For Hyram Yarbro, Skin Care is More Than Skin Deep

Portrait of a smiling Hyram Yarbro on a gray background with rainbow border.

Skin care content creator Hyram Yarbro’s got a busy few months ahead of him, and if you think that means just uploading more helpful videos to his eponymous YouTube channel (popular ones, we might add), you’d only be partially correct. His daily regimen is quite full.

Hyram, who’s been creating YouTube content on his channel since 2017, has carved out a space for himself as an authority in the skin care world. In case you don’t know, he’s completely self-taught, an incredible feat given his deep knowledge. While working at Saks Fifth Avenue as a makeup artist, he began following dermatologists on social media and studying up on ingredients to make more informed decisions. Now, he shares his accumulated skin care expertise with the masses.

Having been drawn to the beauty industry by his own curiosities, he’s now, whether he likes to admit it or not, somewhat of a skin care hero for his generation. His YouTube channel has over 4.5M subscribers and over 6M people follow him on TikTok. Thanks to his partnership with Jellysmack, he also has another 500K followers on Facebook.

So how did he end up here? We caught up with Hyram at VidCon to hear from the skin connoisseur himself.

“I Found My Purpose”

With the hum of industry insiders milling around the massive multi-day event, Hyram grabbed a mic to answer a few of our questions. It only took a minute with him to feel his vivacious energy come through. It’s easy to see why he has built a cross-platform community of over 10 million fans. His general knowledge of the skin care space is obvious. And relatable.

“This [all] started out of a passion for skin care, and I [just] wanted to teach people about it,” he says in the self-assured and genuine manner that only Hyram can master. 

“I found an incredible community that showed me so much love. As I grew online I found my purpose of wanting to help people improve their skin, improve their confidence, and the way they see the world.”

Creator Hyram Yarbro

Once Hyram found his footing with YouTube he started applying the gas, branching into new industries. The YouTuber-turned-entrepreneur now has his own skin care line, Selfless by Hyram, a collection of affordable everyday must-have products made with earth- and climate-conscious ingredients that are sustainably sourced and packaged—an important differentiator from big box beauty brands. He’s mission-driven, so the brand is rooted in social impact pillars including education, the environment, health, and empowerment. Every Selfless by Hyram product purchased supports causes like Rainforest Trust and Thirst Project. He educates followers on all of these efforts. 

What’s Next?

In addition to his skin care brand, Hyram also hosts his own podcast, Justaposition, where he delves into larger topics like wellness and mental health with creator guests. 

During our time with him at VidCon we learned he’s got even more exciting ventures beyond his skin care line and podcast. “I just launched a media production company called Selfless Studios where we’ll be housing multiple channels, and housing Hawaii content creators and growing their channels.”

Hyram’s ability to transition from content creator to media-mogul-in-the-making speaks volumes to his savvy business sense and sets him up for a dynamic, long-lasting career. 

At the end of the day, though, he sees himself as simply Hyram. A 26-year-old who approaches skin care with an open heart, so that he can hopefully translate his messages of feeling good and positivity to his fans. “All I want is for my videos to make people’s day a little brighter and improve their confidence,” he says. “I’m just a messenger.”

One thing’s for sure: Hyram’s contagious smile and uplifting vibes are what we need in the world. We hope to see plenty more of that with Selfless Studios.

Catch Hyram’s full interview with us at VidCon 2022.

Jellysmack caught up with Hyram at the Featured Creator Lounge during VidCon 2022