Jellysmack Tested, Creator Approved: 6 Tips to Making Viral Videos

Blue and purple animated rocket ship taking off up into a dark sky surrounded by clouds and stars

In a world where more views equals more money, creators have one goal: to create viral videos that reach as many fans as possible. However, we all know that’s easier said than done. With algorithms consistently changing, new social platforms launching every day, and thousands of video tips out there, it’s challenging to zero in on exactly what it takes to capture the attention of an engaged audience. 

While some get lucky with a single TikTok video that skyrockets them to social media fame, for most creators, that’s not the case. Even Jellysmack creator partner MrBeast has been working for over a decade to build his loyal audience. But as the global creator company who has helped hundreds of creators Go Bigger, we know a thing or two about what it takes to create a video that overperforms. In case you missed our post over on the official Jellysmack TikTok, we’re sharing six tried-and-true tips that will help every creator make viral videos.

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1. Start your video with clear hook

There are millions of videos out there, so what will make a viewer want to stop and watch yours? Always start your video off with a bang, whether it be with eye-catching on-screen text or simply jumping right into the action. 

Before your mind can even register what’s happening, Alyssa of Charles and Alyssa Forever is yelling and aggressively patting her head in this hilarious prank video. Don’t you want to see how it all plays out?

2. Make the first three seconds attention grabbing

You have three seconds to capture a viewer’s attention before they keep scrolling, so you better make those first three seconds count. While traditional storytelling usually has a beginning, middle, and end, don’t be afraid to give some of that away in the first few seconds of your social video. You can open it up by featuring some of the video’s best moments, or even ask a question that leaves the viewer wanting more.

Speaking of MrBeast—in this video, we actually see the winning $100K helicopter shot right off the bat, which sparks curiosity and makes us wonder… who else was able to make the impossible possible?

3. Ensure your videos are interesting both with and without sound

The reality is, in today’s world, most people are multitasking while scrolling through their social feeds, whether they’re at work, commuting, or even watching TV. That’s why it’s essential that viral videos be watchable both with and without sound. Including text, graphics, and visual elements are a great way to ensure that your fans can still capture and enjoy every second of action, even if their boss is in the office next door.

Take storyteller MrBallen, for example. Clear, consistent imagery and animated captions make it easy for viewers to follow the story from beginning to end, sound on or not.

4. Make the video constantly progressive

Capturing their attention is one thing—keeping it is a whole different ball game. Make sure your video tells a story in a way that maintains interest from start to finish. Ensuring that each scene builds on top of one another and is essential to the overall story is critical. The longer someone watches, the more ad breaks they see which makes algorithms happy. 

This is where video editing comes in. Before posting, rewatch your video to identify any slow moments where you find your attention drifting, or scenes that could be cut to help tell the story more efficiently. Even adding dynamic transitions and effects can help the video’s pace and flow.

In this video, you watch the Spice King himself, SpicyyCam, visit Hot Wings Cafe and speak with the chef before he sits down and attempts to be the first person to ever devour all eight chicken wings drenched in their spiciest sauce.

5. Add text to your video

As we mentioned in tip number 3, many viewers are most likely watching your videos without sound, and while visual elements will help hold their interest, it’s the captions that are essential to them following your story. This is especially important for creators who talk directly to the camera, or short-form creators posting on TikTok or Instagram. Luckily, most apps and editing software features an auto-generated caption tool that makes them extremely easy to add. 

Captions are essential to Bailey Sarian’s storytelling content, allowing millions of fans to easily follow her true crime tales while watching her get glammed up.

6. Make sure the video is true to the tagline and thumbnail

Taglines and thumbnails are just as important as the viral videos they accompany. On many platforms like YouTube and Snapchat, this is the video’s chance to make a good first impression and encourage the user to click and watch.

Although a catchy, clickbait-inspired tagline may be tempting, make sure both the tagline and the thumbnail accurately represent the content of the video. If they don’t, viewers will lose trust and stop watching or worse, unsubscribe completely.

This thumbnail for one of Derek Deso’s latest prank videos is oddly terrifying, encouraging the viewer to click and watch while also telling them exactly what to expect.

While many might credit the ever-changing algorithms, there is actually a science to creating viral videos. Following these 6 tips will help any creator, whether you’re established or just starting out, attract viewers and build a loyal audience that keeps coming back for more. Make sure you follow Jellysmack on TikTok for more tips and to see which of our creator partners we’re helping go viral next.