Real Crime, Raw Footage: New Law&Crime Channel ‘BodyCam’ Launches on YouTube

Close up of police officer's chest in uniform highlighting bodycam and walkie talkie repeating with gradient jellysmack logos in background

Following our recent acquisition of leading true crime network Law&Crime, Jellysmack is thrilled to announce the launch of Law&Crime BodyCam, a new YouTube channel dedicated to delivering unfiltered, real-life police footage. Fans of raw and authentic crime content will now be able to witness it through the lens of law enforcement, watching high-stakes police encounters captured on body cameras and dash cams.

Founded by ABC News Chief Legal Correspondent Dan Abrams, Law&Crime has set the standard for legal reporting and true crime storytelling. With over 5 million subscribers and 3 billion video views on its flagship YouTube channel, the network is at the forefront of delivering high-quality, fact-based content. Now, under Jellysmack’s umbrella, Law&Crime is strategically expanding its reach with the launch of Law&Crime BodyCam.

BodyCam will showcase jaw-dropping and intense police encounters from the officer’s point of view. From high-speed chases to dramatic DUI arrests, viewers will witness unfiltered moments of criminals caught in the act, complete with narration and insightful analysis from top Law&Crime personalities.

“What sets Law&Crime BodyCam apart from our flagship channel is not just the raw footage, but the insights and analysis that take you deeper and provide real context into each incident,” said Rachel Stockman, Law&Crime President. “It’s going to be a complete game-changer for audiences who crave this type of content.”

The introduction of a dedicated body camera channel stems directly from the audience’s interests. Bodycam content on Law&Crime’s flagship channel has already garnered immense popularity, averaging 1.25 million views per video and reaching a staggering 49.7 million views on a single video. This content category, second only to the live coverage of the high-profile Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard trial, has been pivotal in drawing over 1.2 million new subscribers to the channel.

With over 62 million hours already watched and an impressive average watch time of 87,000 hours per bodycam video, Law&Crime BodyCam is poised to captivate an even larger audience. Jellysmack’s expertise in content optimization and distribution is set to propel this growth even further by syndicating the content onto a dedicated Facebook page.

Jellysmack is ready to establish Law&Crime BodyCam as the top digital destination for audiences who want real, jaw-dropping true crime content,” said Axel Demazy, Chief Operating Officer at Jellysmack. “We’re leveraging our cutting-edge technology to ensure these videos reach a wide global audience.”

To catch the action, subscribe to Law&Crime BodyCam on YouTube now.