It’s Gifting Season: New Creator Merch is Here Just in Time for the Holidays

In today’s world, creators are so much more than just digital talent—they’re global brands building empires that expand well beyond social media. Our mission here at Jellysmack has always centered around empowering creators to Go Bigger, and our latest venture into the realm of e-commerce is another way we’re doing just that. This holiday season, we’re thrilled to collaborate with some of our top creator partners to launch exclusive merch collections that were made for gifting and getting at any time of year.

The rush of Q4 is a pivotal time period, not just for advertisers and e-commerce giants, but also for creators looking to capitalize on the holiday demand. The festive season brings a surge in consumer spending, making it an opportune moment for creators to maximize their earning potential. One way to do that beyond views and brand deals? Merch. 

Just like buying a t-shirt at a concert, merch allows fans to connect with their favorite creators on a deeper level than viewing their videos. Goods with a creator’s catchphrase or inside joke invite fans further into the community to show their support. For creators, merch allows them to earn extra income from the sales while increasing visibility for their brand.

But creating merch is easier said than done. From conception to design, manufacturing, and beyond, launching an online store is a full-time job in and of itself, something that many creators simply don’t have time for on top of their already-demanding schedules. That’s where we come in.

Since Jellysmack’s strategic investment in creator commerce platform, Fourthwall, earlier this year, our dedicated team has been working alongside creators like Destene and Brandon, Joce Bedard, and Hellthy Junk Food to design products that are customized to their unique brands. These collections are so much more than just merch— they’re a bridge connecting digital stars with their communities, and a way for fans to celebrate and represent the creators they love IRL.

Jellysmack’s dedicated merch division collaborates with creators every step of the way to produce and sell their products online. Beyond presenting concepts and creating designs, we build fully optimized e-commerce websites, set up their payment platform, and provide marketing support through newsletters and social promotion strategy. Jellysmack helps creators bring their ideas to life so they can focus on what they do best: creating.

Here are a few creator merch collections that you can shop this holiday season.

Elevate Your Everyday Drip

Everyone’s favorite creator couple, Destene and Brandon, just dropped a collection that’s a total vibe. Drip Check is an unparalleled fusion of style, comfort, and unapologetic swag. Each piece is designed to mix, match, and layer as a testament to the art of dressing effortlessly. Whether you want to ‘Drip in Style’ with a classic sweatshirt, or drip from head to toe with the matching hoodie and joggers, this collection is the ultimate gift for anyone looking for elevated comfort 24/7.

Stay Classy, Stay Sassy

Reaction creator Joce Bedard never fails to bring the sass, so it’s only fitting that her new merch do the same. Her debut collection is designed to deliver attitude every day of the week. From her signature ‘Stay Classy, Stay Sassy’ phrase on a comfy hoodie, to a ““Don’t” dad hat that does all the talking for you, these pieces make the perfect presents (and are great for gifting yourself, too). Joce also has something up her sleeve for the holidays, new festive styles that are Sassy & Bright.

Join the French Fry Fan Club

Have a junk food lover on your holiday gift list? Julia Goolia and JP Lambiase, founders of Hellthy Junk Food and masters of fast food hacks, launched a collection that’s guaranteed to make their mouths water. The French Fry Fan Club collection, featuring tees, hoodies, and mugs, is the perfect gift for anyone who lives in the drive-thru line. We helped Julia the team design custom french fry graphics with the brand’s signature devil tail so fans can show their love of HJF wherever they go.

These merch collections are just the beginning of a slew of new products coming down the Jellysmack partner pipeline. We’re always looking for new ways for creators to expand their brands and diversify their revenue streams, and providing them with a platform that turns their digital content into physical products will help them build a legacy that goes far beyond social platforms.