And the Award Goes To: Jellysmack Recognized by Digiday and Fast Company… Again

Black Jellysmack logo, Fast Company Most Innovative Companies 2023 logo and Digiday Video & TV Awards logo on a rainbow gradient background

Some walk the red carpet and watch as a list of nominees is presented, hoping their name is called so they can ascend the stage to accept their coveted gold trophy. For businesses, it’s a little different. The honors come via recognition from the world’s most esteemed companies in their respective spaces, like Digiday and Fast Company. But regardless of how it’s presented, the honor excites us all the same. Jellysmack is proud to announce not one, but two major awards we’ve won so far in 2023 (and it’s only March).

See how Jellysmack is rising through the ranks of the most innovative companies across the globe. 

Jellysmack Named Best Distribution Strategy by Digiday

First up, we’re thrilled to have won Best Distribution Strategy at the 2023 Digiday Video & TV Awards. The Digiday Video & TV awards recognize companies who are going above and beyond in video and television media. In case you missed it, Jellysmack was honored last year by Digiday at their Technology Awards as the Best Digital/Social Video Management Platform, so we’re proud to continue the crowning tradition.

Jellysmack is honored to be recognized by Digiday for our work in video.

This year, Digiday’s focus was on “diversity and inclusion, with a greater emphasis on representing marginalized groups and more accurate and respectful depictions of diverse communities.” So it goes without saying—we’re dedicating this one to our diverse roster of creator partners from all over the world who we’ve helped Go Bigger with our industry-leading Creator Program

“The company’s AI tools find and amplify up-and-coming creators, giving emerging social media stars access to professional tools such as multi-platform editing, content optimization, and distribution.” – Digiday

Jellysmack is proud to be alongside major companies like Sony Interactive Entertainment, PlayStation, Roku Brand Studio, TheSoul Publishing, and more, who also took home wins this year. 

Social media distribution is at the core of our DNA. Through our tech-driven process, Jellysmack-powered creators have driven over $175 million in revenue to date, with videos averaging 220K views every minute and more than 10B views every month. 

Jellysmack Named One of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies

Innovation is what defines Jellysmack, so it’s no surprise that, for the second consecutive year, Jellysmack has been recognized by Fast Company as one of the Most Innovative Companies. In 2022, we took home top honors for video, and this year, we landed a spot on the sought-after social media list.

Fast Company honors innovation across industries.

Social media is evolving at such a rapid pace, so it’s apparent that in order to survive, companies need to stay on the cutting edge. Fast Company shared that “this year’s standout companies in social media carved out important new niches and proved legacy brands could stay relevant against competitors.”

And a niche we have found. The Jellysmack Creator Program is backed by proprietary AI technology and years worth of first party data which makes our behind-the-scenes process unlike any other. Plus, we’re constantly improving our tech and coming up with new ways to help creators optimize their content for the highest performance possible.

“Jellysmack has garnered renown among creators by adapting their videos for multiple platforms and helping them build an audience and generate more income.” – Fast Company

With 2022’s #1 Most Innovative Company in Video under our belt, Jellysmack is proud to be included on Fast Company’s coveted 2023 list once again alongside social media giants like YouTube, BeReal, Reddit, and more. 

When announcing the wins, Fast Company said we earned it “for letting creators do what they do best,” and we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. 

“Once again, Jellysmack has been ranked among the top tech, social media, and video companies in the world,” shares Amber Tarshis, Chief Marketing Officer at Jellysmack. “This well-deserved recognition reflects our unwavering passion for innovation, creativity, and growth, both for the company as a whole and our talented creator partners.”

Thank you to Digiday and Fast Company for honoring Jellysmack’s dedication to innovation, growth, and unparalleled strategy within the creator economy and social media industry. And thank you to our esteemed roster of creator partners—we wouldn’t be anywhere without all of you.