Content Creator Charity: 5 YouTubers and TikTokers Who Give Back in a Big Way

Black background with rainbow border and images of creators MrBallen, MrBeast, Juixxe, CaptainSparklez, and Brooklyn and Bailey

It goes without saying that content creators lead busy lives. Building out individual platforms, finding committed audiences, and producing unique content is incredibly time-consuming. But for many creators, those are just pieces of the puzzle—merely slivers of how they actually spend their time. There’s often more they want to achieve with their platforms that helps the greater good, like content creator charity. 

With massive influence comes even bigger responsibility. Admirably, there are many Jellysmack creator partners who are mission-driven and have found ways to make an impact by championing social causes. People like MrBallen, MrBeast, Juixxe, CaptainSparklez, and Brooklyn and Bailey are just a few of the creators out there giving their time and energy to make their communities a better place. 

Whether they’re using their channels to crowdfund donations or building non-profits to raise awareness and funds, many of our partners are adding philanthropy to their already impressive resumes with content creator charity. 

MrBallen and the MrBallen Foundation

Since 2020, true crime YouTuber and master storyteller MrBallen, aka John Allen, has been entertaining audiences with his detailed stories of true crime victims. Now, the former Navy SEAL has found a way to directly support victims and those impacted by violent crimes.

With his recently launched non-profit, the MrBallen Foundation, he “honors victims and supports families of heinous crimes through education, training, and financial support.” The foundation awards quarterly $25,000 grants to organizations like Children’s Bereavement Center of South Texas and The LOVE>hate Project. 

Additionally, the foundation offers a Hope Grant worth up to $10,000 for qualifying individuals who would need immediate financial assistance. 

“I can’t tell you how many people have reached out to me asking if there is something they can do to help victims and families,” MrBallen says on the foundation’s homepage, citing one of the main reasons why he created the charity. 

Even though it is only a few months old, the MrBallen Foundation has already awarded $150,000 to deserving victims and the organizations that support them.

MrBeast and Beast Philanthropy Food Bank

Video creator, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast, is also out there spreading good vibes—and then some. Often referred to as “YouTube’s biggest philanthropist,” MrBeast has pioneered a groundbreaking video genre that’s rooted in stunts with a philanthropic twist. Many of his videos include cash giveaways to local homeless shelters, The Salvation Army, and St. Jude’s Research Hospital. But his content creator charity efforts don’t end at YouTube. 

In 2020, he formally started a food pantry, Beast Philanthropy, to address food insecurity in underserved areas. The organization has fed over 111,000 individuals to date.

Additionally, the 2021 Creator of the Year co-founded the collaborative fundraiser Team Trees, which has successfully planted over 23 million trees worldwide and removed 32 million pounds of trash from the ocean in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation reforestation program.

Giving back has become a cornerstone of MrBeast’s brand.
Juixxe Gives Cash Donations to Local Street Vendors 

TikTok Creator Jesús Morales aka Juixxe’s heart is as big as his following. After being let go from his job during the early days of the pandemic, he began posting funny videos on TikTok. But he wasn’t exactly finding personal fulfillment in his content.

The son of hard-working Mexican immigrants, Juixxe has always noticed the large number of street vendors in California. Recalling talks with his parents, who often shared stories of low wages and low tips, he came up with an idea to use his platform to give street vendors a financial boost. 

One day, Juixxe took $100 from his bank account and donated it to a vendor on the street, and he shared the exchange on TikTok. His audience was moved and followers slowly grew after that, often asking how they could directly contribute. It was then that he knew what he wanted to do: crowdfund donations from followers and funnel them to hard-working street vendors. 

Now, he raises donations from over 2.3 million TikTok fans to give to street vendors as cash gifts, and has distributed well over $130,000 in donations.

CaptainSparklez Sits on the Board of GameChanger Charity

You might know Jordan “CaptainSparklez” Maron from his Twitch streams and Minecraft gameplay commentary, but when he’s not busy bringing fans into the many biomes of the game, he sits on the board of GameChanger Charity, a non-profit that uses innovative technology tools to improve the lives of hospitalized children. 

As part of the leadership team, he helps ensure that hospitalized children have access to educational and tech tools that have the potential to greatly improve their pain.

Brooklyn and Bailey Hit the Road to Raise Funds for Period Poverty 

After being inspired by Ryan Trahan’s recent cross-country fundraising campaign for Feeding America, YouTubers Brooklyn and Bailey set out to do something similar on their platform. 

The idea? To visit all 50 states in 28 days, while raising money for period poverty in partnership with the National Diaper Bank Network’s Alliance for Period Supplies. The twins have been vlogging their way across the country since July 13 and have already smashed their $100,000 goal, which covers 1 million period supplies.

According to the National Diaper Bank organization, in the last year alone, two out of five people with periods struggled to purchase the supplies they needed due to income constraints. Brooklyn and Bailey are committed to doing what they can to help solve this crisis and #endperiodpoverty.

Brooklyn and Bailey raise funds for period supplies in their latest video series.

From starting national charitable organizations to paying it forward to your local fruit cart vendor, there are many ways to make an impact on another person’s life. The philanthropic efforts made by these Jellysmack creator partners have inspired millions of fans to spread kindness, and we love to see it.