Mexico’s Mega Creator Luisito Comunica Joins the Jellysmack Creator Program

Creator Luisito Comunica in black and white wearing a jacket in front of mountains with a teal jellyfish patterned background.

You may have heard that during the first-ever VidCon Mexico we announced the major news that mega-creator Luisito Comunica has joined our creator program. As Mexico’s second largest YouTuber, Luis Arturo Villar has built a community of 118 million cross-platform followers of all ages who can’t stop and won’t stop consuming his content. With 40 million subscribers on YouTube and 24 million subscribers on Facebook, he’s a force in the industry. 

So just who is Luisito Comunica? Let’s take a look at how he started and where he’s going. 

A native of Mexico, Luisito is far from an overnight success. He started his first YouTube channel in 2007 that was dedicated to piano tutorials and song covers. He would go on to make a second YouTube channel in 2011, dedicated to videos of his daily life. It’s safe to say that he was dedicated to his craft, and understood that finding his audience would require creativity, time, perseverance, and above all, investing in tools to understand how social media platforms like YouTube evolve. 

Every creator has one game-changing moment, and his career on YouTube really took off after he joined YouTube group NoMeRevientes. That same year, he launched his third YouTube channel, Luisito Comunica, and dedicated it to travel content. A star was officially born. 

Luisito shares his global adventures and international eats with millions on YouTube.

His dedication, quality content, and creative ideas made him what he is now—not only a best-in-class content creator, but an actor and entrepreneur. He voiced the main character of Sonic in the Spanish dubbed version of the 2019 feature film Sonic the Hedgehog and its 2022 sequel Sonic 2

As a businessman, Luis has expanded his brand with several restaurants, from burgers to Peruvian fusion. He also launched his own liquor brand, Gran Malo, that’s sold worldwide, and a clothing line called El Rey Palomo

Luisito has been entertaining the masses online with his unique comedic style set against adventures around the world. In his recent video in Japan, Luis takes on the chaos of a massive supermarket with 8 floors. Just before that, he took to the streets of New York, sharing his tips & tricks to avoiding scammers while visiting touristy spots.

Luisito has a special talent of combining intelligent facts about the country or city he’s visiting, telling long-winded hysterical stories, and also reflecting deeply on the culture he’s experiencing, making his videos especially endearing and relatable for his fans across the world.

There’s no one better to explore Japan’s biggest supermarket with than Luisito.

As a forward thinking and extremely busy creator, it’s no surprise that Luisito understood the value of Jellysmack’s multi-platform distribution strategy. With the partnership, we will operate The Luisito Comunica Facebook page in Spanish and create a new page in English using our translation and dubbing services. Offering his beloved content in English will open the door for him to entertain millions more people across the world.

At VidCon Mexico, Luis shared his thoughts on expanding his content to reach more fans. “Soy un creador al que le apasiona buscar nuevas formas de contar historias; me encanta la tecnología porque es la herramienta que permite expresarme a través de una lente, así como compartir mis experiencias en los distintos canales digitales.”

“I am a creator who is passionate about finding new ways to tell stories; I love technology because it is the tool that allows me to express myself through a lens, as well as share my experiences on different digital channels.”

English translation of Luis Arturo Villar’s quote from VidCon Mexico 2022

At Jellysmack, we use our AI tech, first-party data, creativity, and expertise to help the world’s leading creators Go Bigger and reach even more fans. The sky’s the limit for a multi-hyphenate creator like Luisito, and we can’t wait to take flight. 

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