Top Creators Brennen Taylor, JianHo Tan, ItsMeNickSmithy, and Mama Lindy Join Jellysmack

Green, blue, and purple image with creators Brennan Taylor, JianHao Tan, ItsMeNickSmithy, and Mama Lindy

Producing thoughtful panels and epic nightly events for VidCon might’ve kept Jellysmack’s calendar busy last month, but there’s one thing we always have time for—helping more creators unlock their full potential through our Creator Program.

Creators looking to diversify across multiple social platforms turn to Jellysmack’s Creator Program as an obvious solution. Our tech-powered solution helps creators deepen their fan bases and establish new  revenue streams without putting in extra effort or taking on any financial risk. It’s a process that can generate tremendous growth at a rapid pace. 

Jellysmack already works with hundreds of the world’s most influential global creators, including MrBeast, PewDiePie, Jackie Aina, Nas Daily, Bailey Sarian, Karina Garcia, and Patrick Starrr. The Creator Program has helped them grow their brands and amplify their content across multiple social platforms. 

Recently, Jellysmack locked in 30 new YouTubers (that’s even more than last month!), in content genres ranging from entertainment and true crime to gaming. The new creator partners represent 11 different countries, and will soon reach untapped audiences on platforms they have yet to master.


So who joined the JellyFam last month? Leading the way are some of the biggest global creators in the biz, including:

  • U.S.-based YouTube foodie Brennen Taylor, known for his unique food challenges and out-of-the-box restaurant reviews (think 7-Eleven sushi and visits to some of Gordon Ramsay’s “Kitchen Nightmares”). Over 3.64M YouTube subscribers tune in to digest his delectable episodes. 
  • Brazilian entertainment channel Flow Podcast invites celebrities and talent to chat with host Igor, resulting in must-watch episodes. Over 3.89M YouTube subscribers plug in to catch it all. 
  • While some automotive creators wax on about cars and bikes, it’s big cargo trucks that get Brazilian-based Bruno Garcia’s heart racing. His dedicated 2.6M subscribers can’t get enough of the auto action. 
  • French creator LE GRAND JD has been sharing his obsession with the paranormal with his audience of nearly 3.6M YouTubers since 2014.
  • Singaporean YouTuber JianHao Tan finds humor in everyday moments, focusing heavily on student life for his 5.53M subscribers.

Here’s a breakdown of each new Creator Program addition by country:

Millions tune into see CashNastyReacts give his hilarious commentary on sports moments and more.
  • It’s all about sports with 2HYPE (1.97M YT), who joins to expand on Facebook.
  • Justus and Kayla from The JK Nation (183K YT) join to expand on Facebook. 
  • Tiny house expert and cabin reviewer Levi Kelly (479K YT) joins to expand on Facebook and Snapchat. 
  • Gamer jmwFILMS (1M YT) joins to expand on Facebook.
  • Crafter Brianna K (427K YT) joins to expand on Facebook and Snapchat. 
  • Pranking couple Tatianna & Tyjae (617K YT) join to expand on Facebook and Snapchat. 
  • Jokester Joce Bedard (15.7K YT) joins to expand on Facebook. 
  • Destene and Brandon (499K YT) love the pranks and join to expand on Facebook.
  • It’s all about beauty with Judy D (857K YT), who joins to expand on Facebook.
  • Hilarious entertainer Nalopia (427K YT) joins to expand on Facebook and Snapchat. 
  • Comedian, actor, and journalist Rafi Bastos (3M YT) joins to expand on Facebook. 
  • Bringing sports personalities, players, and coaches together to chat about all things athletics, Flow Sport Club (306K YT) joins to expand on Facebook. 
  • Entertainers Criss and Yasmin from Venus Podcast (809K YT) join to expand on Facebook.
  • Cook alongside chef Sumito Estévez (400K YT), who joins to expand on Facebook.
  • True Crime enthusiast VaneVane (482K YT) joins to expand on Facebook. 
  • Dancer extraordinaire SABRINA LONIS (1.8M YT) joins to expand on Facebook and Snapchat. 
Watch YouTuber Sabrina Lonis’s choreography come to life in her high-energy dance videos.
  • Ecological and edible forest expert L’archipelle (225K YT) joins to grow on Facebook. 
  • Beauty buff Marion Cameleon (684K YT) joins to grow on Facebook and Snapchat. 
  • True crime entertainer Marylin Chignet (30.3K YT) joins to grow on Facebook. 
  • Learn about beauty, fashion, and wellness with Ladies First (396K YT), who join to grow on Facebook and Snapchat. 
  • Prepare to be entertained with Team Titan (384K YT), who join to grow on Snapchat. 

But wait, there’s more. After last month’s exciting announcement that Jellysmack is now helping TikTok creators monetize their content across additional platforms, we added an additional 16 new short-form creators to our roster. The revolutionary expansion program is stacked and now includes the following additions:

  • ItsMeNickSmithy (11.9M TT) reacts to just about every video he can find. Prepare to laugh (and squirm). 
  • Shorts creator MamaLindy’s (10.8M TT) account features her family and is full of surprise water balloons and lots and lots of confetti.
  • Follow Alex and Kellan of alexandkellz (7M TT) as they pull classic pranks and perform skits.
  • Makeup maven Serena Lakkiss (844.3K TT) joins to grow on Facebook.
  • TikTok do-gooder Jesús Morales, aka juixxe (2.3M TT), helps you see the good in the world with his surprise donations to street vendors.  

Here’s a breakdown of the other new short-form creators joining the Jellysmack Creator Program:

The JellyFam is always expanding. If you want to learn about how you can join in, reach out. We’ve helped hundreds of our Creator Program partners Go Bigger. You could be next.