The Try Guys, Guava Juice, and TikToker Kallmekris Sign with Jellysmack

Creators Guava Juice, The Try Guys, and Kallmekris in black and white on rainbow background.

It’s never a dull day at Jellysmack. We’re always looking to partner with the latest and greatest talent elevating the landscape of the creator economy. It’s one of the things that excites us the most. So we’re especially proud to announce the addition of three mega creators to our already impressive roster of Creator Partners. The Try Guys, Kallmekris, and Guava Juice are the latest members of digital media’s elite to join our Creator Program, which pushes creators forward by amplifying their video content across multiple platforms.

Hundreds of top-tier creators have already trusted us to take their content to the next level, including MrBeast, PewDiePie, Nas Daily, Bailey Sarian, Brad Mondo, Karina Garcia, Derek Deso, and Patrick Starrr.

By teaming up with us, we’ll help YouTube’s The Try Guys, TikToker Kallmekris, and YouTuber Guava Juice reach more fans and grow their already wildly-popular digital brands across more platforms, faster than ever. It’s what we do.

Each of these creators is unique, so let’s dive right in and give you the scoop on why we’re so thrilled to help them Go Bigger.

The Try Guys

You might’ve heard of these guys—they’ve been around the block, having found their footing at BuzzFeed. But their content has evolved throughout their years online. They’re no longer the play-it-safe guys we all first met.

For one, they’re now a group of three—Keith Habersberger, Zach Kornfeld, and Eugene Lee Yang run the account. After facing some challenges a few months back, they made the decision to cut ties with the team member who was at the center of the drama (it wasn’t easy), and got real with their fans. It was a reminder that no creator is immune to controversy, and that it’s often how controversy is addressed that matters most. In a heartfelt and beautifully handled “what happened” video, they talk about what went down, and their plans for moving forward.

Which they now get to do. Their latest batch of videos are light and fun, yet punctuated with bits of curiosity that make you want to watch until the end to see just what happens when Keith eats all those tacos. The Try Guys’ goal is to continue evolving their content, giving viewers a deeper look into who they are and what they do behind the scenes. And with the help of Jellysmack, they will be reaching even more new fans on Facebook. We can’t wait to see what’s next.


With over 47M followers on TikTok and 6M on YouTube, funny girl Kallmekris aka Kris Collins is ready to make everyone laugh. The former hairdresser-turned-TikToker is best known for her dry wit, lip syncing videos and quick skits where she impersonates relatable characters. The pandemic forced her to pivot her career, and in just two years she’s become Canada’s most-followed TikToker.

If you want to get a feel for her likable personality, be sure to watch her interpretation of what happens when the ‘rents come to visit (that mom is spot-on), and on the flip-side, she also has a dark sense of humor. Oh, and she was also nominated for three Streamy awards: Breakout Creator, Collaboration, and Comedy. As part of the Creator Program, Kris’s content will be amplified across Facebook and eventually Snapchat with her own Snap Discover show.


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Guava Juice

Hilarious internet personality Roi entertains his 16.M YouTube subscribers with unbelievable challenges, wild experiments, and mind-boggling mythbusting. One of our favorites? When he lets his Tesla decide where he’s going to eat for 24 hours (he’s truly up to try anything). He’s even turned his viral content into a YouTube Originals animated series.

His energy is contagious, and the millions that follow him know that whatever shenanigans Guava Juice has up his sleeve next, it’s definitely going to be worth the watch. Guava Juice joins Jellysmack to help grow his already-impressive following on Facebook.

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