Step Inside the Interrogation Room on New YouTube Channel, Law&Crime ‘Interrogations’

Interrogation table in empty room with gradient overlay and Law&Crime Interrogations logo in white

The lies, the coverups, the moments they confess—dive into the high-stakes world of criminal investigations on Law&Crime Interrogations. The newest channel, launched under Dan Abrams’ Law&Crime network, now a Jellysmack company, takes you inside police stations with compelling raw footage of real suspects being questioned about crimes. Each video uncovers the fascinating and often shocking behavior that occurs when perps go head to head with detectives.

Every true crime fan has watched their fair share of interrogations—but Law&Crime’s latest channel features outrageous encounters that you have to see to believe. Each session is unfiltered, showing not just the tactics used by detectives but also the shocking behavior of suspects when cornered. Interrogations offers more than just footage—it provides a deeper understanding with expert voiceover analysis that explains the investigative tactics and psychological dynamics at play.

To start, viewers can tune into two new shows on the channel. Interrogation Breakdown highlights critical interrogations, delivering commentary and insights behind the techniques used by law enforcement. Then, there’s Infamous Interrogations, which features extended footage of some of the most pivotal and talked-about interrogations, including that of convicted murderer, Jodi Arias. With new episodes dropping every week, true crime fans can now get their fix on Law&Crime Interrogations.

More shows will be launching in the coming months, including expert body language analysis and in-depth interrogation walkthroughs. Viewers will get first-hand accounts from top detectives, who break down some of the most notorious police interrogations of all time and share what it really takes to get guilty suspects to confess.

“Interrogations are one of the most important investigative tools that law enforcement has,” says Law&Crime President, Rachel Stockman. On our new channel, Law&Crime Interrogations, we will be taking a deep dive exploring not only police tactics but also some of the most fascinating revelations which become key evidence in cases.”

Data shows the popularity of this genre is undeniable. In just one month, searches for “interrogations” hit nearly half a billion on YouTube, proving the allure of this real-life crime content. Law&Crime has already captivated audiences with over 131 million watch hours of interrogation content, and now, with this new channel, the network is ready to take it to the next level.

The new channel will quickly become the premiere source for raw footage on important and unique cases as well as lean into our expertise diving deep into criminal investigations,” says Stockman.

Interrogations is the second YouTube channel to launch following Jellysmack’s acquisition of Law&Crime Network. Law&Crime BodyCam launched in February, garnering nearly 80K subscribers in its first two months. With 1.2 million views on the channel’s top video within just two weeks of publishing, BodyCam has proven to be a major success among true crime fans—and Interrogations is ready to follow suit. 

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