OMR Festival Shakes Up the Digital Universe in Germany

Crowd of people in a large room with lights and colorful screens at OMR Festival.

The city of Hamburg, Germany, was buzzing with excitement during the 11th annual OMR (Online Marketing Rockstar) Festival between May 17–18, 2022.

Originally slated to host 50,000 guests, the list of attendees ballooned to nearly 75,000 digital contributors. Brilliant minds converged, all eager to participate in the incredible symposium of influencers, creators, global brands, and social platforms.

The brainchild of podcaster and entrepreneur Philipp Westermeyer, OMR is maturing to be the intersection of influence, creativity, and productivity of the digital universe. This year was headlined by vanguard director Quentin Tarantino, activist investor Ashton Kutcher and a star-studded list of top industry talent.

“I’ve never been to anything like it, and I’ve been to a lot of trade shows all across the world,” said Caroline Berdugo, Jellysmack’s international marketing lead. “The energy was vibrant. It felt like we were all neighbors.”

If OMR is any litmus test, “all work and no play” is fast falling out of fashion. The inspired and knowledge-packed days transitioned into nightly soirees, more Coachella than boardroom boredom.

Taking the stage before an estimated audience of 5,000 was creator, entrepreneur, and we’re honored to say, Jellysmack partner, Talisa Tossell. In her “How to Go Multi-Platform Without Losing Your Mind” seminar, Tossell told the tale about we teamed up to bring her fun and inspired arts and crafts content to new platforms and audiences.

It’s a tale we were there to witness. The self-made creator celebrity initially found an engaged audience on YouTube — to the tune of millions — before partnering with Jellysmack. Since then, Tossell has amassed a head-spinning one billion (with a B) views on Snapchat within the first year of her channel’s launch.

Talisa Tossell's "How to Go Multi-Platform Without Losing Your Mind" seminar at OMR 2022
Talisa Tossell’s “How to Go Multi-Platform Without Losing Your Mind” seminar at OMR 2022

Also on deck and dressed to the nines, German automaker Audi showcased their admirable gift for working out sophisticated logistics, assisting guests in getting safety to and from the event’s venue throughout the city—in style, of course.

Leaders from social platform giants Twitch, Snapchat, Meta, and TikTok (the event’s official sponsor) mixed and mingled with guests, brands, and creators. These industry titans are always in the mix and at the forefront, codifying their place as the Great Nexus of creativity and productivity.

And of course, yours truly was right in the epicenter of it all.

Jellysmack Team arrives at OMR
Members of the Jellysmack team at OMR Festival 2022

The gravitational pull of Jellysmack’s booth was palpable. We were delighted at the opportunity to catch up with our creator partners and meet prospective collaborators from every aspect of the digital ecosystem.

We never show up to an event empty handed. Our little niche of the event featured The Replicator, an excellent metaphor for what we bring to the table for creators all around the word: multi-dimensionality.

Fun fact: The concept of this infinite photo booth was constructed using Milka chocolate bunnies. It was more work than it may look like, but then again, is it really work if you’re having a good time? Jury’s still out.

It was a hit. Guests were able to see their infinite selves and imagine how partnering with Jellysmack could replicate their fanbase, views, and revenue across multiple social platforms. Some were startled; others were amused. But just in case the surrealness of the experience obscured the memory, tributes were given a photo as proof of that one time they appeared to transcend the space-time continuum.

It’s a lot to take in, which is why we came prepared to soften their return to the third dimension. Our soft, plush jellies, which were popular beyond our wildest dreams, were there to cushion the landing.

And yes OMR 2022 attendees, we heard you, loud and clear: Next year, we will double down on the plush jelly inventory in hopes of meeting the voracious demand. To that end, if any one reading this happens to have any connections in the semi/dumptruck business, feel free to slide into our DMs. (We’re looking at you, Audi.)

All in all, to say the event was a success is an understatement. It was stimulating, refreshing, momentous, and vitalizing all at once. We are honored to have been able to take part of such a grand conference, a celebration of progress in the long-overdue media revolution.

We are quite certain that we aren’t the only ones who left OMR’s incredible lineup feeling inspired and tingling with anticipation for what’s to come.

Stay tuned.