Jellysmack Expands Global Operations into India

Woman in front of the Hawa Mahal, also known as the Palace of the Wind, in the pink city of Jaipur in Rajasthan, India.

With Jellysmack’s international expansion well underway, hundreds of creators around the world have been able to join the company’s fast-growing roster of digital video talent. And in February 2022, Jellysmack proudly entered a new leading market to skyrocket that growth even further. India is the latest country to launch the Jellysmack Creator Program, partnering with 22 of the top Indian creators to help amplify their social media success across multiple platforms.

The expansion into this key market is led by former Google and Dentsu executive, Vipasha Joshi. As Jellysmack’s new country manager for India, Joshi will combine her years of industry expertise with Jellysmack’s cutting-edge technology. The goal is to identify the highest-potential Indian creators talent and build an internal team to support the company’s primary objective of regional growth.

“The creator potential in India is limitless,” explains Joshi. “The interest and demand for video content is skyrocketing, and by signing some of the top YouTubers in India and taking them multi-platform, Jellysmack is paving the way for even more creator growth. With content in Hindi and English, we’re tapping into new markets and are able to help creators reach more fans than ever before. I’m thrilled to be a part of Jellysmack’s international expansion and lead the charge here in India.”   

India joins Brazil, Australia, the UK, and seven other countries as the 11th to launch the Jellysmack Creator Program.

India is a priority market for the company for several reasons. The country’s creator economy experienced unprecedented growth over the last several years due to the pandemic’s stay-at-home orders. The region also boasts the largest global user base for Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, according to The Times of India.

In addition, with over 19,000 local dialects, India offers a unique opportunity for creators to repurpose top performing content into other languages. With an audience of 400 million and counting consuming video content, it’s no wonder that India is a market with significant creator monetization upside.

Jellysmack x Top Indian Creators

Jellysmack has partnered with top YouTubers in India to help them find success on traditional social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, as well as expand onto some of the country’s popular homegrown apps. As with all creators partnered with Jellysmack, the company will tap into its proprietary AI technology to help edit, optimize, and distribute their video content across social platforms to grow their communities and increase their earnings.

In addition to the Creator Program, Jellysmack is also extending its YouTube Catalog Licensing offering to Indian creators. Jellysmack offers upfront capital to qualified creators to license their past YouTube videos for a set period of time. Rather than dealing with the risky business of monetization, creators receive a guaranteed lump sum payment that is not a loan and never needs to be paid back. Creators can use the cash however they’d like, whether it’s to fund more content creation, launch a new business venture, or take a much-deserved vacation. 

The creator revolution in India is expanding rapidly and shows no signs of slowing down. And with Jellysmack’s launch, featuring 22 of the best content creators in India across food, comedy, travel, and more genres, it’s only going to get bigger. Let’s meet the country’s latest additions to the Jellysmack Creator Program. Jellysmack is helping them grow their followings on Facebook. All follower and subscriber counts are as of the publication date.


Kanak’s Kitchen

A top contestant on MasterChef India Season 1, Kanak Khathuria shares delicious homemade recipes for beginners and pros alike with her 3.2 million YouTube subscribers and 1 million followers on Facebook.

Bhooka Saand

Eat around India with former IT professional turned YouTube star Pujneet Singh, who documents the best food and restaurants for his 777,000 subscribers on YouTube and 422,000 Facebook followers.

Harry Uppal 

Over 680,000 YouTube subscribers and 153,000 Facebook followers tune into Harry’s channel to watch him experience the local flavors and street food in Haridwar. 

Masala Kitchen

Small portrait photo of Indian Creator Poonam Devnani of Masala Kitchen with a platter of food

The talented Poonam Devnani cooks mouth-watering Indian recipes while giving helpful kitchen tips and tricks to Masala Kitchen’s 4.17 million YouTube subscribers and 893,000 followers on Facebook.

She Cooks

Stay-at-home mom Maria Sheeba teaches herself how to cook, along with her 826,000 YouTube subscribers and 322,000 Facebook followers, as she bakes and experiments with delicious family recipes.

Akshanshu Aswal

More than 480,000 subscribers tune in to YouTube to watch Akshanshu Aswal consume high-calorie foods while simultaneously working to maintain his fit physique. Fans can also find him on Facebook.  

Foodie We

More than 1.2 million YouTube subscribers and 82,000 Facebook followers join trio Onkar Randhawa, Mukti Gautam, and Aditya Gautam on Foodie We as they explore India’s foodie culture and participate in fun challenges along the way.



This channel provides commentary about the top trending games across the world including Grand Theft Auto V and more to 11.3 million YouTube subscribers and 90,000 followers on Facebook.


Ishita Khanna

With 216,000 subscribers on YouTube and 2,500 followers on Facebook, Ishita Khanna brings a fun, engaging perspective to her everyday fashion hauls, styling tips, and lifestyle content.

Rohit R Gaba

The assistant director of Slumdog Millionaire, Rohit specializes in raising awareness about social issues in India. His YouTube channel boasts 224,000 subscribers and he also has 1.3 million followers on Facebook.

Riddhi thalassemia major girl

More than 3.6 million YouTube subscribers and 353,000 Facebook followers get an inside look at the family life of Hemlata Roshanlal Chauhan, who teaches morals to kids and families through Hindi stories and skits.

Photo of Shivshakti Sachdev smiling with face in hand. Shivshakti Sachdev is one of many Indian Creators to partern with Jellysmack after expansion into region

ShivShakti Sachdev

Actress and beauty creator ShivShakti shares beauty tutorials, shopping hauls, and positivity with her 442,000 YouTube subscribers and 676,000 followers on Facebook.


Wanderers Hub

See the world through creator Prerna Malhan’s eyes on her channel, where she documents travel and food experiences with her husband Harsh for her 5.1 million YouTube subscribers and 341,000 Facebook followers.

Distance Between

Over 780,000 travel seekers on YouTube and 153,000 on Facebook enjoy Shubham Gupta’s informative videos about top destinations, itineraries, and how to travel on a budget.

Slayy Point

BFF duo Gautami and Abhyudaya have garnered 6.47 million subscribers on YouTube and 490,000 followers on Facebook by making fun of millennial trends on the internet, social media, and throughout society.


Rangoli Colors and Designs by Keerthi 

Over 2.4 million YouTube subscribers and 116,000 Facebook followers are mesmerized by Keerthanasri’s colorful and intricate rangoli art. 

Priya’z Kreative Corner

Get home organization tips, DIY tutorials, and more on Priya Rai’s YouTube channel boasting  311,000 subscribers and 484,000 followers on Facebook.

Fun With Science

photo of Arvid Gupta of Youtube Channel Fun, one of many Indian creators to partner with Jellysmack for launch into Indian markets, with Science framed a black background with rainbow details

Vijay Gupta puts on amazing mad scientist-inspired experiments for his 1.16 million YouTube subscribers, in addition to sharing DIY projects, arts and crafts, and life hacks. You can also find him and other Fun With Science videos on Facebook.


From fun dances to DIY tutorials, Mumbai local Ayushi Singh inspires 423,000 YouTube subscribers with her artistic talent, silly challenges and more. You can also find her on Facebook.


Faisal Khan

The first and biggest automobile blogger in India, Faisal drives cool cars and shares his raw, unfiltered experience from a first-person point of view for his 1.45 million YouTube subscribers and 150,000 followers on Facebook.

Arun Panwar 

Go under the hood and out on the road in the most impressive cars with Arun on his YouTube channel boasting 1.3 million subscribers. He also has 28,000 followers on Facebook.


Triggered Insaan

One of the top Indian creators in the comedy category, Triggered Insaan is India’s 15th most-watched humor channel (according to Social Blade). Nishchay Malhan creates hilarious gaming and reaction videos for his 15.3 million YouTube subscribers and 750,000 followers on Facebook.

Indian Creators Are Poised to Scale

“India is well on its way to becoming a hub of the global creator economy,” shares Joshi. “With a goal to onboard at least 100 creators by the end of 2022 and expand our internal team from 25 to 80, Jellysmack is definitely going to play a pivotal role in the industry’s overall growth here in India.”