Have You Heard? Jellysmack Just Won These Coveted Industry Awards

Glass award with Jellysmack jellyfish logo lit with blue and green shadows.

With the first quarter of 2023 well on its way, now seems like the perfect time to celebrate some recent company wins and industry awards. In the past few months, we’ve been honored for our cutting-edge work and efforts in the tech, advertising, and employment space by several industry-leading companies. 

We’re a busy group over here at Jellysmack. Whether we’re signing new content creators to our Creator Program (we partnered with 19 last month, including Mia Maples and David Suh) or launching new solutions for our time-strapped partners, we’re wholly focused on growth and rarely take our foot off the gas. So we’re proud of the coveted industry awards we just picked up, and we want to do just a little (humble) bragging.

Here’s a look at some of the recent awards we won, and why being recognized for our work—and our company culture—just feels good.

1. We Won the Digiday Technology Award for Best Digital/Social Video Management Platform

In November 2022, we took home a major award that still has us buzzing in the (virtual) office hallways. Over the years, the Digiday Technology Awards have recognized cutting-edge work from leading brands that use tech to modernize media and marketing. They’ve honored industry-leading work from Adobe, SpotX, Twitch, and Piano, and now we’re part of the prestigious list. Tech powers everything we do, and this award is a whopper for sure.

Digiday Technology Awards logo in white on a teal background
Jellysmack was honored to be named among the industry elite by Digiday.
2. We Were Featured on Built In’s 2023 Best Places to Work List

Being recognized for our technology is one thing, but to be applauded for our company values and team culture is extremely special because we put so much time and energy into cultivating a workplace that makes each and every one of us proud. It’s what makes being part of the JellyFam so unique (you can learn all about our company values and career opportunities here). 

Best Places to Work, an awards program that recognizes companies who offer the best total rewards programs and compensation packages among their peers, featured us on its 2023 Best Places to Work list. It’s a huge nod. Our culture drives us, and our mission to propel the creator economy forward is one we’re all grateful to wake up every day and tackle. When it comes to employment awards, this is it.

We’re dedicated to creating a positive workplace culture for employees around the world.
3. Jellysmack Won a Gold Award From the Out of Home Advertising Association of America for Our Brand Campaign

Not only did our first-ever brand campaign make a splash in some of the biggest cities across the country last year—creators Nas Daily, Charles & Alyssa, Patrick Starrr, and more took over billboards and bus stops—but it grabbed the attention of The Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA). The trade group represents the entire out-of-home (OOH) advertising industry, and it named Jellysmack a winner at its OOH Media Plan of the Year Awards for this very billboard campaign. 

Here’s a fun video from last year’s Go Bigger campaign:

But that’s not all…

4. Who Can Forget That Fast Company Named Jellysmack the Most Innovative Company in Video for 2022?

We were honored to join the ranks of Apple and Vimeo when Fast Company named us the Most Innovative Video Company for 2022. 

Black Fast Company logo with a white lightbulb and yellow arrow on a blue background with the text Most Innovative Companies 2022.
Fast Company included Jellysmack on their prestigious 2022 list.
5. Forbes Included Jellysmack on its list of America’s Best Startup Employers

On the heels of Fast Company’s prestigious recognition, we then landed on Forbes’ list of America’s Best Startup Employers.

White Forbes logo with text 2022 America's Best Startup Employers Powered by Statista on a dark grey background.
Forbes’ recognition honors our commitment to empowering our employees.

While we believe celebrating wins is important, we also know this is just the beginning. The Jellysmack team works tirelessly to help our talented roster of creator partners Go Bigger. All the hard work we do is for them.