‘Fast Company’ Names Jellysmack the Most Innovative Company in Video for 2022

Fast Company Logo coupled with "Most Innovative Company, Video, 2022" on blue background with lightbulb visual

With the first quarter in the rearview mirror, 2022 is off to a strong start here at Jellysmack. Now, we have yet another reason to take pride in what we’re doing. We’ll give it to you straight: Jellysmack is Fast Company’s Most Innovative Company in Video for 2022. 

It’s a tremendous honor. We’re in good company and join a storied legacy. Apple topped the prestigious list last year; Vimeo held the title in 2020. 

This year, Fast Company evaluated businesses on the impact they have made within their industries as well as their cultural influence. 

“We are honored to be recognized as the most innovative company in video,” says Jellysmack President Sean Atkins. “Jellysmack has built the best video creator tech stack in the world. We are empowering creators to Go Bigger by providing the data, technology, financing and content infrastructure they need to scale and find lasting success.”

Jellysmack has enjoyed parabolic growth driven, in part, by the phenomenal success of the avant-garde Creator Program. The Creator Program leverages proprietary AI technology and first-party data to identify, edit, optimize, and distribute a creator’s video content to additional social platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, and more. As a result, creators rapidly scale their audiences and diversify their revenue streams at an unrivaled pace. Best of all, it requires no additional time from the creator.

By partnering with Jellysmack, creators can expand their content catalogs rapidly while retaining full rights over their intellectual property. Jellysmack also puts spend behind the development of new social pages for creators without diluting ownership. 

Jellysmack’s Creator Program currently partners with some of the world’s most influential creators, including powerhouse YouTubers MrBeast, PewDiePie, and Rezendeevil plus fan favorites like Patrick Starrr and Bailey Sarian. The Creator Program’s roster kicked 2021 off with 100 creator partners; today, it has more than 500—and counting.

Last year, we received a Series C investment from renowned tech VC SoftBank. The investment is reflective of our innovative and proprietary technology products that optimize every aspect of the video content and development pipeline—from production, to distribution, to data harvesting and monetization. The round of fundraising, completed in May of last year, earned Jellysmack ‘unicorn status,’ a designation reserved to startups valued at one billion dollars or more.

Ready for the next chapter, we remain steadfast in the belief that our creator partners’ success is our success. We analyze data to better understand where the problems are how we should approach them, and ultimately, solve them. 

One incredible example of this is our Catalog Licensing Program, Jellysmack’s first foray into offering creators a financial product. Our deep data sets and AI capabilities reliably predict the earning potential of a YouTube video catalog. Creators can receive sums ranging from $100,000—$50,000,000 in exchange for licensing their existing YouTube content. By giving creators an upfront cash infusion, they can take the next steps for business growth and offload the risk of their videos losing value over time. We’ve set aside a $500 million bundle for this initiative.

Equipped with a replicable success model, we’re upping our investment in Jellysmack’s international expansion efforts. Last year, Jellysmack successfully launched into the India, Australia, and Latin American market. 

We’re focusing on—and investing in—our technology and engineering resources with the goal of further enhancing our robust, world class data products and tech stack. 

To that end, Jellysmack finalized its first acquisition of UK-based AI editing technology startup, Kamua, in November of 2021.

The integration of Kamua’s technology included industry-leading, groundbreaking developments in machine learning and computer vision based tools. This integration is projected to reduce per-video editing time by as much as 70%. Considering we are currently investing more than 150,000 hours editing more than 10,000 videos every single month, this integration has significant implications for the productivity output of our existing bandwidth in the near-term future. 

But that’s not all we have up our sleeve. We remain committed to our goal of empowering creators everywhere to get the most from their content creation efforts. Whether that be through optimizing content production, scaling new audiences across platforms, providing capital to creators with ambitions to Go Bigger, or finding new ways to collaborate with various players in the ecosystem in a symbiotic way, we remain agile and open minded to new ways of thinking and optimistic about the road ahead. 

We are honored to be recognized by the team over at Fast Company as the Most Innovative Company. We have more on the roadmap and exciting developments in the pipeline for 2022—stay tuned.