New Jellysmack Originals Channel ‘Scandy’ Dives Deep Into Pop Culture News and Conspiracies

Colorful newspaper collage with Ariana Grande and Scandy text

Are you ready to peel back the layers of the world of celebrities and pop culture? Jellysmack is thrilled to announce the launch of Scandy, a brand-new Jellysmack Originals channel that promises to deliver more than just surface-level gossip. Scandy is set to become the ultimate destination for in-depth analysis on all-things Hollywood, uncovering the hidden facets of celebrity news, pop culture conspiracy theories, and the most-talked-about headlines.

We believe there’s always more to the story. Scandy will challenge perceptions, provoke thought, and offer a fresh perspective on the celebrity lives and news you thought you knew. From high-profile controversies like Nickelodeon executive Dan Schneider’s abuse allegations to under-the-radar scandals about stars like Sydney Sweeney, host Abbie Reed delves into the intricacies of the entertainment world, delivering insights that go beyond mere headline gossip.

Scandy is the latest channel to join Jellysmack’s industry-leading lineup that includes over 140 original shows. From beauty to sports, gaming and more, Jellysmack Originals span a variety of genres and have become some of the most successful digital destinations in the world totaling over 240 million cross-platform followers. Pop culture and celebrity news never stops, and Jellysmack is ready to tap into our expertise and tackle these topics on Scandy.

“With Scandy, we’re bringing something new to the content table, going beyond celebrity headlines to uncover the ‘why’ behind these major controversies. It’s about delivering a unique, insightful perspective that no other pop culture news channel is sharing.” – Filup Molina, Jellysmack Vice President of Creative, YouTube Channels

Scandy quickly went viral for tackling the latest controversy to hit Hollywood. The Quiet on Set documentary exposed shocking allegations about disgraced Nickelodeon showrunner, Dan Schneider. But leave it to Scandy to uncover even more disturbing truths that the episodes failed to mention, breaking down the full story of what really happened to the victims.

The channel is also unveiling new information surrounding former Nickelodeon star Drake Bell’s abuse, as well the allegations against Drake himself.

Beyond that, Scandy investigated disgraced rapper, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs. While most are focused on his federal sex trafficking case, host Abbie reveals explosive new details that the mainstream media is too afraid to expose.

Scandy also took a closer look at Ariana Grande’s latest music video for “Yes, And?”, analyzing the underlying messages and backlash surrounding its controversial message. Then there’s the countless lies told by Hollywood actress Sydney Sweeney—we get to the bottom of what’s true, what’s not, and the proof behind it all.

But it doesn’t end there. Viewers can also dive deep into the lives of celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber, understanding their rise, struggles, and the situations they’d rather keep hidden.

Scandy is so much more than just entertainment news—it’s a destination for viewers to analyze celebrities, fame, and pop culture through a more critical lens. If you’re ready to go behind the scenes of the latest Hollywood stars and headlines, subscribe to Scandy now on YouTube.