Clocking In: New Jellysmack Offices Open in Los Angeles and Paris

Repeating Jellysmack logo neon sign in a rainbow of colors next to a view of an office setting with couches, plants, lighting and a window looking out into the Hollywood Hills

While today’s world thrives on digital interactions, nothing compares to the energy and magic of in-person collaboration. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the opening of two new state-of-the-art offices in Los Angeles and Paris. These new spaces aren’t just Jellysmack offices—they’re hubs of innovation and creativity, where team members from around the world can come to think, work, dream, and help creators Go Bigger. 

The Hollywood Hills played backdrop to the official Los Angeles opening last week, as local employees were invited to celebrate the commemorative occasion. Located in West Hollywood’s iconic Pacific Design Center, Jellysmackers were met with panoramic views of the city as they stepped into the space, equipped with an open floor plan, 11 conference rooms, and countless lounge areas perfect for collaboration.

In true Jellysmack fashion, no detail was left unnoticed. Accent walls featuring our vibrant rainbow gradient, giant monochromatic jellyfish, branded glassware to enjoy an obligatory iced coffee—every corner features a representation of our outstanding corporate image and culture. Not to mention our creator partners featured across every screen (even the coffee maker!) as a constant reminder of Jellysmack’s core mission: to help digital talent reach their full potential.

Jellysmackers across Southern California gathered to celebrate the opening, enjoying cocktails, light bites, and a raffle featuring prizes from local LA businesses. For many, it was simply a chance to reconnect after months of virtual-only interactions. For some, it was the first time actually meeting their colleagues IRL, an experience that can only be described as unforgettable.

“Our expanded presence in Los Angeles will strengthen our platform and creator partnerships, foster creativity and innovation, and amplify our impact on the digital content landscape.” 

Amber Tarshis, Jellysmack Chief Marketing and Creator Experience Officer to BuiltIn 

But our expansion doesn’t stop at Los Angeles. Paris is also now home to a new Jellysmack office. Located in the heart of Paris’ central business district and strategically located in the European Quarter, this space offers our French Jellysmackers a place to join forces and take our innovation further than ever before.

Jellysmack’s Paris HQ features 180 working desks, 20 meeting rooms, and a giant lunchroom where colleagues can eat, drink, and catch up on all-things creator economy. The best part? The historic building’s 8th floor rooftop, which offers picturesque, panoramic views of all the capital’s must-see monuments.

Just like Los Angeles, our Parisian office wouldn’t be complete without a little Jellysmack flair. Murals that transport you under the sea, street art featuring our unmistakable logo, and mementos that celebrate our crowning achievements and creator partners from across the digital world—everywhere you look is a representation of Jellysmack’s standout success. 

In mid-September, we opened the new doors to our French team for the very first time. Jellysmackers gathered to celebrate the space, enjoying custom brews and cocktails, jelly-adorned sweets, and more. But above all, the inspiration was palpable, as meetings took place and in-person sessions sparked creativity that just can’t be replicated remotely. 

Crowd of people standing in groups talking at an office party
French Jellysmackers enjoyed sips and sweets as they mingled with fellow colleagues.

We can’t wait to see all of the brilliant ideas, concepts, projects, and more that come out of these IRL moments at our global offices. For more JellyLife updates and a closer look inside our new Jellysmack offices, keep your eyes on Creator Post.