The JellyFam Just Got Bigger: Meet Content Creators MagicofRahat, Marianne Nafsu & More

Close-ups of creators MagicofRahat, Marianne Nafsu, Coreano Vlogs, and Sagawa overlayed in green, teal, blue, and pink colors

It’s been a busy year for Jellysmack: whether creator partners are getting honored at the Streamys or facing off in international soccer games, there’s been no shortage of new events and partnerships. After brand-new talent on the Jellysmack roster was announced during global creator conferences in September, the JellyFam has brought in even more new content creators to the Creator Program. Distributing video content onto multiple platforms is no easy task, and the Creator Program makes it possible for the world’s leading talent to seamlessly maximize growth across each channel. Jellysmack signed 25 content creators this month, who are now on their way to a smoother content distribution process with the help of dedicated management unique to their niche.

Who exactly joined the JellyFam in November? Fourteen YouTubers and 9 TikTokers. These leading voices show the power of video content across genres and nations alike. So without further ado, give a warm welcome to the newest Jellysmack Creator Partners.

  • Sagawa is Japan’s second-largest YouTuber with 14.5M subscribers. Sagawa is just behind Junya, who was signed to Jellysmack this fall. His hilarious skits and stunts never fail to entertain– and sometimes even shock—and he joins the Jellysmack roster to expand his presence with bespoke Snapchat management.
  • Coreano Vlogs: Cristian, AKA Coreano, is a Mexico-based content creator and businessman who shares content about local food, everyday culture and standout landmarks across the country. He moved to Guatemala at a young age without knowing any Spanish and started producing YouTube videos in order to practice the language. With 5.1M subscribers on YouTube, he’s captured Spanish-speaking audiences with an authentic behind the scenes look into his day to day life and travels in Mexico. He’s joined the Jellysmack Creator Program to get tailored Facebook video management.
  • MagicofRahat: Calling himself the “Magician Prankster,” Rahat uses his sleight of hand and magic training to delight and surprise. Whether he’s vanishing his clothes on Omegle or pranking people in the drive through, he always delivers novel tricks for his audience. With 7.5M subscribers on YouTube, Rahat is partnering with Jellysmack to expand his Snapchat presence.
  • Marianne Nafsu is a true crime creator and storyteller who covers all things conspiracy, disturbing, and dark. Because of her thorough and empathetic coverage of real-life crimes, families of victims have reached out to her for help spreading the word about overlooked or cold cases. Marianne is wildly popular on TikTok with 3.3M followers and 251K YouTube subscribers for her long-form content. Marianne is partnering with Jellysmack to optimize her video content for Facebook.
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United States 🇺🇸
  • Millennial Farmer: With nearly 1M subscribers on YouTube, Zach and Becky share the behind-the-scenes happenings of farm life. With long-form videos covering everything from helping another family farm or their kids getting hands-on during harvest season, the couple will be working with Jellysmack to expand to Facebook.
  • ASKTHEREDDIT: Jamez, AKA ASKTHEREDDIT, is a content creator and full time college student covering Reddit stories. He posts the most interesting Reddit threads over gaming playthroughs for over 2M followers on TikTok. He’s joined the Jellysmack Creator Partner Program to expand to Snapchat.
  • The Slot Bandits: Far from Vegas? Don’t want to put your own chips on the table? You’re in luck; the team behind The Slot Bandits have amassed over 7M views on YouTube from their high-limit slot games. They’ve joined Jellysmack to expand their video content on Facebook.
  • Hannah Elise: Want to get the scoop on life in NYC? Hannah Elise shares her day-to-day life in cozy vlogs covering everything from clothing hauls, apartment hunting and budgeting. With nearly 800K subscribers on YouTube, Hannah is ready to expand to Snapchat.
  • Mike Kruzich: Mike is your daily dose of everything fascinating. Whether it’s breaking news, unsolved mysteries or fun facts, Mike’s content is hugely popular on TikTok. He’s got nearly 4M followers and almost 75M likes on the short form platform alone. Mike is partnering with Jellysmack to expand to Snapchat.  

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  • Mike Myke: Mike Myke dedicates his platform to his passion for cars, and we mean everything cars. He covers maintenance and driving, new models and more. With a strong subscriber base of 368K on YouTube, he’s partnering with Jellysmack to expand to Facebook.
  • Adam Barrera: Adam’s made a name for himself on TikTok as the go-to source for news covering music, entertainment and pop culture. He dedicates his content to finding unreleased projects, untold stories in the entertainment industry and his own commentary and insights. He’s joined the Jellysmack Creator Program to expand to Snapchat.
  • FUTUREBOMBS: Futurebombs covers hot takes on TikTok and has blown up with lesser-known insights on celebrities and unique commentary on content creators and pop-culture. He’s joining the Jellysmack Creator Program to expand his Snapchat presence.
  • ​​Jake Webber: When he’s not producing his own music, Jake creates spooky content with a twist. He tries famous prisoners’ last meals and unboxes creepy items from figures like Jeffrey Dahmer. He’s got over 1.5M subscribers on YouTube and is partnering with Jellysmack for Facebook optimization and distribution.
  • How To Make Everything: Andy’s mission on How to Make Everything is to dissect how to create anything from scratch. He’s tried making a root beer float from scratch, forging saws, and even shaping candy hearts. He has a dedicated community of over 1.6M subscribers on YouTube and is partnering with Jellysmack for Facebook expansion.
Brazil 🇧🇷
  • Bruno Villas: Covering urban legends, true crimes and ghost stories, Bruno has amassed 126K subscribers on YouTube and is ready to expand to Facebook through the Jellysmack Creator Program.
  • DONKEY13: Missing the good old days of classic reaction and challenge content? You’re in luck; Bruno does just that for his YouTube audience of over 5M subscribers. He’s working with Jellysmack for Facebook growth.
Canada 🇨🇦
  • Manchurek Triplets: These identical triplets prank, surprise and delight across drive throughs, Omegle, and Tinder. They have over 6M subscribers on YouTube and are partnering with Jellysmack for Snapchat management.

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France 🇫🇷
  • TonyCzh: Tony has blown up with French-speaking audiences on YouTube Shorts for his public interviews and pranks. He joins the Jellysmack Creator Program to expand to Facebook.  
  • GLB: GLB isn’t just passionate about fixing cars; he enables subscribers to do so themselves. His 192K subs on YouTube get two uploads a week on car restorations and showcases of new models. He’s partnering with Jellysmack for Facebook growth.
India 🇮🇳
  • Rangoli by jyoti Rathod: Rangoli isn’t just a hugely satisfying art form; it’s a culturally significant tradition across India for Diwali. Jyoti is the second largest Rangoli YouTuber, behind fellow Jellysmack Creator Partner, Rangoli Colors and Designs by Keerthi. Jyoti joins the Creator Partner Program to expand to Snapchat.
Mexico 🇲🇽
  • Mr Doctor: Mixing medicine with entertainment, Mr. Doctor boasts 1.5M subscribers on YouTube covering haunted hospitals, strange diseases, and curious cases. He’s partnering with Jellysmack for Facebook management. 
  • Javier & exi: Mexico-based creator Javier creates comedic sketches on TikTok for an audience of nearly 3M followers. He’s joined the Jellysmack Creator Partner program to Go Bigger on Facebook.

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The Netherlands 🇳🇱
  • An Knook: An Knook hails from The Netherlands and aims to inspire her audience by using her face as a canvas. Her makeup looks have attracted over 2M subscribers on YouTube and she’s joining the Jellysmack Creator Program to expand her Facebook page.
Panama 🇵🇦
  • ElisBethM: After starting her career as an attorney, Elisbeth decided to expand on her fight for justice by covering important cases in the true crime community. Originally from Venezuela, Elisbeth is working with Jellysmack to expand to Facebook.
United Kingdom 🇬🇧
  • Roxxsaurus: Roxi joined YouTube in 2012 and posts everything from Primark hauls to Amazon roundups and TikTok trending styles. Her YouTube channel has over 4.5M subscribers and she’s partnering with Jellysmack to manage her Facebook and Snapchat presence.

As the creator economy continues to grow, more and more content creators have left a digital footprint that transcends borders. For more announcements on global Jellysmack Creator Partners, make sure to stay tuned to Creator Post. Want to see who else is part of the JellyFam? Visit some of our past roundups of new content creators.