5 Travel Creators Who’ll Make You Want to Book a Vacay

Graphic image of 5 travel vloggers with a bright color gradient background

When the weather starts warming up, it’s hard to ignore the urge we get to make summer travel plans. Though for many of us, travel typically means pausing work and entering full-on OOO vacation mode (we’re talking no emails), travel creators often live by a different motto and can remain just as busy on vacation as they are at home. Some of them even document their trips for their fans so that they can do what they do best: inspire.

As we settle into peak summer season, many of our favorite creators have been busy traveling the globe and causing a little wanderlust. OK, maybe a lot of wanderlust. We took a peek at some of the dreamiest places our adventurous creator partners and travel vloggers have explored. Read on to see the trips that are now on our bucket list, courtesy of Kara and Nate, Eamon and Bec, Flying the Nest, The Endless Adventure, and Cody Buffinton.

Kara and Nate Will Make You Want to Explore the Maldives

As if you needed another reason to daydream about finally planning a trip to the Maldives (over-the-ocean bungalows and crystal-clear water are what tropical fantasies are made of), husband-and-wife duo Kara and Nate reveal lesser-known treats the island had in store for them during their recent vacation. In a Reel from a trip to the South Asian island, the travel content creators shared that their visit included complimentary bikes that they used to explore the area, a chocolate room, and a self-serve ice cream station—waffle cones included.

Forage and Go Off the Grid in Mexico Like Eamon and Bec

If there’s one thing Eamon and Bec love to do it’s hit the road in search of new experiences. But this time, the couple left their trusty travel van behind (for only one night—don’t worry, guys) to explore the sprawling solar-powered Rancho Cacachilas in Mexico. There, they indulged in plant-based eating, foraged in the sprawling gardens, and learned about the eco-lodge’s massive adventure offerings before returning to their home away from home: the Sprinter van. 

Board Your First Disney Cruise Alongside Flying the Nest

When family of three Flying the Nest boarded their Disney Cruise to the Bahamas they had no idea how much they—and their toddler, Hunter—would love it. From meet-and-greets with cast members to Broadway-like performances of “Beauty and the Beast,” every moment of their on-board journey was filled to the brim with that indescribable Disney magic. And when their ship arrived at the Bahamas port that special Disney energy was right there with them. How did they explore the Caribbean? By boarding a themed pirate ship, of course. For families with young kids, this itinerary delivers.

The Endless Adventure Will Make You Book a Trip to Central France

It’s not the French Riviera or Paris you should be bookmarking this summer; but rather, the Loire Valley in Central France. At least, that’s what The Endless Adventure will have you believe after watching their dreamy tour of countryside chateaus. In their latest summer travel expedition, Eric and Allison head to a chateau-turned-bed-and-breakfast from the 1500s that’s rich with history. There they explore surrounding gardens at neighboring chateaus, dine on deliciously fresh meals, and finish things off with an aerial tour of the Valley in a tiny propeller plane. Of course, the region is just as beautiful if you decide to stay on the ground. 

Take on the Ausangate Circuit (if You Dare) With Cody Buffinton

If you watch Cody Buffinton’s travel vlog, you know he’s never one to shy away from adventure, especially when he’s able to offer followers the experience through a local lens. His latest journey took him on Peru’s most dangerous hike, the Ausangate. As expected, he approached it with vigor, conquering the four-day-long trail triumphantly, despite experiencing freezing temperatures. In the end, he and his hiking group were rewarded with views of picturesque rock formations and turquoise lakes that look like they’re straight out of a sci-film.

Wherever your summer travels take you, be sure to consider where some of your top travel vloggers went recently as you make your plans. It’s one thing to find inspiration in an everyday travel guide, but it’s way more personal to find wanderlust in the adventures of your favorite creators.