New Creator Program Signings: Larry Lawton, Wendigoon, Perkyy, and More Join Jellysmack

Black and white collage of 2 male and 1 female digital creators with colorful outlines.

This year has been off to a busy start for Jellysmack—we launched a brand new Jellysmack Original YouTube channel, Scandy, celebrated International Creators Day at our Los Angeles HQ, and helped Neil deGrasse Tyson expand his digital series StarTalk onto Pluto TV. But beyond that, we also signed a group of talented creators to our Creator Program. 

Currently there are two paths creators can take with the Creator Program. Our signature model helps YouTubers expand onto new platforms like Facebook, where we edit and optimize their videos for overperformance, and manage their page. Then there’s Creator Program Select, where we secure the rights to creator content and publish that content on our industry-leading Jellysmack-managed pages. This helps creators gain cross–platform exposure and earn money in the process (a total win-win). Both paths are designed to help creators, both big and small, get more out of their content. 

Let’s meet the creators who recently joined the JellyFam and are ready to Go Bigger.

  • Larry Lawton is far from your average content creator. After turning his life around following a federal crime, he has amassed nearly 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube. Larry served 11 years in federal prison for being the most notorious jewel thief in the U.S. Since his release, he has become the only ex-con to be sworn in as an honorary police officer and is also a motivational speaker. His channel primarily features reaction videos and crime-related content. Jellysmack will be managing his Facebook page through our signature Creator Program. 
  • Wendigoon, also known as Isaiah, is a storytelling YouTuber with 3.6M subscribers known for his horror, conspiracy theory, and true crime content. He quickly went viral in 2020 for this video, The Conspiracy Theory Iceberg, which dives into the deepest, hidden conspiracy theories, and the rest is history (literally). You can find him discussing weird historical events, unsolved mysteries, and more. At Jellysmack, we’ll be helping him grow by editing, optimizing, and distributing his videos on Facebook. 
  • Los Angeles YouTuber Perkyy (Ashley Perkins) reacts to the most mysterious and creepy theories on the internet, oftentimes leaving more questions than answers. She started on YouTube with her sister Honeeybee and has since started her own channel, capturing the attention of 761K subscribers with her vibrant, hilarious takes on viral moments. We’ll be helping her expand onto Facebook through our signature Creator Program.

Here’s a breakdown of even more creators who joined Jellysmack this spring.

  • Dabble and Travel are full-time travel vloggers from London who have amassed 425K YouTube subscribers by sharing their life and travel experiences. Jellysmack will help them Go Bigger on Facebook. 
  • A friend of current Jellysmack creator partner VINWiki, Rob Pitts is an automotive YouTuber that shares interesting car stories with his 136K subscribers. When he’s not making YouTube content, you can find him on the Netflix series, TexMex motors. We’ll be managing his Facebook page to help grow his cross-platform audience.
  • Rachel Shannon is a passionate true crime creator with 208K YouTube subscribers who focuses on unsolved cases, missing persons, serial killers, and more.
  • Catching Killers dives into the minds of criminals, analyzing the psychology behind the most notorious cases and crimes for their 1.1M subscribers.
  • Need recipe ideas? EatwitZo shares new takes on classic dishes and explores interesting food combinations for his 22.9K YouTube subscribers.
  • Nate the Lawyer talks law, pop culture, and life experiences with his 462K YouTube subscribers, with the goal of making law more accessible to everyone.
  • Dive deep into the darker side of law enforcement with Enforced, who discusses questionable police interactions with their 88.6K subscribers
  • Topper Machine LLC is a machining, welding, and fabricating shop in Wisconsin. 100K YouTube subscribers tune in to watch owner Josh take on these powerful machines.
  • Kelly Young takes her 561K subscribers along with her as she adventures through the outdoors, fishing, diving and more.
  • Story Time Animated animates real life stories into inspiring, uplifting animated content for their 2.8M YouTube subscribers. 

Ready to skyrocket your social growth? Get in touch to see if our Creator Program might be the right fit for you.