Creators Go Bigger on TV: Jellysmack Launches 17 Creators on The Roku Channel

Collage of Roku creator channels, Hello Inspo and Mysteria, and shows launched by Jellysmack

As a leader in the creator economy who counts hundreds of the world’s top creators as partners, Jellysmack is always on the pulse of what’s next—and right now, that’s streaming television. Jellysmack has joined forces with streaming giant Roku to launch first-of-their-kind creator-led FAST (free ad-supported streaming television) channels, now live on The Roku Channel. From producing leading creator shows on Pinterest to helping creators fund their future business endeavors, Jellysmack is constantly pushing the limits of what creators can do on social media and beyond. So it should come as no surprise that we’re providing our creator partners with yet another innovative opportunity to Go Bigger.

The Roku partnership, announced in Variety, kicked off on February 28 with series from 17 top creators on two channels: Mysteria, a true crime hub featuring chilling stories told by top creator investigators, and Hello Inspo, the ultimate source for inspiration on everything from cooking to home decor, beauty, and more.

Jellysmack and Roku hand-selected creators from our elite roster and helped them launch their own shows that feature their best content, expertly edited and optimized for the FAST channel medium. 

Jellysmack creator partners are ready to Go Bigger on The Roku Channel. From top left: LaurDIY, Smitha Deepak, Brad Mondo, Christina Randall, Josh Elkin, Liz Fenwick, Karina Garcia, HeXtian, Stephanie Soo, Hellthy Junk Food, and Emmymade.

The Future is FAST

With the number of paid streaming services rising every day, consumers (and their wallets) have reached a breaking point. FAST channels are a quickly-growing alternative to these monthly subscription models, offering viewers a completely free way to enjoy content. Channels are centered around popular consumer interests, featuring shows that are programmed in a back-to-back linear format like a traditional cable TV network. The acceleration in FAST viewership showcases a major shift in consumer habits: people are now opting to sit through ads in between continuous content rather than pay a premium to watch shows on demand. FAST channels alone have been watched for over one billion minutes since the beginning of 2023, and they’re only going to keep growing.

“Our partnership with Roku is about finding big opportunities for creators and their content,” said Stefanie Schwartz, Head of Platforms at Jellysmack. “Roku is America’s top TV streaming platform, giving our creators the ability to reach a large and growing audience. We’re delighted to bring Roku top creators – at scale.”

Watching the new creator channels is as simple as accessing The Roku Channel’s Live TV guide and selecting the channel. Mysteria and Hello Inspo are just the first of many Jellysmack creator-led channels that we will be launching, initiating a new wave of unique, innovative content on the FAST platform.

Let’s dive into the new FAST channels and meet the Jellysmack creator partners who are ready to conquer the streaming world.

Mysteria: Where True Crime Lives

If murder plots and stranger-than-fiction occurrences are your thing, look no further than Mysteria, where the biggest creators in true crime dive deep into twisted crimes and unsolved mysteries. With unique storytelling methods that involve mukbang, baking, professional psychological profiling, and more, this channel is the ultimate destination for true crime fans to learn about both notorious and lesser-known cases while dissecting the theories and facts surrounding them. Mysteria brings truth to the forefront and shines a spotlight on the experiences of the victims.

Here’s a full roster of the creator-led shows, now live on Mysteria, channel 548 on Roku:

Tune in to watch Amy Townsend and Chris Nathan recap the most notorious crime cases.
True Crime Recaps

Fact-based and to-the-point, True Crime Recaps explores the most perplexing and fascinating stories including missing persons, murders, and cold cases. Tune in to solve a mystery with hosts Amy Townsend and Chris Nathan.

Looking for craveable true crime content? Storyteller Stephanie Soo has you covered.
True Crime Cravings with Stephanie Soo

Why dine alone when you can join storyteller and food lover Stephanie Soo? Sit down with Stephanie for a delicious meal while she digs into crimes, conspiracies, and candid confessions from fans.

Follow investigative creator Christina Randall as she dissects crimes and shares her unique insights.
Crime Report with Christina Randall

Storyteller Christina Randall pieces together the most intriguing and hard-to-believe true crime stories. From infamous serial killer cases to today’s horrifying headlines, Christina breaks it all down with thoughtful research and insightful commentary.

“Launching my own TV show is a dream come true,” says Christina. “Now I get to share my passion for true crime and telling stories with an entirely new audience on a new platform—it’s just what I need to take my career to the next level.”

Dr. Todd Grande takes a psychological look at the world’s most infamous criminals.
Criminal Psyche with Dr. Todd Grande

Ever wonder what drives a person to commit a crime? Armed with scientific research and years of experience in the field, licensed professional counselor of mental health Dr. Todd Grande explores the psychology behind shocking true crime cases.

John Lordan leaves no detail uncovered as he breaks down horrifying cases.
Uncovered with LordanARTS

Dive deep into the most mystifying true crime cases with investigative researcher John Lordan of LordanARTS. From missing persons to suspicious deaths, uncover the facts behind both high-profile cases and cases you probably haven’t heard about.

Watch as John Lordan and friends each bring their own crime theories to the table.
3 Men and a Mystery

If you like Uncovered, you’ll love 3 Men and a Mystery, the second Mysteria show led by creator LordanARTS. Join John Lordan, Mike Morford, and Gray Hughes as they dive deep into the most tragic true crime cases. Through months of investigative research and witness questioning, they uncover and dissect the facts of what really happened.

When a person goes missing, Danelle does her part by breaking down the facts.
Gone by Danelle Hallan

No answers. No closure. Just gone. Few crimes are more baffling than a missing persons case. Skilled researcher and storyteller Danelle Hallan digs into the details and pieces the clues together in hopes of shining new light on tragic disappearances.

Devour the most mind-blowing true crime cases on Killer Bites.
Killer Bites

All the murder, mystery, and intrigue you crave, told in a way that’s easy to digest. Jellysmack Original channel Killer Bites invites you to dig into the wildest true crime stories in bite-size form. 

Want more true crime content? Stay tuned for storyteller Brooke Makenna’s new show, coming soon to Mysteria.

Glow Up Your Days with Hello Inspo

The darkest stories may live on Mysteria, but leave it to Hello Inspo to brighten up your day. Hello Inspo is where top creators share inspiration for everything from beauty and style hacks to home makeovers, mouthwatering recipes, DIYs, and more. Along the way, you’ll also get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the lives of these digital stars. This is the place for tips, tricks, and unfiltered lifestyle advice. 

Ready to tune in to The Roku Channel? Here’s what’s streaming now on Hello Inspo, channel 454:

Emmy teaches you how to make the most unique (and delicious) recipes at home.
Eats by Emmymade

Easy-to-recreate recipes that are also delicious? That’s what Emmy does best. Whether you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth or make a mouthwatering cheese from scratch, watch it come to life step by step on Eats by Emmymade.

“I can’t believe that viewers are now able to watch my cooking content on live TV,” shares food creator Emmy Cho. “Launching my own show on The Roku Channel is an incredible place to be and I’m thrilled to share my love of food with more fans. Big thanks to Jellysmack for helping to make it all happen.”

You’ve never seen doll making like this. HeXtian recreates your favorite characters in doll form.
HeXtian’s Doll House

Ready to get dolled up? Watch artist extraordinaire HeXtian customize one-of-a-kind dolls inspired by iconic characters. When not designing dolls, HeXtian gives a peek into their best drag looks and shares over-the-top makeup transformations.

Searching for easy hacks to transform your home? Liz Fenwick tells all.
Home Hacks with Liz Fenwick

Ready to live your best DIY life? Catch home decor pro Liz Fenwick on her first of three shows as she shares easy hacks, organization tips, and budget-friendly decorating ideas that will turn your house into an inspiration-worthy home. 

Watch jaw-dropping before and afters as Liz renovates every room in the house.
Room Reveals with Liz Fenwick

Can’t get enough Liz? Give every room in your home the glow up it deserves with the help of your favorite DIY expert. Room Reveals invites you inside her best bathroom, bedroom, and even RV makeovers that you truly have to see to believe.

Following a budget is easier than it seems thanks to Liz’s creative home DIYs.
Thrifty Living with Liz Fenwick

Finally, Liz invites you along on her thrift store hauls on her third(!) Hello Inspo show. Join the DIY queen as she shares the best thrift store steals and discount store deals, transforming her home with the most creative and budget-friendly DIYs she can dream up.

Who needs a glam squad when Smitha can help you create a showstopping look?
Here Comes the Glam with Smitha Deepak

Glamour, drama, and so much glitter—beauty pro Smitha Deepak is sitting down in the makeup chair to share showstopping tutorials. Get ready for bridal makeup, wedding guest glam, and soireé-ready looks inspired by her Indian heritage.

Far from your average food show, Hellthy Junk Food shares recipes you won’t find anywhere else.
What’s Cooking with Hellthy Junk Food

Step into the kitchen with Hellthy Junk Food’s JP & Julia as they cook up the most wildly delicious and over-the-top recipes. Giant sandwiches, fast food recreations, and one-of-a-kind DIYs—bring your appetite and get ready to indulge.

Stay up to date on all the latest food news with chef Josh Elkin.
The Menu with Josh Elkin

What’s on the menu? Josh Elkin is joined by co-host David Heuff to discuss the latest news that is food-worthy and food that is newsworthy. They dish out their opinions on everything from fast food crazes to culinary trends they wouldn’t dare try.

And it doesn’t end there. More Hello Inspo shows from top creators like Brad Mondo, Karina Garcia, and LaurDIY will be launching on The Roku Channel in the coming months.

“Taking the leap from social media to streaming is the perfect next step for my brand,” shares Brad Mondo. “Getting to launch not one, but three shows on The Roku Channel is super exciting. Hair is universal, so the more people I can help and share my passion with, the better.”

Coming Up Next

So with creators now transitioning from social media to television on The Roku Channel, what’s next? With Jellysmack, the sky’s the limit. We’re constantly coming up with new ways to help creators get the most out of their content. Watch this space to see what’s coming up for FAST, and how else we’re helping our talented partners Go Bigger.