10 Inspiring Female Creators to Honor on International Women’s Day

Creators Destene of Destene and Brandon, Charlotte Dobre, Joce Bedard and Trinity Jae in black and white on a colorful gradient background

There’s arguably no better time than right now to spotlight some of the amazing work our roster of female creators has been doing. Being that March 8 (today) is International Women’s Day (IWD), we’re using this space to recognize female trailblazers who are pioneering new careers for themselves in the creator economy. From talented beauty gurus to comedic icons, these 10 talented women not only create content for millions of fans around the world, but demonstrate that with creative freedom and a little courage (and the right partnerships!), rapid growth is possible.

And the numbers are proof. Our full roster of inspiring female creator partners have a combined total of over 25 million subscribers on Jellysmack-managed platforms alone. In 2022, their content earned a whopping 15 billion total views across Facebook and Snapchat, with beauty creators leading the pack and true crime storytellers following at a close second. If last year is any indication, 2023 is setting up to be full of even more success for these talented digital icons.

Let’s take a dive into the dynamic female creators who are paving the way for others who want to break into the creator world:  

1. KallMeKris

Funny girl KallMeKris is known for her dancing, lip-syncing, and witty skits that capture everyday characters. We’ve written about her positive vibes before; it’s part of what makes her a role model for many young women. But the former hairdresser-turned-TikToker also uses her platform to advocate for body positivity and raise awareness about mental health issues. If you haven’t seen her before, start with her reaction video of people who do crazy things to save money (wait until you see her comment on the DIY shower head 🚿).

2. Destene of Destene & Brandon

Destene of Destene & Brandon is used to entertaining fans with comedic pranks and silly antics, but she takes her role as a content creator seriously – as much as she enjoys making people laugh, she wants to help them follow their dreams, too. In an interview with Jellysmack, she explains that she wants to “go out into the world and make an imprint” with her content, and hopes to “be the example that you can be bold, confident, and pursue your goals and your dreams.” So if your goal is becoming a creator, that’s an idea she’s definitely behind.

“When fans see me making content, it gives them the motivation and belief that they can do it.” – Destene Polidore, creator

3. Charlotte Dobre

This actor-turned-creator reacts to viral videos from around the internet, but this is a fairly new career for her. After successfully pivoting her career during Covid, Charlotte’s success serves as a proven example of how anyone can start anew even during the most challenging times.

“I’m a trained actress, singer, and dancer and I found that there wasn’t really a lot of opportunity for me, despite being trained and despite doing all the work needed to be successful. When I’m creating content, I’m allowed to be myself and people accept me for who I am.” – Charlotte Dobre, creator

One of her most-seen Facebook videos is a reaction gem focusing on divorce horror stories.

4. Smitha Deepak

Smitha Deepak is recognized for her engaging makeup and beauty tutorials that showcase her wide-ranging talents. Her videos, which you can now watch on Hello Inspo, Jellysmack’s new creator-led TV channel streaming exclusively on The Roku Channel, encourage women to step out of their comfort zone and explore new makeup styles. Be sure to watch her instructional video on how to create a cut-crease eye makeup look, and catch more of her content on her new show, Here Comes the Glam with Smitha Deepak.

5. Joce Bedard

Jokester Joce Bedard may devote a lot of her content planning to developing reaction videos, but she spends significant time praising the talented women in the creator space, too. In an interview with Jellysmack, she gushes about the three female content creators that she can’t get enough of “and the world needs to follow” immediately: Charlotte Dobre, CelinaSpookyBoo, and KallMeKris. Joce holds nothing back when it comes to her own commentary, which is what makes this reaction video about terrible roommates just so stinkin’ good.

6. Loey Lane

Paranormal and beauty expert Loey Lane is a master storyteller who whips up skillful makeup tutorials and details the spookiest of stories. When she’s not creating content for her social accounts or her paranormal podcast, “Snitchery,” Loey encourages her audience to tap into their natural look and promotes body positivity in order to challenge traditional beauty standards and drown out the negativity. Check out her most-seen Facebook video where she questions whether a girl is sending secret messages through subtle visual cues.

7. Tatianna from Tatianna & Tyjae

People are drawn to Tatianna from cute couple account Tatianna & Tyjae for her comical pranks and down-to-earth approach to parenthood. The duo’s most popular video features Tati getting mad when Tyjae flirts at a fast food drive-through right in front of her. It’s a must-watch because her frustration and anger is palpable. Her authenticity and relatability is exactly what makes her so entertaining.

8. Andrea from Isaac & Andrea

Andrea and her husband Isaac are known for creating everyday lifestyle content — yes, there are plenty of pranks. Their most popular video features Andrea pranking Isaac in the most creative of ways by making him believe that her face and body shed skin during her menstrual cycle (Isaac’s high school sex ed class failed him, it seems). Andrea’s natural wit and comedy make her a creator force to be reckoned with.

9. Trinity Jae

Fans love Trinity for her comical food and family-focused content, and while she’s good at making people laugh, she also wants to be a source of motivation for those who might feel like they’re in a rut. In an interview with Jellysmack, she gets excited just talking about what’s possible once people get out of their own way. 

“I believe in order to unlock the best part of yourself you have to lock up that voice telling you that you can’t.” – Trinity Jae, creator

10. Katie Farhood

Self-taught makeup artist Katie Farhood is the queen of out-of-this-world spooky makeup tutorials that are so intricate they need to be watched until the very end. One of her most popular videos isn’t a tutorial; rather, a makeup removal of Doja Cat’s iconic rhinestone look, sharing just how complicated it is to take off all of the special effects and products she uses. Her jaw-dropping creativity shows through in every video she makes.

@katiefarhood the least y’all can do is like & follow me on here & insta 🥲 #makeupremoval#rhinestonemakeup#rhinestoneremoval#rhinestonemakeupremoval#makeupremovalfun ♬ original sound – Katie Farhood

Whether these 10 female creators are twisting the narrative within their relationships or just teaching us out-of-the-box makeup routines, they are proving that women everywhere can own their successes, and thrive in the creator space.