Future Digital Icons: Content Creators Amaury Guichon, Tia & Koby, and Kyle Istook Join Jellysmack

Creators Amaury Guichon, Tia & Coby, and Kyle Istook in black and white on top of a triangle shaped gradient background

When it comes to helping the world’s best content creators maximize growth-driving, success-building opportunities, no one does it like Jellysmack. So far this year, we’ve helped our talented partners monetize on YouTube Shorts, launch their very own shows on two first-of-their-kind creator TV channels, and of course, Go Bigger across multiple social platforms with our exclusive Creator Program.

But while our tech, data, and team of experts are working tirelessly to help our current creator partners skyrocket their growth, we’re also always looking ahead at who’s next to find success on new platforms—and right now, that’s our 17 recent signings. Six TikTokers and 11 YouTubers just joined the Jellysmack Creator Program, where we’ll help optimize and distribute their content across Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube. The goal? Find more fans and make more money. These content creators join an elite creator community that includes some of the best—we’re talking MrBeast, Bailey Sarian, Brad Mondo, and more.

Let’s meet the latest to join our exclusive roster who are ready to go from video creator to digital icon.

  • Amaury Guichon is a French chef known for his delectable pastry designs and lifelike chocolate constructions that you truly have to see to believe. Boasting a whopping 20.5M TikTok followers, his artful creations have made him a household name in the dessert world (he recently opened his very own pastry school in Las Vegas). He also published a book, The Art of Flavor, in 2018 and hosted Netflix competition series, School of Chocolate. Amaury’s craveable content is sure to bring many more opportunities his way. Jellysmack will be helping him launch his own Snapchat Discover show.
@amauryguichon Chocolate Fox! 🦊 The tree stump and the pup turned out so cool! #amauryguichon #chocolate #fox ♬ To Stay – PLÜM
  • Tia and Coby aren’t just your average creator couple. Jellysmack’s AI tech has identified this emerging creator couple as having massive cross-platform potential. They entertain their 94.8K YouTube subscribers with beyond hilarious prank, reaction, and challenge videos, like this one where they recreated the iconic Hot Ones show with a game of truth or dab. From laughable roasts to relatable situations, their authentic relationship is literal #couplegoals for everyone who watches. Jellysmack will be helping these content creators expand onto Facebook.
  • Kyle Istook is the king of mesmerizing food ASMR. His 2.7M TikTok followers are entranced by his fun snack creations, never-before-seen candy hacks, and beyond perfect drink pours. Ever wonder how to create Nutella noodles? Or the world’s smallest MrBeast bars? How about the best of both worlds: MrBeast chocolate noodles. His content is guaranteed to keep you scrolling for hours. Kyle joins the Creator Program to grow on Facebook and YouTube Shorts.
@kyleistook MrBeast chocolate spaghetti #satisfying #asmr #tiktokfood ♬ METAMORPHOSIS – INTERWORLD

Here’s a full breakdown of our newest Creator Program signings:

United States 🇺🇸
  • Mr Mike Slots brings the Vegas casino to the living rooms of 51.7K YouTube subscribers, showcasing his winning jackpots on popular slots. Jellysmack will help him take his Facebook page to the next level.
  • Laura Farms gives her 421K YouTube subscribers a peek into her everyday life on her farm in Nebraska. As a fourth-generation farmer, she teaches viewers everything from how to grow corn and soybeans to tips on raising cattle and more. Jellysmack will be helping her grow on Facebook.
  • Larson Farms follows a family of fifth-generation farmers in west central Minnesota. Over 361K YouTube subscribers follow their journey of respecting and improving the land they farm while sharing their love for agriculture. They join the Creator Program to grow their Facebook page.
  • Rampage Poker creator Ethan has gained 224K YouTube subscribers by showcasing his journey as a poker player from the very beginning. Expect strategies, tips, and gameplay from this talented creator. Jellysmack will be helping expand his presence on Facebook.
  • The Fast Lane Car is the top source for automotive and transportation news, views, and reviews for 1.1M YouTube subscribers. Ever wonder what it’s like to fly private? They share their journey and have some fun along the way. Jellysmack will help them take their Facebook page to the next level.
  • Slot500 Club follows Jamie and Kelly, a slot-loving couple from New Orleans with 20.8K YouTube subscribers. In addition to slots, viewers enjoy watching them play table games like blackjack at casinos across the country. Jellysmack will be helping them expand on Facebook.
  • Brian’s Farming Videos follows Brian, a farmer from southern Ohio, who educates viewers and shares the daily ups and downs that farmers and their families experience with his 154K YouTube subscribers. He joins the Creator Program to skyrocket his success on Facebook.
Brazil 🇧🇷
  • Estrelando is a Brazilian creator with 276K YouTube subscribers who makes content around all-things beauty and hair. Beyond that, she also reacts to the most cringe-worthy home hair-dye videos. We’ll help skyrocket her growth on Facebook.
Canada 🇨🇦
  • It’s a Crime creator Linda has loved true crime since she was a teenager, so she decided to share her passion with her 212K YouTube subscribers with the intention of helping get the word out there and sharing her own experiences. Jellysmack will be helping her expand to Facebook.
United Kingdom 🇬🇧
  • MjcMatthew has garnered an impressive 4.3M followers on TikTok with videos commenting on both unexplained and unusual occurrences. Jellysmack will help him Go Bigger onto Facebook Reels, YouTube Shorts, and launch his own Snapchat show—the Jellysmack triple threat.
  • Dan Spragg is the ultimate TikTok dad with 1.9M followers. Follow him and his family along on their everyday life, enjoying fun challenges and skits you might just want to recreate yourself. He joins the Creator Program for help taking his Facebook to new heights.
  • Serena Lakkis is the queen of close-up beauty tutorials. Over 1.1M TikTok followers watch as she shares the best makeup routines for your eyes, lips, and face that anyone can replicate. Jellysmack will help her grow on Facebook.
  • Gabe Erwin entertains his 901K YouTube subscribers with funny challenges, games, and wild reactions to viral internet moments. We’ll be helping him launch a show on Snapchat.
  • The Coles, everyone’s favorite TikTok family, films fun and hilarious videos about parenthood, relationships, and pranks for their 1.1M followers. Jellysmack will be taking their TikTok content and distributing it across Facebook and YouTube Shorts.
@the_coles_official Joking before the school karen’s comment…or are we #relatable #family #thecoles #fyp ♬ Ac r7sheed – rhy 🎸🍃 🕸️

Jellysmack is always looking for new talent to join our elite roster. Learn more about how we help content creators Go Bigger with the Creator Program or get in touch with our team to see what other opportunities could help you achieve life-changing success.