12 Jellysmack Creator Partners Nominated for a 2022 Streamy Award

A group of Jellysmack creator partners in black and white with rainbow gradient outlines.

When it comes to award shows in the digital arena, it’s hard to top the talent and buzz that surrounds the Streamy Awards, and with the 2022 ceremony less than a month away, we thought now would be the perfect time to spotlight the 12 Jellysmack creator partners who have been nominated, and what they’ve been able to achieve with their platforms. 

Referred to as “the Oscars of the web” by Vanity Fair, the prestigious award show recognizes the cream of the crop in video. It’s truly the content creator awards event of the year, and since Jellysmack creator partners took home many of the top honors in years past, they have a good chance at winning again.

Let’s dive into the creator partners who’ve been nominated. Consider this your cheat sheet: 

  • Streamy award nominations: It should come as no surprise that he’s nominated for seven awards: Creator of the Year, Collaboration, Creator for Social Good, Creator Product, Editing, Brand Engagements, and Social Impact Campaign. 
  • Why he deserves it: What hasn’t Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast, achieved this year? He became the second creator in history to surpass 100M YouTube subscribers (P.S. he’s already at 109M), opened his first-ever MrBeast Burger to 10,000 fans who were anxiously awaiting to catch all the action, secured the coveted #1 spot on Forbes’ inaugural 50 most influential creators of 2022 list, and flexed his philanthropic muscles by donating millions to charity—Beast Philanthropy has fed over 221,000 people to date.
  • Star power: Considering that he was crowned Creator of the Year in 2020 and 2021, he has the potential for a three-peat, which would be another history-making move.
  • Streamy award nominations: MrBallen, aka John Allen, is nominated for four awards: Creator of the Year, Breakout Creator, Creator for Social Good, and Podcast.
  • Why he deserves it: While the king of the “strange, dark, and mysterious” is most known for his detailed retellings of true crimes, the former Navy SEAL turned his content empire into a social cause by supporting victims of crimes. Through his foundation MrBallen Foundation, he’s able to award quarterly $25,000 grants to organizations like Children’s Bereavement Center of South Texas and The LOVE>hate Project.
  • Star power: He gives much of his time to honor victims and help those who’ve been impacted by violent crime.
Yes Theory
  • Streamy award nominations: First Person (Individual Award category)
  • Why they deserve it: A random encounter brought this crew together, a willingness to push themselves to take on new challenges kept them together, and a desire to seek discomfort officially thrust them into the spotlight. Now, this odds-defying group participates in daring travel challenges for their millions of fans to watch. They’ve birthed a generation of people who tune in to watch them take on life with new meaning.
  • Star power: This year, Yes Theory took their YouTube talents to the big screen by premiering their first ever feature film, Project Iceman with legendary iceman and motivational speaker, Wim Hof.
Jellysmack sponsored Yes Theory’s anticipated movie premiere, Project Iceman, in Los Angeles in October.
Bailey Sarian
  • Streamy award nominations: Beauty
  • Why she deserves it: Bailey created an entirely new genre, merging two of her passions: beauty and true crime storytelling. She’s a captivating speaker, skilled artist, was named to Forbes’ inaugural Top 50 Creators list this year, and has collaborated with a number of brands including Estate Cosmetics.
  • Star power: She’s managed to do even more with her skillset, successfully expanding into a weekly podcast Dark History, where she retells bone-chilling stories from the past.
Brad Mondo 
  • Streamy award nominations: Beauty
  • Why he deserves it: Brad and funny hairdresser reaction videos are practically synonymous with one another—you can’t think about one without thinking about the other. He’s relatable, trustworthy, and, though he reacts to wild hair transformations (and even wilder attempts), he strikes a perfect balance between being comedic and humble.
  • Star power: His passion for hair care and coloring comes through in everything he does, and it’s easy to see how his hilarious personality and skilled hands set the stage for him to launch his brand XMondo Hair
  • Streamy award nominations: Beauty
  • Why she deserves it: MissDarcei is a well-known beauty trend-hunter who’s willing to try just about any TikTok trend or international beauty craze that pops up on her FYP. But it’s her vibrant personality that bursts through in every “Black Girl Tries” video that’s enabled her to build such a dedicated fanbase.
  • Star power: The talented MissDarcei landed a collab with SheGlam, and was even featured on Tubefilter’s YouTube Millionaires series. 
Nick DiGiovanni
  • Streamy award nominations: Food
  • Why he deserves it: Nick’s hungry for a win. One of the youngest finalists ever to appear on MasterChef, the food hack maestro quickly rose to fame and built a booming subscriber base. One of his most delectable videos is of a parmesan cheese pasta wheel recipe, but just watching him lug around the massive imported wheel of cheese is entertaining on its own.
  • Star power: Nick is a social media superstar with a product line of fancy Michelin-star quality salts, and he even has a cookbook launching soon.
  • Streamy award nominations: Technology
  • Why he deserves it: Arun has become a trusted figure in the tech space, spotlighting the latest gizmos and gadgets for millions across the internet. His in-depth reviews of the smallest products in the world generate millions of views from curious tech geeks.
  • Star power: He’s built his own tech community online of people who are deeply interested in the best tech buys.
Kara and Nate
  • Streamy award nominations: Lifestyle
  • Why they deserve it: This husband-and-wife duo turned their dream of traveling the world into a full-time career, so much so that in addition to sharing their wanderlust with the rest of the internet, they also detail their learned travel hacks and know-how so that people can globetrot alongside them. \
  • Star power: The lovebirds have taken what they know and packaged it into an educational series, offering two courses: “30 Days to Becoming a Travel Hacker” and “How to Edit a Vlog.”
The Philip DeFranco Show
  • Streamy award nominations: News
  • Why he deserves it: Philip DeFranco has been crowned the commentary king of YouTube. Fans rely on him for reliable—and relatable—pop culture and news reports with his easy-to-follow breakdowns into major buzzy moments. He’s done everything from interview Dr. Fauci about Covid to offer personal takes on the Elon Musk Twitter deal.
  • Star power: A YouTube pioneer, he’s since pivoted into several additional original shows.
FaZe Deestroying
  • Streamy award nominations: Sports
  • Why he deserves it: Deestroying, aka ​​Donald De La Haye, who recently joined the popular Faze Clan, turned his years of playing football as an NFL prospect into a career creating content around it. 
  • Star power: Deestroying faced a tough decision—to give up his pursuit of a professional sports career or stop creating content—and he chose to share this challenging moment with his fans. He’s open and honest, and that’s why people love him.
  • Streamy award nominations: Breakout Creator, Collaboration, and Comedy 
  • Why she deserves it: This former hairdresser-turned-TIkTok-comedy-star found her footing during the early stages of the pandemic when she was posting lip syncing videos and making people laugh with punchy skits. In just two years she’s garnered over 47M TikTok followers.
  • Star power: Kris Collins, aka Kallmekris, uses her comedic platform to share parts of her mental health journey with her audience.

Who do you think will win this year? Tune into the live stream on December 4th on the official Streamy Awards YouTube channel to see who will take home their very own Streamy, and hit us up if you want to learn more about the Jellysmack Creator Program.