Millions Are Laughing at Charlotte Dobre, and it’s Paying Off

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When her up and coming acting career took a hit due to COVID-19, Charlotte Dobre didn’t give up or throw in the towel. With millions of views across YouTube, Facebook, and a newly launched Snapchat show, Charlotte is bringing her comedic talents to a screen near you.

“I quit my job and took the plunge. That was two and a half years ago, and here I am.”

After earning a BFA in Theater from the University of Victoria, Charlotte planned on going all in on acting. She left Canada to pursue training at New York Film Academy but was unable to get a visa to stay in the United States. “I ended up going to Toronto. I showed up at my friend’s place with two hockey bags,” Charlotte said in her latest interview with Tubefilter for the publication’s YouTube Millionaires series.

While it wasn’t her initial plan, she made it work. Charlotte got a job as a writer and host at InformOverload, a YouTube channel she helped grow to 1.8 million subscribers and nearly a billion views. “In between I was going to auditions. I would start the day by going to an audition, go to work for four hours, go to an audition on my lunch hour, back to work for four hours, and then two auditions after work,” she said of her career growth.

On the cusp of getting into the Canadian actors’ union, ACTRA, COVID hit in early 2020. While working from home for InformOverload, Charlotte posted to her own YouTube channel every Sunday. Once demand for her content grew, she hired on a video editor for long-form content and started posting every day. “About six months after I started my channel, I quit my job and took the plunge. That was two and a half years ago, and here I am.“

“In business, adapt or die, and I don’t really plan on stopping or backing down.”

After launching her extremely successful solo channel, Charlotte continued to grow her team and build a presence across multiple platforms. When we chatted with Charlotte at VidCon 2022, she shared about how becoming a creator led to a sense of empowerment. “I was an actress and I didn’t really have the opportunities that I wished I had. I love entertaining people and after so many doors slammed in my face, I created my own opportunities.”

The independence and success Charlotte has achieved as a creator is largely due to her tenacity, ability to pivot, and surrounding herself with a team of experts. In addition to her video editor, Charlotte also has a lawyer, accountant, and agent. She also counts on Jellysmack as a creator partner to help with her fast-growing Facebook account and upcoming Snapchat launch. “I have a really amazing team. We’re all working on so many projects together and a lot of them are actually my friends, so it’s really nice to be able to give work to my friends who are very good at what they do, and have a team that really supports me.”

But, as we all know, being a creator is never as simple as it may seem. When it comes to dealing with trolls online, Charlotte admits that it’s not easy. “The critics definitely get to you sometimes.” However, her passion and dedication to creating are what help her not sweat the small stuff. “It’s understanding that this is bigger than you. That’s honestly what gets me out of bed in the morning.”

“It’s not just about me anymore, it’s about the people that watch.”

Creator Charlotte Dobre

What advice does she have for aspiring creators? It all boils down to one simple word: create. “Be disciplined. Keep working. Keep posting. The longer you think about content, that’s time you could spend making the content,” Charlotte urges. “So just make it, post it, and do the same thing again the next day.”

Creators Charlotte Dobre and Niki DeMartino sitting on a white couch on stage chatting with Jellysmack's Cat Valdes at VidCon 2022
Charlotte shared the secrets to her success on Jellysmack’s sponsored panel at VidCon 2022 in Anaheim.
Laughter is the best medicine

With the help of Jellysmack and support from creative partners, Charlotte has become a sensation on Facebook, expanding beyond her YouTube channel into new ventures. “I reached the 1 million mark way faster on Facebook than I did on YouTube, and that’s thanks to Jellysmack,” she shared with us. With a massive 2.2 million followers on Facebook alone, some of her most popular videos include People Expose The Truth About Companies They’ve Worked For (10 million views), People Get Caught Lying In 4K (10 million views) and TikTok’s Most Entitled People (12 million views).

Although those may be fan favorites, one of Charlotte’s personal favorites is her hilarious Entitled Bridezilla series. “They’re a heavy hitter and they’re super, super funny,” she explains with a laugh. Another topic she really enjoys filming? Her Bad Woman’s Anatomy series, including this video entitled People Who Need Urgent Biology Classes. “It’s not a popular topic but I love laughing at it because it just goes to show that nobody really knows much about women.” For Charlotte, pursuing her own creative interests is just as important as those of her audience. 

What’s next?

Charlotte is making waves and taking names. In June she revealed that she is working on a TV series that she wrote and is self-producing. “I love making people laugh. I love the freedom [being a creator] comes with; the financial freedom, the creative freedom. I love being able to hire creatives in my network… giving people the opportunities I never had. There’s so much I love about [being a creator]. I could go on for hours.” 

As far as a dream collaboration? “Doja Cat. I’ve always loved her. And Naomi Jon. I love her so much. I would love the chance to meet and collaborate with her.” We think the chances are pretty good, because when Charlotte sets her sights on something, it’s rare she doesn’t succeed.