Creators Gush Over Jellysmack’s Billboard Campaign

Creator D'Angleo Wallace is featured on a Metro station in New York City.

Jellysmack latest out-of-home brand campaign went offline and into the streets. 

On Jan. 10, the Jellysmack team revealed the final product of a year-long initiative to put video creators on the map with out-of-home advertising placements including billboards, bus stops, murals, and other forms of outdoor marketing.

Larger-than-life portraits of Jellysmack creator partners were featured in prominent, high-traffic spaces in Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco – all urban hotspots of creator activity.

The out-of-home advertising campaign spotlights Jellysmack creator partners such as Patrick Starrr, Kendall Rae, Niki & Gabi, Hellthy Junk Food, Nas Daily, LaurDIY, D’Angelo Wallace, and creator couple Charles and Alyssa Forever. As members of the Creator Program, these creators have benefited from Jellysmack’s technology and expertise to reach new audiences across a variety of social platforms.

A core theme in the visual design of the advertising campaign was replication, a nod to Jellysmack’s role in helping content creators scale their audiences across social platforms.

As part of the campaign, billboards and murals of beauty vlogger and makeup artist Patrick Starrr were commissioned across several buildings in Los Angeles and New York City. Starrr was also featured in the company’s brand launch campaign video. 

A muralist paints creator Patrick Starrr on a building wall in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City.
A muralist paints creator Patrick Starrr on a building wall in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City.

Based on his reaction to the out-of-home campaign, it seems Starrr was pleased with the outcome.

“This @jellysmack commercial is FIERCE!” Starrr posted on his Instagram. “Thanks @jellysmack for being the BEST content team ever for my PatrickStarrr brand!” 

Starrr shared four Jellysmack campaign-related posts to his Instagram account since Jan. 8. Collectively, the posts have earned over 110,000 likes, as well as praise from a host of blue-checkmark accounts. 

“Go offffffff” former Ru Paul’s Drag Race contestant and TikTok modeling superstar Plastique Tiara commented on Starrr’s post. 

True crime vlogger and podcaster Kendall Rae tweeted photos of the two New York-based building wall advertisements in which she was featured–-one of which stretches three stories tall.

“Oh my gosshhh thank you so much everyone! This has been a super surreal experience!” she added in the replies.

A week later, Rae made a stop to see one of her billboards in Los Angeles. She tweeted it with the caption: “Seeing my face on a billboard on the Sunset Strip has to be one of the coolest things that’s ever happened to me.”

Kendall was also featured in a San Francisco Morris column. 

Human experience documentarian and Harvard University alum Nuseir Yassin of NasDaily shared a photo of himself on Instagram in front of a Los Angeles billboard featuring his portrait – well, four portraits of him to be precise.

Out-of-home campaign billboard ad of Nuseir Yassin of Nas Daily over the Whisky a Go Go on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, Los Angeles.
Billboard of Nuseir Yassin of Nas Daily over the Whisky a Go Go on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, Los Angeles.

“Mom, we made it to America! 😱” he wrote in the caption. “Across Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco…the campaign is live!

My friends at @jellysmack (and partners at @nasacademy) launched a nationwide campaign to promote creators and their content. They’re incredible people with an incredible mission, so check them out on Instagram….or in real life billboards across America! 🚀”

Creators Jonathan Paul “JP” Lambiase and Julia Yarinsky of Hellthy Junk Food shared photos of their Los Angeles and New York City billboards on both Instagram and Twitter

“Feels unreal to see our billboard is up in NYC,” a Jan. 16 tweet read.

On of the billboards of Julie Goolia and JP Lambiase of Hellthy Junk Food in the Greenwich Village of New York City as part of Jellysmack's out-of-home advertising campaign
Billboard of Hellthy Junk Food in the Greenwich Village of New York City.

Partnerships with talented creators like these have fueled Jellysmack’s rocket ship ride to “unicorn” valuation status. 

HBO’s Craftopia host and creator LaurDIY also shared a photo posing under her Hollywood billboard on her Instagram. Australian model and Netflix reality show regular Harry Jowsey commented “Super [star emoji]” on the post. 

Creator Lauren Kobayashi Riihimaki of LaurDIY is featured on an out-of-home billboard in West Hollywood, Los Angelos.
Creator Lauren Kobayashi Riihimaki of LaurDIY is featured on a billboard in West Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Jellysmack has partnerships with over 500 creators. More than half of those relationships were established in 2021, a year of phenomenal growth and important milestones for the company, including a Series C funding round with SoftBank Vision Fund II.

In addition to building brand awareness, the out-of-home campaign’s objective was to reach prospective future creator partners. 

Helping Creators Go Bigger

Growing an audience on any social platform is an involved process. Growing them across numerous social media and content platforms quickly becomes a bottleneck for content creator scalability. 

To make matters even more challenging, the dimensions, formats, and video editing best practices vary from platform to platform. Jellysmack partners with creators to assist them in optimizing and distributing their content across various social platforms. That includes relieving creators from time-consuming tasks such as video editing and posting across a whole suite of social media profiles. With those tasks handled, creators can focus on what they enjoy most – creating new content. 

Above all, Jellysmack aims to help creators find new opportunities to expand their personal brands in dynamic, collaborative ways. The Jellysmack out-of-home brand campaign is one of several marketing initiatives focused on celebrating self-made creators and expanding their online reach into new forms of media.