Jellysmack Launches JellyFi Financial Solutions for Creators

Black and white portrait of Dov Marmor on teal background with jellyfish.

Jellysmack has always been committed to helping creators grow, and now, we’re focusing on providing them with the financial backing they need to Go Bigger. Fintech leader Dov Marmor has joined the JellyFam as Chief Business Officer of the company’s financial solution called JellyFi, as announced in his exclusive interview with Business Insider.

Every creator has different goals and needs. We’re always thinking about ways to meet those needs, so we developed a program centered on customized financial solutions that will empower creators to grow their businesses.

Here’s how it works: We’ll provide creators with upfront funding so that they can focus on doing what they do best—creating must-watch content. An influx of cash means they’ll get to try new content ideas that could propel their brand forward, but inherently carry more risk. Other common uses for capital include hiring top talent, building out studio space, or launching a product. Simply put, the funds empower creators to bet on themselves. 

A fintech veteran, Dov is the perfect person to shape our vision for JellyFi. He’s a pro at building embedded financial services for tech companies, and he understands the nuance in the space. More importantly, he believes in our mission to help creators scale. 

Before joining us, Dov held the role of Chief Operating Officer of Railsbank North America. He brings 16 years of fintech expertise to Jellysmack, specifically creating innovative financial products for entrepreneurs and small-to-midsize businesses. Before Railsbank, he led B2B fintech platforms Green Dot BaaS and Currencycloud, building products for major tech brands like Uber, Quickbooks, and more.

Hiring top industry talent to lead a variety of 2022 roadmap initiatives has been a pivotal strategy for us at Jellysmack. Dov’s hiring as head of JellyFi is no exception.

“Jellysmack has been helping creators grow and expand their audiences for years,” said Sean Atkins, President of Jellysmack. “Dov is a true innovator and brings with him years of experience. With him on the team to lead JellyFi, we’re investing even more into the long-term success of our creator partners, empowering them with all the resources needed to Go Bigger.”

With Dov’s guidance, JellyFi will enable creators to scale up through a variety of new financial technology solutions that are personalized to their unique needs.

“I’m incredibly excited to join Jellysmack to give creators a unique growth advantage with paths to access capital that can’t be found anywhere else. Jellysmack has the data and expertise to be a trusted financial partner to creators who need capital to take their businesses to the next level.”

Dov Marmor, Chief Business Officer of JellyFi at Jellysmack

Dov’s passion for the space is unwavering. He also teaches a FinTech intensive at Cornell University and co-hosts the FinTech Rapid Fire podcast with Scarlett Sieber.

What is JellyFi? 💰

Our creator program offerings are always evolving, because we’re consistently looking for new ways we can help our creator partners Go Bigger. JellyFi is our latest tech-powered creator solution. 

In its truest form, it’s a way for creators to get the capital they need to do the things they want to do. Funding is personalized to each creator and is based on the value of their video library, which we calculate using our proprietary AI.

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