JellySmash Productions Brings Original Content Production to Creators

Black and white triptych with creators Karina Garcia cooking, SpicyyCam holding a hot dog, and Charles and Alyssa holding a phone and taking a selfie. Blue and green colors in the background.

Since 2016, Jellysmack has been helping top creators Go Bigger by editing, optimizing, and distributing their video content onto multiple platforms with our industry-leading Creator Program. Recently, we also launched JellyFi, customized financial solutions to help creators achieve their career goals. Now, we’re rounding out our growth-driving infrastructure with our third and newest offering for creators, JellySmash Productions

JellySmash Productions is exactly as it sounds: full-service video production for creators. From concepting new ideas to editing the final cut and everything in between, we’re helping creators develop original content that’s designed to consistently overperform. 

How do we do it? It’s all rooted in our six years of first-party data, which allows us to determine which content genres, themes, and formats will perform best across each social platform. JellySmash’s end-to-end services include everything from pre- to post-production: financing, creative development, professional filming, editing, and more. Our flexible approach allows us to customize our offering for each creator. 

JellySmash was created to solve one of the most common creator challenges out there: consistently ideating and shooting original content. We surveyed over 200 creators, and the results said it all: one in three creators need help with producing and shooting content, and a whopping 50% are looking for help coming up with new content ideas. 

The takeaway? Creators simply don’t have enough time to do it all: brainstorm fresh content ideas, plan, fund, and produce a full-scale video shoot, edit and optimize the content… the list goes on. 

That’s where we come in. With JellySmash offered as a new time-saving solution, creators can simply focus on being the creative, on-camera talent that fans love.

“We’ve heard from creators time and again that finding a way to scale by more effectively coming up with new ideas, leveling up production, and turning that effort into successful videos are some of the most challenging aspects of being a career creator,” said Sean Atkins, President of Jellysmack. “Offering turn-key content production alongside Jellysmack’s current growth infrastructure empowers creators with the tools they need to Go Bigger and avoid burning out.”

A Smash Success

JellySmash Productions caters to both long and short-form creators. For YouTubers, JellySmash can help them develop fresh ideas, stay consistent with posting new content, and prevent burnout by banking a large amount of videos that they can schedule over time. Because our ideas are rooted in data and our team is skilled at social content, the JellySmash videos rake in the views and revenue. Cha-ching. 💰

Charles and Alyssa have experienced jaw-dropping results on Facebook after partnering with the JellySmash team.

Just look at Charles and Alyssa, everyone’s favorite creator couple that we’ve helped grow to over 8.5 million followers on Facebook with our Creator Program. They partnered with the JellySmash team to shoot over 50 videos in just 10 days, which have had a 103% increase in views. Their top performing JellySmash video, where Alyssa secretly buys Charles a new PlayStation and tosses his PS4 into the pool, has already generated over 20M views on Facebook with more than 6x their average video revenue.

“It takes the load off us. It really helps us out with the planning, filming, props, and camera crew,” shared Charles. 

Karina Garcia, “Slime Queen,” top DIY creator, and OG Jellysmack creator partner, also recently teamed up with JellySmash. The team conceptualized an original 18-episode series for Karina exclusively for Pinterest called Life’s a Hack and shot it in less than three days. Over on Facebook, our JellySmash videos have achieved a 145% increase in views and a 127% increase in revenue.

A peek behind the scenes of Life’s a Hack. Leave it to the JellySmash team to always get the shot.

“The JellySmash crew killed it and I can’t wait to do more videos. I’ve never done so much content in a day.”

Creator Karina Garcia

For short-form creators like TikTokers, JellySmash can help them grow their online brands on more platforms and diversify revenue streams by translating their short-storytelling style into longer length videos. 

SpicyyCam’s extreme food content deserved to be everywhere. JellySmash is helping to make him a cross-platform star.

Take extreme foods TikToker, SpicyyCam, for instance. He came to Jellysmack wanting help expanding his brand from TikTok to longer-form platforms. Enter JellySmash. To date, we’ve concepted and shot over 50 videos with Cam, and in just 30 days after launching his new content on Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat, we saw his pages accumulate over 750K new fans. This included 175K new Snapchat subscribers, with 3.5 million unique views on Snapchat Discover alone. Since partnering with JellySmash, his YouTube channel has also grown by 300K subscribers.

“Ever since I signed with Jellysmack, making content has been so much easier for me. The partnership allows me to focus on new content, as well as my family and life outside of work that I didn’t have time to prioritize before.”

Creator SpicyyCam
Going Behind the Scenes

You might be wondering, why the name JellySmash? Smash is part of our lingo here at Jellysmack, referring to a video that generates exponentially more views than the page’s average. It suits our newest solution well, and we think our creator partners would agree.

Beyond achieving record-breaking results, JellySmash videos are also produced with extreme efficiency, because we understand the value of a creator’s time. We come up with over 20 single-location concepts and collaborate with the creator on which ones to move forward with. Then, the JellySmash crew goes to work, typically filming 10-13 original long-form videos in less than three days. 

Our crew is some of the best in the business. Head of Production? Amy Hussey, a veteran of YouTube Originals and most recently the head of production at Quibi, leads a team of production managers, shoot coordinators, crew, and more to create professional and effective on-set experiences for creators.

And this is only the beginning. The Jellysmack tech team is hard at work developing even more time-saving production solutions. 

JellySmash is designed to help creators make more content that gets eye-opening results. The cost of filming, the hassle of planning, the time to hire a team—this is all handled for you. What you’re left with is a collection of Smash hits that will help you save time, build audiences, drive revenue, and ultimately, Go Bigger. 

Interested in learning more about JellySmash? Get in touch with our team. We’d love to chat!