Creators Who Celebrate World Kindness Day All Year Round

Creators Gold Shaw Farm, Derek Deso, Charles & Alyssa, Hyram, MrBest, and Juixxe in black and white on a black background with colorful hearts.

With World Kindness Day coming up on November 13, we want to acknowledge the season of gratitude and giving by dedicating space to the driven creators who are using their platforms to do amazing things—creators who are giving in big and small ways.

When we stop to think about the power of giving, it feels seemingly endless. Giving allows people to connect with the world and help those who are in less fortunate situations, and generosity has known mental health and wellness benefits. Giving is grounding. It can bring communities together, infuse people with feelings of joy, motivation, and a higher purpose. It can even impact moods and temperament, help lower blood pressure, and more.

At Jellysmack, one of our core values as a company is positivity. We’re aware of the reach that our channels have, and those of our creator partners, and we focus on content that spreads positive vibes into the world.

“Positivity and kindness to those around us are essential to our company culture at Jellysmack,” says Mathilde Neiman, Chief People Officer at Jellysmack. “We encourage our team members to take a paid volunteering day and we have partnered with platforms that surface volunteering opportunities that match our unique talents and skill sets with nonprofit organizations. For example, our team members are uniquely positioned to support nonprofits who need support in setting up their social media presence.”

And, as we know, one small act can go a long way. The idea behind World Kindness Day is to help the world understand that compassion for others is what brings us all together. According to the mission, it “promotes the importance of being kind to each other, to yourself, and to the world.” And since many Jellysmack creator partners have been incredibly generous with underserved communities and those in need, we wanted to highlight the good vibes they’ve been spreading.

Whether it’s a small act of kindness or large charitable endeavor, these creators are helping make the world a better place beyond World Kindness Day (while entertaining millions of fans in the process, of course). Let’s have a look to see what some folks have been up to:


Not only is YouTube’s second largest creator a force to reckon with in the digital space, he’s just as influential when it comes to charitable efforts. Years ago he started a food pantry, Beast Philanthropy, to help fight homelessness and food insecurity by delivering meals to individuals and families. His charity has fed over 111,000 people to date, and he continues to raise awareness and funds to help amplify his cause. He’s so mission-driven that he donates all of his revenue from the Beast Philanthropy YouTube channel to run the philanthropy.

Skin Care by Hyram

Everything about skincare guru Hyram seems to evoke positivity and change. He’s deeply passionate about the environment and is committed to making an impact. His Selfless by Hyram skincare line uses climate-conscious ingredients that are sustainably sourced, and he donates a portion of his line’s proceeds to support the Rainforest Trust and Thirst Project. The best part is that he educates his followers on the brand’s social impact pillars so that people understand the why behind what he does. Additionally, he’s an advocate for amplifying positive voices and has created a program called Selfless Circle where he brings attention to other creators’ voices.

“I help everyone in our community feel seen, heard, and accepted.”

Creator Hyram Yarbro
Charles & Alyssa

While the dynamic duo is always up for a good laugh, they’re also incredibly aware and grateful for their followers and community. In an effort to make a difference in the lives of their audience, they surprised one of their subscribers with a new car after their old one broke down, proving that taking a moment to listen to what one one person needs can be enough. They’re equally grateful for their family, too. When Alyssa’s mom was feeling emotionally low on her 57th birthday, the couple bought her a bouquet of flowers, a new designer purse (“her purse is hanging by a thread, she needs a new bag,” Alyssa shared), and even gave her cash. The point of the gift wasn’t to flaunt their success; but rather demonstrate how much they value family, and her.

Derek Deso 

The popular YouTuber makes a significant impact by spreading kindness and love throughout his community—and in true creator fashion, he documents it to inspire others. In one video, he identified an underprivileged young basketball player who was being bullied and bought him new shoes and a cell phone. He even gave the kid a confidence boost when he asked him to sign his old shoes because Derek believed his career would take off. In another video, he surprised unsuspecting delivery drivers by tipping them upwards of $5,000. He features these thoughtful donations in an uplifting Surprise Them With playlist on Facebook, and it’s a smart reminder that looking out for small ways to help the people in our lives can go a long way.


TikToker Juixxe aka Jesús Morales’s entire digital focus is built around giving street vendors a financial boost. As the son of hard-working immigrant parents, he saw first-hand the challenges of day labor, fair wages, and likewise, the power of a tip. Now, he uses his TikTok platform to crowdfund donations from his followers and funnel them to street vendors in California. He shares the exchanges on TikTok and it’s always heartfelt and moving. To date, his random acts of kindness have raised over $136,000 for Southern California street vendors.


♬ original sound – Jesús
Gold Shaw Farm

Kindness can show up in all forms and be shown to all living species. It would come as no surprise that Morgan Gold of Vermont’s Gold Shaw Farm loves animals—he co-runs a 150+ acre farm-in-progress (and social platforms) with his wife Allison Ebrahimi Gold. But his affinity for animals and general empathy toward them goes above and beyond what presumably any of his fans expect to see when they subscribe to the channel. When his cows were too hot out in the pasture one season, he spent hours building them shade, and when he discovered that two of his goslings had deformed wings that would eventually impact their availability to lead normal lives, he patiently wrapped their joints to treat the condition. Morgan even rebuilt his duck shelter one season to better accommodate his animals during future winter storms. He seems to genuinely care for his animals and isn’t afraid to spend the time and effort needed to show them kindness.

All of these creators have found ways to use their platforms to touch the lives of others (and animals!). Through philanthropic efforts and landing a hand, we’re proud of the way these creators go the extra mile to listen to the needs of people and spread kindness. 

How will you spread positivity on World Kindness Day?