year, they’re planning on taking their food content even further, heading across the globe to indulge in some more exotic eats than the drive-thru menus we know and love. 

“We’re a food channel so I’m really excited that we get to travel again. Going to Europe and eating all the junk food in Europe is something I’m really looking forward to.”

Creator JP Lambiase of Hellthy Junk Food

JP and Julia aren’t the only Jellysmack creator partners who are ready to cook up more food content in 2023. SpicyyCam is also setting his New Year goals following a successful 2022 (he shot a slew of original content with JellySmash Productions and even launched his own line of hot sauce). While his name might be synonymous with the hottest foods around, the Spice King is planning to expand his content beyond just mouth-burning food challenges.

“I am going to try to do different content rather than just spicy content, so I do have a lot of things planned for 2023. You’ll just have to stay tuned to find out.”

Creator SpicyyCam

Speaking of challenges, if there’s one creator we can all count on to partake in an unbelievably wild stunt, it’s Airrack. Hitting 10M subscribers on YouTube and hosting the Streamy Awards are just a couple of major moments that came out of 2022 for him. And for 2023, he’s showing no signs of slowing down. Think more crazy challenges and world-record-breaking content—and that starts with pizza.

“The world’s largest Pizza Party, January 18th. I’m making the world’s largest pizza. If you’re subscribed to my main channel, you get a slice of pizza, pull up January 18th in person. Come get your pizza.”

Creator Airrack
Lights, Camera, Action

While YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms have proven to be successful for many creators, for some, the small screen just isn’t enough. Jellysmack creator partner Charlotte Dobre, who was pursuing an acting career before the pandemic struck, is ready to pick back up where she left off with a television pilot she was pitching to networks prior to 2020. Titled The Swipe Life, Charlotte’s pilot is a modern rom-com inspired by her own online dating experiences. As the writer, producer, and star, 2023 is her time to take the pilot back on the road, with the ultimate goal of turning it into a television series.

“I am looking forward to getting my pilot financed. I’m excited just to try different projects and branch out, but my main goal is to secure a future for my pilot that I wrote.”

Creator Charlotte Dobre

Another Jellysmack creator partner has also ventured into the television world—reality television, that is. “In 2022, I’m very proud that I was on my first reality show. I did Surreal Life on VH1,” creator Manny MUA shared at the Streamy Awards pre-party. Eight celebrities gathered in a house in the Hollywood Hills for two weeks, having their lives filmed 24/7 while fans watched the drama unfold. Not only did Surreal Life allow Manny to meet beloved stars like Frankie Muniz, it also gave him a platform to promote his passion for cruelty-free cosmetics and his line, Lunar Beauty. So what’s Manny MUA’s New Year goal?

“More television.”

Creator Manny MUA
Never Stop Creating

Since the Streamy Awards honors the biggest names in online video, it’s clear to see why some creators have their eyes on next year’s prize.

TikTok magician SeanDoesMagic, who entertains over 21M followers with his mesmerizing tricks and how-tos, is ready to win. And continuing to give his fans a peek into his everyday life and infectious personality might just get him there.

@seandoesmagic magic vs editing 🎉 @Zach King ♬ original sound – Seany

“What I’m looking forward to is winning a Streamy next year. I’m going to do it.”

Creator SeanDoesMagic

Authentic TeeCee also has her sights set on the Streamys, but in a slightly different way. Her snack reviews and must-try hacks have taken the TikTok world by storm, and she’s just getting started. Her New Year’s goal?

@authenticteecee The only way to eat Chick-fil-A #chickfilabowl #chickfilahacks #foodideas #chickfila #dinnerideas #chickfilamenuhack #fastfoodhacks #foodinspo #dinnerecipes #dinnertonight #trythis #gastationorder ♬ original sound – AUTHENTICTEECEE

“Next year, I’m going to be on that [Streamys] stage. I want to host like Airrack. I’m coming for you.”

Creator Authentic TeeCee

Of course many creators are vying for their chance to be on the Streamys stage, but truthfully, there’s only one way to get there: keep creating. CelinaSpookyBoo is looking to spend 2023 pushing forward, filming more of her candid reactions, spooky stories, and just being her hilarious self on YouTube.

“It blows my mind that we’re even going to be in 2023, but I’m hoping to just take it to the next level on YouTube. Just put those hours in and get there.”

Creator Celina SpookyBoo

For Jellysmack creator partner LaurDIY, it’s a similar story. Lauren had a hit of a year, what with appearing on billboards in the Jellysmack brand campaign, launching her very own Pinterest show called Looks with LaurDIY, and even filming a video with the one and only Elmo. “This is my career peak,” she captioned her Instagram post with the beloved character. With more DIYs and candid discussions on the way, the continuation of her Wild ‘Til 9 podcast, and even an exciting new project with Jellysmack that we can’t reveal quite yet, LaurDIY’s New Year goal is simple: to do more of the same.

“My plans for 2023 are just more videos, more TikToks, more Instagram, more Jellysmack – all the things!”

Creator LaurDIY

We hope these New Year goals from top creators were able to inspire some of your own. Watch the interview below for these resolutions and more. Happy New Year!