Just Signed: Content Creators KingKidJoshua, The Beverly Halls, and HeyEstee Join the JellyFam

Creators HeyEstee, KingKidJoshua, and THe Beverly Halls in black and white on a colorful background

It’s been another whirlwind of a month here at Jellysmack. On top of our new creator-led TV channels launching on The Roku Channel, Jellysmack was also recognized by Fast Company and Digiday for our innovation in the creator industry. With more exciting announcements on the way (which you can follow on Creator Post), it’s safe to say we’re in our can’t-stop-won’t-stop era. And the same goes for our ever-growing, elite roster of talented content creators.

Jellysmack recently signed a whopping 33 new content creators to our Creator Program, where we’ll help them expand onto new platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube Shorts, and more. Joining our roster are 15 TikTokers and 18 YouTubers, many of which you probably already follow. Jellysmack will take their existing content, re-edit it, expertly optimize it for these new platforms, and promote it to highly engaged audiences. The result is exponential growth and extra revenue, with no extra work on their part. We do all the heavy lifting—they just get to keep creating.

Let’s meet the latest content creators to join Jellysmack’s exclusive community.

  • KingKidJoshua is the ultimate prank king. With 14.4M TikTok followers, we dare you to find a challenge or skit he hasn’t done. The viral #pickme trend, the shortening arm trick, the ring for a kiss challenge—Josh shares it all with a smooth swagger that is simply unmatched. Millions follow him across platforms to see what wild stunt he’s going to pull next. His infectious personality has landed him brand partnership deals and collaborations with other top creators like Jake and Logan Paul. Josh joins the Creator Program to grow his presence even further on Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube Shorts.
@kingkidjoshua PLOT TWIST…😰 #kingkidjoshua see more @KingKid👑 ♬ original sound – KingKid👑
  • HeyEstee is a Mexican creator who shares shocking paranormal tales and true crime cases you won’t believe with her 533K YouTube subscribers. Estibaliz started her journey by talking about her own paranormal experiences, and has since pivoted to doing deep dives on all-things strange and mysterious. Her passion for the true crime genre has helped her amass a large and loyal fanbase, which is only going to get bigger with Jellysmack. We’ll be helping her take her Facebook page to the next level.
  • The Beverly Halls are the epitome of TikTok #couplegoals. Brooke (13.8M TikTok) and Marco (10.7M TikTok) take you inside their everyday lives as a blended family. From parenting madness to fun pranks and challenges, beauty and fitness tips and more, they share it all. When the pandemic hit, Brooke and Marco took their content creation to the next level, becoming TikTok superstars seemingly overnight. Today, they’re celebrities in their own right, walking red carpets and even sharing a hair stylist with the Kardashians. Jellysmack will help take their TikTok content to Facebook to reach even more new fans.
@iammarcohall THE END 🤣💀 @Brooke Ashley Hall ♬ Blue Blood – Heinz Kiessling

Check out the full roster of our recent Creator Program signings:

United States 🇺🇸
  • Auto Auction Rebuilds is—you guessed it—the place where 375K YouTube subscribers come to watch creator Randy rebuild the oldest, coolest cars. Jellysmack will help him take his Facebook page to the next level.
  • Stranger Stories engages 584K YouTube subscribers by sharing horrifying true crime documentaries, hair-raising interrogations, and shocking social studies. They join the Creator Program to grow on Facebook.
  • The Civil Rights Lawyer creator John shares his years of experience in civil rights law with 271K YouTube subscribers. He discusses all-things constitutional law, including police misconduct, government corruption, and criminal defense, and provides his professional opinion along the way. Jellysmack will help him increase his earnings on Facebook.
  • Jaylin & Makayla are the fun and quirky creator couple we all need in our lives. 6.8M TikTok followers enjoy watching their relatable skits and comedic takes on relationship woes. They join the Creator Program to expand on Facebook. 
  • Danny Gonzales is a YouTube legend with 6M subscribers. Danny is known for his song parodies, comedic and unfiltered pop culture critiques, and fun challenges. Jellysmack will be helping him launch his own show on Snapchat Discover.
  • Joe Robinet takes his 1.5M YouTube subscribers outdoors, sharing wilderness content that’s centered around bushcraft, backcountry camping, backpacking and more. Jellysmack will help him reach more fans on Facebook.
  • Hailey Reese is a master storyteller who has gained 1.1M YouTube subscribers by deep diving into true crime cases and spooky paranormal tales. She joins the Creator Program to take her Facebook page to new heights.
  • SDGuy1234 lets his 160K YouTube subscribers enjoy casino fun in their own home by documenting his latest game play and unbelievable jackpot wins. Jellysmack will help optimize his gambling content for Facebook.
  • LackLuster creator Dale is a combat veteran and former firefighter with 851K YouTube subscribers. After an injury caused him to retire, he now devotes his time to creating content that helps hold public officials accountable. He joins the Creator Program to grow on Facebook.
  • Adventures Into History has garnered 122K YouTube subscribers with content documenting ghost towns, forgotten homesteads, and more rapidly vanishing historical locations around the Southeastern United States. Jellysmack will help him expand to Facebook.
  • Invisible People creator Mark helps fight the battle against homelessness by bringing awareness to the issue and sharing his passion with 1.1M YouTube subscribers. He joins the Creator Program to grow on Facebook.
  • Boyd & Giselle document their life as new parents for their 1.2M TikTok followers, putting a humorous spin on the challenges that come with relationships and raising a newborn baby.  Jellysmack will be taking their TikTok content and optimizing it for Facebook and YouTube Shorts.
  • Dirt Perfect follows the day to day of a small-town excavating business in Derby, Indiana and the family behind it. With 168K YouTube subscribers, Jellysmack will be helping them grow their audience on Facebook.
  • Tracesoats is dominating the #FoodTok scene with 2.3M TikTok followers. Sharing food hacks and easy recipes, he joins the Creator Program to expand to Facebook and YouTube Shorts.
  • David Alvarez has amassed 1M subscribers on YouTube by creating funny (and oftentimes, cringe-worthy) videos about dating, truth or drink challenges, and more. Jellysmack will be helping him launch his own Snapchat Discover show.
  • Literally Lizzi creates elaborate makeup looks for her 5.7M TikTok followers while telling the wildest paranormal tales and true crime stories. From special effects to quirky characters, millions love to watch these over-the-top transformations come to life. We’ll help her expand onto Facebook and Snapchat.
  • Wolfgang Poker travels around the country playing poker and documents the process for his 61K YouTube subscribers. Jellysmack will be helping him launch and grow on Facebook.
Brazil 🇧🇷
  • Julia Cassini engages her 7M TikTok followers with horrifying, mysterious true crime stories from all over the world. Jellysmack will help her reach even more new fans on Facebook.
@jumcassini Ib @G R A C E ♬ Creepy, scary, horror, synth, tension – Sound Production Gin
  • Dia de Paula is a Brazilian actress and creator with over 1.5M YouTube subscribers. She turns her real-life stories into videos about love, betrayal, abuse, and overcoming life’s biggest obstacles. She joins the Creator Program to help grow her Facebook.
  • Tá Gravando creator Ítalo Sena never fails to make his 1.6M YouTube subscribers laugh with hilarious street pranks and candid reactions. Jellysmack will help him expand to Facebook.
  • Dani Delanos has gained 249K YouTube subscribers by telling real stories about women who have faced domestic violence. Her content has been praised for giving a voice to the victims, and she receives over 100 weekly submissions from women who are ready to share their stories. She joins the Creator Program to grow on Facebook.
Mexico 🇲🇽
  • Rafa Carbajal has amassed 1.8M TikTok followers with hilarious reaction content and hot takes about everyday life. Jellysmack will optimize his TikTok videos for Facebook and YouTube Shorts.
Spain 🇪🇸
  • Ale Agulló is one of the top TikTokers in Spain with 4.6M followers. Her hilarious sketches and comedy content will keep you watching for hours on end. She joins the Creator Program to expand to Facebook.
United Kingdom 🇬🇧
  • Chloe Taylor is TikTok’s unofficial dating coach. She helps her 1.7M followers navigate the mysteries and challenges of online dating. Jellysmack will be helping her expand onto Facebook and YouTube Shorts.
@chloetayloruk What NOT to do when you have a crush 👀 #chloetayloruk #dating #datingadvice #crush #crushing ♬ original sound – Chloe Taylor
  • The AugeyBoyz have amassed 1.7M followers on TikTok by creating hilarious soccer skits. From player reenactments to team roasts and more, these two brothers are quite the comedic geniuses. Jellysmack will help them grow their social presence on Facebook.
  • Tyler Butt Eats is an online nutrition coach and comedic character with 1.2M TikTok followers. He gives sassy, straight-up food advice, and has even released his own cookbook, Let’s F**ing Eat! Tyler joins to expand on Facebook.
  • Connor Kern is an ex-tattoo artist that shares cute and wholesome family content with 2.3M followers on TikTok. We’ll help optimize his short-form content on Facebook and YouTube Shorts.
  • Lawrence Choto captures the attention of 1.2M TikTok followers with heartwarming, mood-lifting content. He shares words of wisdom and kind messages with strangers through hand-written notes and documents their reactions. Jellysmack will help expand his following on Facebook and YouTube Shorts.
  • Liana and Connor are content creators that entertain 2.78M YouTube subscribers by inviting them into their everyday lives as partners and parents. Along the way, family fun and pranks ensue. We’ll be helping them expand on Facebook.
  • Elliot Forbes’ goal is to make every guy feel their very best. 9.7M TikTok followers watch as he shares haircut ASMR, tips and hacks, and stories from behind the barber’s chair. Jellysmack will help him reach more fans on Facebook.
@elliotforbes Rate the trim out of 5! Have a great week everyone 😁🫶🏼 #asmr #asmrbarber #asmrhaircut ♬ original sound – Elliot Forbes

To see what other content creators are ready to Go Bigger with Jellysmack, check out last month’s signings. Or, if you’re ready to skyrocket your own social growth, get in touch with our team to learn more about how we help content creators reach more fans and earn more money.