Jellysmack and Spotify Team Up to Help Creators Expand Their Reach

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As a pioneer in the creator economy, we’ve long dedicated ourselves to providing new and innovative ways for our talented roster of creator partners to reach wider audiences and expand their brands. Our mission has always been to turn the thriving video creators of today into the digital icons of tomorrow by bringing them new opportunities. In our latest effort toward achieving this goal, we’ve partnered with Spotify, the world’s most popular audio streaming subscription service, to bring creators’ video content to the platform for the first time via Spotify for Podcasters. 

The deal comes on the heels of Spotify’s Stream On event in March 2023, where the streaming giant unveiled the reimagined Spotify for Podcasters that features a host of new opportunities and tools for creators to create and build communities on Spotify. We trust that Spotify’s 500 million global users will empower our partners to grow, level up their content, and build lasting connections with fans all over the world. 

As part of this new deal, Jellysmack will help our brilliant creator partners expand onto Spotify by optimizing and distributing their video content onto the video-friendly Spotify for Podcasters platform. The podcasting one-stop-shop contains impressive features like video podcasting, interactive episodes that offer voting capabilities, subscriptions, and robust data that creators can use to make smart decisions about their content. The platform also offers flexibility to watch the content or just listen to the audio like a traditional podcast. 

“We’re thrilled to introduce Jellysmack’s top-performing creators to our platform,” said Bryan Thoensen, Head of US Content Partnerships, Spotify. “We want creators to develop deep relationships with the Spotify community, and this partnership is about elevating creators and offering new experiences for our listeners.”

At Jellysmack, we’re always looking for revenue- and growth-driving opportunities for our partners, and with Spotify’s global appeal and millions of users, this is a major step forward for everyone in the JellyFam.

“Jellysmack is thrilled to partner with Spotify, the leader in audio streaming, to provide our creators yet another new platform to grow and connect with audiences,” said Sean Atkins, President of Jellysmack. “Together we’re unlocking new opportunities for creators to share and monetize their work.”

To get the partnership going, we carefully selected creators from our roster to help them launch video episodes (that are also audio-only friendly) on Spotify for Podcasters. 


For automotive expert and creator Ed Bolian of VINwiki, the Spotify opportunity will help him reach more auto fans where they are.  

“Car enthusiasts are everywhere, which is why I’m thrilled to bring my video content to the Spotify platform with Jellysmack to reach even more fans,” shares Ed Bolian, creator of VINwiki. “This is a major step for the VINwiki brand and creators as a whole—Spotify has introduced a new opportunity for massive growth, monetization, and success. I’m ready to enjoy the ride.”

Here’s a list of the additional creators who are premiering their content on Spotify for Podcasters:

Jessica Kent

We’re all hooked on true crime storytellers, but what sets Jessica Kent apart from the pack is that she offers a very unique perspective on felonies … because she has previously spent time in prison. This former inmate-turned-true crime creator uses deeply personal stories from her time behind bars to explore all sorts of prison politics. In this episode, she breaks down some of the rules she learned from life in lockup. Spoiler alert: they’re nuts.

Audit the Audit

Understanding your rights as a citizen is essential, especially when it comes to encounters with law enforcement. That’s where Audit the Audit comes in, discussing the right and wrong behind all sorts of police interactions. In this episode, Audit the Audit explores the unlawful arrest of a legal defender.

Christina Randall (coming soon)

True crime creator Christina Randall shines a spotlight on shocking cases that you might not have heard of. Her series, Crime Report with Christina Randall, will bring the same can’t-stop-watching content Christina is known for on YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, and most recently, Roku, to a whole new audience on Spotify.

Brooke Makenna (coming soon)

This true crime-focused creator maintains a victim-forward angle to help bring awareness to cases that need it most. On her Motives and Malice with Brooke Makenna video podcast on Spotify, Brooke will be able to shine an even bigger spotlight on the cases she discusses. Her FAST series of the same name also premiered on The Roku Channel on April 3.

“The five creators who are kicking things off in this program are true storytellers, and we can’t wait to see Spotify’s audience discover and fall in love with their content,” said Stef Schwartz, Global Head of Platform Partnerships at Jellysmack.

”Police encounters, car talk, and true crime content is able to translate across so many platforms, whether you’re watching or just listening.” 

Stefanie Schwartz, Jellysmack’s Global Head of Platform Partnerships

The partnership marks the continued expansion of Jellysmack’s creator program, where we optimize, distribute, and promote creator content across various platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, The Roku Channel, and more. We’re always looking for new ways to help creators reach more fans and expand their brands, and with Spotify’s massive reach, the future definitely looks bright.