Nuseir Yassin Debuts Nas Summit 2022 in Dubai

Collage of images from Nas Summit

Nearly one thousand guests from all over the world descended upon the United Arab Emirates from March 17–19, all bound to the same destination: Nas Summit. The seminal Creator’s Summit was held at the renowned Address Sky View Hotel in downtown Dubai, known for its futuristic architecture and breathtaking views of the Burj Khalifa.

Organized and hosted by Nuseir Yassin of Nas Daily, the symposium was the first of its kind. Judging by the turn out, it will almost certainly not be the last. The convention’s purpose was centered around bringing people together to share knowledge, best practices, and industry developments. But more importantly, the overarching theme and objective of the gathering was to facilitate brainstorming and discussions between attendees about how creators can consciously use their platform to make the world a better place for everyone. 

Nas Daily received the custom Nikes Jellysmack had made for him. 39% of life but 100% of great vibes! Check out the video we shot with him.
Nuseir Yassin of Nas Daily receives custom Nikes Jellysmack made for him. 39% of life but 100% of great vibes! Check out the video we shot with him.

Nas Daily collaborates with Jellysmack through the Creator Program. So it was only appropriate that we showed up in full force. That’s exactly what we did. In fact, the global creator company partnered with Nuseir for this premier gathering of global creators with their goals set on going bigger. 

The convention was an incredible networking mixer for a wide range of players in the creator economy: from financiers, to creator-centric startups, to representatives from major social platforms including Snapchat and LinkedIn, and of course, some of the biggest creators on the internet including Jordan Matter and Amar from Yes Theory.

The Nas Summit schedule was filled with talks, panel discussions, and workshops. Topics explored included the growing role of crypto and NFTs in the creator space—including a full on debate with Benyu making the argument for it and Paul Bakaus arguing against it. Reaching 50 million followers with no camera was also covered in a keynote address by creator Steve Hulford, the force behind the smash success What If channels.

The atmosphere was electric with the high energy positivity that Yassin himself is known for. Attendees frequently broke out in applause and laughter during the seminars, chimed into discussions with keynote speakers, asked thoughtful questions to industry experts, and expressed their views and experiences about the topics at hand. 

All throughout the three-day event, Yassin frequently filmed directly from the stage and shared it with his 47 million followers. In addition to a guest list featuring some of the internet’s top creators, professionals from a wide range of companies with stake in the creator economy took to the stage.

One of those companies just happened to be yours truly, Jellysmack. We’re proud to say that two of our very own Jellysmackers stepped up to the Nas Summitt mics and shared their insights during the seminars they led. 

First up was Hugo Amsellem, Jellysmack’s Vice President of Community, who presented about the creator revolution and the democratization of the media industry. Then Vipasha Joshi, Jellysmack’s Country Manager for India, explained how creators leave billions in revenue on the table to the conference’s attendees—and how Jellysmack can help them change that.

Vipasha Joshi speaks at Nas Summit in Dubai
Vipasha Joshi speaks about Jellysmack’s Creator Program at Nas Summit in Dubai.

And they weren’t the only jellies in the smack that showed up at Nas Summit. If you were there, you may have run into Jellysmack’s Director of Communications and Culture, Lenny Pomerantz, who reported live from the event on Jellysmack’s Instagram Stories. 

Never one to miss an opportunity to create a challenge video, Pomerantz leveraged the occasion to put creators’ thumbnail editing chops to the test with the #ThumbnailChallenge. He also capitalized on the occasion to catch up with some of the top creators from across the world wide web, including Alle Jape, Jordan Matter, and Kanisha. Don’t miss the series of their interviews with Jellysmack, and see how they fared in the #ThumbnailChallenge on our Instagram account!

Fake interview, real fun! Lenny Pomerantz and Hugo Amsellem having some fun in the Jellysmack lounge after Hugo’s talk.

After all those brainy lectures, eye-opening discussions, and deep existential questions, guests had a lot to process and think about. But don’t worry: It wasn’t all work and no play. 

To wrap up each jam-packed day of learning and sharing knowledge, guests unwound during the event’s line up of entertainment acts and events around the city, including a stand up comedy performance by Usama Siddiquee, a cocktail mixer at the hotel’s skyline backdropped pool deck, and a surprise performance by the Gen Halilntar Family to close out the three-day event.

“I was amazed to see the fraternity among all the creators,” Pomerantz said. “Such a positive and unique energy made this event a success. I’m proud to work for a company that tries to help creators become their own businesses and support them through their challenges. Can’t wait for next year’s edition!”

By all accounts, the premier of the Creator Summit was a grand slam among attendees, sparking hopes behind a potential follow up event next year. 

Jellysmack is honored to have teamed up with Nuseir Yassin and the Nas Daily team in the establishment of this groundbreaking event as both a collaborator and sponsor. We look forward to the upcoming powerhouse creator collaborations that were presumably set into motion in the wake of this landmark occasion. 

“NAS Means People,” Yassin says in the Summit’s promotional video posted to the Nas Daily YouTube channel. “And when interesting people meet other interesting people, beautiful things happen.”