Who’s New: Video Creators NicoMagic, Manny MUA, SoyLauraKool, and Eleanor Neale are Ready to Go Bigger

Creators NicoMagic, Manny MUA, Eleanor Neale and Laura Kool in black and white on a black background with rainbow gradient border.

We’re wrapping up a busy summer here at Jellysmack, from hiring fintech leader Dov Marmor as Chief Business Officer of JellyFi to partnering with Meta to help video creators find success on Facebook Reels. As busy as we may be, we always have time to turn talented creators into digital icons with our industry-leading Creator Program. Jellysmack recently added 29 new video creators to our elite roster of partners. These top creators are already producing awesome content. Our job is to help them Go Bigger across more social platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat using our innovative tech and first-party data.

The Creator Program has skyrocketed growth for hundreds of top video creators including Bailey Sarian, Brad Mondo, MrBeast, Charlotte Dobre, and more. Now, we’re welcoming 19 new YouTubers and 10 new TikTokers to the JellyFam. Ready to meet them?

  • Manny MUA: Manny MUA is a brilliant beauty vlogger who tests viral makeup products and does out-of-this-world tutorials, all while making millions laugh in the process. He boasts 4.8M subscribers on YouTube and has teamed up with Jellysmack to grow his already impressive fanbase of 559K on Facebook. Oh, and he also did a collab with President Biden. No big deal. 
Makeup artist turned (unofficial) White House correspondant—Manny MUA used his digital platform to help make a difference.
  • Eleanor Neale: Nothing says Halloween like the perfect true crime story, and U.K. video creator Eleanor Neale has entered the chat just in time for spooky season. She covers chilling crime stories and does fascinating deep dives into oddball murder mysteries on YouTube for her 2.3M subscribers. Jellysmack will be helping her expand onto Facebook and launch her very own Snapchat show.
  • NicoMagic: U.S.-based TikTok creator NicoMagic is capturing the hearts of millions with his deceptive and clever magic tricks. He can often be seen collaborating with fans on Omegle, making millions of jaws drop with his impressive sleight of hand. He has 3.8 million followers on TikTok and will be launching on Facebook with the help of Jellysmack.
  • SoyLauraKool: LA-based 24-year-old Laura Kool is a Colombian makeup artist, skincare genius, and self-described comedic storyteller. Her 5.9M TikTok followers hang on to her every word, obsessing over her in-depth tutorials and fascinating tales. Team Jellysmack will be helping grow her Facebook page to reach even more fans.

Here’s a breakdown of even more talented Creator Program additions.

United States 🇺🇸
  • Creep Time, is a true crime & horror film TikTok fanatic (1.1M TT) who joins to expand on Facebook and YouTube Shorts.
  • Jamerrill Stewart is a lifestyle video creator on YouTube (324K YT) and mother of nine who shares secrets to freezer meals, family recipes, grocery hauls, and saving money. She joins to expand on Facebook.
  • Mr Hand Pay, slot machine and casino connoisseur (33.5K YT), joins to expand on Facebook.
  • What Lurks Beneath is a storyteller of the mysterious, supernatural, and unknown on YouTube (333K YT). He joins to expand on Facebook.
  • CESAR DAVID a Colombian TikToker (1.5M TT) specializing in photography, videography, and special effects makeup, joins to expand on Facebook and YouTube.
  • Joshua Bartley, a high risk coin pusher and YouTuber (147K YT) joins to expand on Facebook.
  • Katie Farhood is a TikTok makeup artist (1.8M TT). As the queen of spooky makeup tutorials and the coveted ‘90s girl aesthetic, she joins to expand onto Facebook Reels and Snapchat.
  • Jackpot Jackie Slots, casino slots and jackpot extraordinaire (66K TT), joins to expand on Facebook Reels.
  • Hepetty, TikTok pop culture enthusiast (1.2M TT) joins to expand onto Facebook Reels.
  • Dianevoni Vegas Slot Machine Videos (77K YT) is a Las Vegas gambler that is most often seen at the slot machines. She joins to expand on Facebook.
  • Tj Hunt, car enthusiast and collector, fixes up wrecked cars and takes you along for the ride on YouTube (2.1M YT). He joins to expand on Facebook.
  • That Tall Family The Tallest Family on the internet towers over everyone on TikTok (1.3M TT) and is joining to expand on Facebook.
  • Oompaville, YouTube commentator and jokester (3.7M YT), joins to expand on Facebook.
Leave it to Oompaville to give hilarious takes on videos around the internet.
Australia 🇦🇺
  • Prestige Clips, which features Grand Theft Auto fails & wins (4.86M YT) joins for help with their YouTube channel.
Brazil 🇧🇷
  • Maicon Kuster, Brazilian YouTube star (3.4M YT) known for his hilarious reaction videos, joins to expand on Facebook.
  • Pk Almeida is the Brazilian YouTube prankster (1.7M YT) that you just can’t help but laugh at. He joins to expand on Facebook.
Italy 🇮🇹
  • Black Beard Projects, Italian YouTube metal worker (2M YT), creates everything from hatchets to steel hammers for his fans. He joins to bring his unique expertise onto Facebook.
South Korea 🇰🇷
  • Jjin Food is a South Korean video creator (2M YT) that shares mouthwatering large-batch Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, and Chinese street food. He joins to expand on Facebook.
United Kingdom 🇬🇧
  • My Mini Bakes, UK-based TikToker (2.8M TT), makes delicious concoctions that are (you guessed it) miniature! She joins to expand on Facebook and YouTube.
  • Shauni and Jake Sweet are the ultimate TikTok couple, often collaborating on life hack videos, tutorials, pranks, retail reviews, and more. The sky’s the limit for these two. Shauni (17.3M TT) and Jake (11.3M TT) join to expand on Snapchat with a joint series.

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