If You Don’t Know Junya, Japan’s Biggest Creator, You Will Soon

Japanese creator Junya smiling wide in a yellow t-shirt on a rainbow gradient background.

Japan’s number one creator Junya is having a good year. Everything he creates—videos of himself dancing, shaving his head straight down the center, and incorrectly wearing a hoodie until he completely tumbles over—seems to turn into internet gold. His skits have become iconic, and his earnest short-form videos have made him a household name in Asia. He is one of the top 30 most followed creators on TikTok (just behind Selena Gomez and Jojo Siwa). 

And his year is only getting better. With the help of a partnership with Jellysmack, he’ll be able to expand his audience at a record pace so that more of the world can watch his hilarious antics.

He’s the perfect candidate to take advantage of our proven Creator Program. His content is rearing to go and it transcends language barriers. TikTok videos of himself ripping his leg hair off using yellow duct tape (!!!) have massive worldwide appeal (and are universally cringe-inducing-slash-a-must-watch).

With 43.3M TikTok followers and 18M YouTube subscribers under his belt, we couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with him and help him Go Bigger by taking his audience reach to new levels. (Only 11 percent of his TikTok audience is U.S-based, so there’s a ton of growth opportunity for him.) He’s the number one creator in Japan, and he’s only been at this since 2018 when he started his TikTok channel.

Hundreds of mega-creators have already trusted us to take their content creation to the next level, including MrBeast, PewDiePie, Nas Daily, Bailey Sarian, Brad Mondo, Karina Garcia, Derek Deso, and Patrick Starrr.

As part of our Creator Program, we will edit and distribute Junya’s TikTok and YouTube content onto Facebook and Snapchat globally to help amplify his content to more audiences. He’ll gain quality fans at an unrivaled pace. Soon, nothing will stop the rest of the world from experiencing the power of Junya dancing.

Brush up on Junya by watching some of his most hilarious moments:

“I’m overjoyed that my videos have resonated with so many people,” said Junya. “Now, I’m excited to partner with Jellysmack to grow my audience with new fans around the world!”