25 Australian Creators Partner With Jellysmack for ANZ Launch

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After years of interest and demand, Jellysmack’s coveted Creator Program is now amplifying the success of Australian creators on social media. The global creator company officially expanded into the key Australia and New Zealand markets in October 2021. With 25 current creator partners, including many top Australian YouTubers, this is just the beginning of a thriving new venture Down Under for Jellysmack.

The ANZ expansion follows the company’s Series C funding from leading tech venture capital firm, SoftBank Vision Fund II, in May. One of the primary objectives for the investment funding is to help fuel Jellysmack’s international growth. Jellysmack’s entrance into Australia and New Zealand is a major step towards the company’s goal of expanding into the creator economy on a global scale.

This new territory will be led by country manager, Ezechiel Ritchie. A former Google and Taboola executive, Ritchie brings years of experience in brand partnerships, advertising, and digital content. Ritchie will help power Jellysmack’s growth in the region by building an internal team of social experts as well as expanding its already-esteemed creator roster. 

“Jellysmack’s unique tech and data have solidified its position as a leader in the U.S. creator economy,” says Ritchie. “I’m thrilled to join such an innovative company and head up the expansion here in Australia and New Zealand. The region is home to some of the most talented creators in the world; there’s no limit to what we can achieve here.”

In addition to high creator demand, Australia and New Zealand are among the top countries by measure of social media monetization. This is primarily due to the content’s exportability to other English-speaking countries. Australian YouTubers can easily tap into U.S. and U.K. audiences, both of which are also premium markets for creators. With Jellysmack helping them scale laterally across social platforms accessing new audiences, the sky’s the limit.

Australian Creators Join Jellysmack’s Creator Program

As part of Jellysmack’s Creator Program, New Zealander and Australian creators will be able to expand their brands across every social platform with no extra work required on their end. Using AI technology and a massive first-party data set, Jellysmack edits, tests, optimizes, and distributes each creator’s content across all the major video platforms.

The process begins by taking a creator’s content from their primary channel, which is typically YouTube. Using a team of social professionals and proprietary technology, Jellysmack optimizes each video and tailors it for each additional platform: Facebook and Snapchat. Then Jellysmack runs multivariate tests to find the best combination of thumbnail, caption, and story, and publishes the best-performing version. Once published, Jellysmack invests its own money to promote the video and get it in front of large audiences that are highly likely to engage. Jellysmack then analyzes performance across every platform to help direct future content strategies. With a team of experts handling every step of the multi-platform expansion, creators can stay focused on what they do best: creating.

Finding success and growing an audience on one social platform is difficult enough. Doing it across several is a challenge most creators can’t conquer alone. Each platform requires its own unique formatting, editing, and monetization logic to master. Diversifying your social presence is also key to protecting creator’s revenue streams against inevitable algorithm changes.

Jellysmack’s goal is simple: to make it easier for creators to achieve that cross-platform success. With a combined 71 million subscribers and climbing, there’s no doubt that the current ANZ creator roster can gain millions more in revenue with the Creator Program

And without further ado, let’s meet the popular Australian creators leading the content game in comedy, gaming, art, food, conscious living, and travel. Jellysmack is helping them grow their followings on Facebook and Snapchat. All follower and subscriber counts are as of the publication date.


Australian YouTubers Brett Isaac Stanford, Derek Douglas Herron and Scott Steven Gaunson of How Ridiculous post with goofy expressions

How Ridiculous

These three Australian creators partnered with Jellysmack back in 2019 and remain an impressive part of the ANZ roster at 8.5 million YouTube subscribers. Staying true to the channel name, they film themselves doing crazy experiments and ridiculous challenges. You can also find them on Facebook where they have another 3.2 million followers and on Snapchat Discover where they have 3.4 million subscribers to their show.


Currently the 5th largest Australian YouTube channel according to Social Blade and boasting an impressive 16.9 million subscribers on YouTube and 4.9 million followers on Facebook, HowToBasic infuses comedy and absurdity into everyday how-to videos. 


Viral reaction videos, playful pranks, and unbelievable challenges have garnered hilarious Australian female creator Tannar 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube and 305,000 followers on Facebook.



With the 9th largest YouTube channel in Australia according to Social Blade at 9.3 million subscribers and 1.1 million followers on Facebook, Joshua Wanders is one of the top Australian creators in the VR gaming category. He shares memes and jokes with this group of gaming friends, The Boys. 


A fellow member of gaming group The Boys, Eddie plays his favorite VR games while pranking his best blokes on his channel, boasting 6.1 million subscribers on YouTube and 584,000 followers on Facebook.


Joining the Creator Program as the third member of The Boys, Mully’s channel has 5.5 million YouTube subscribers who tune in to watch hilarious VR moments and spoofs. 597,000 fans also follow him on Facebook.


One of the largest Minecraft gamers in the world, Jordan Barclay entertains his 3.9 million YouTube subscribers with gameplays, story led videos, and his expertise—tips and tricks on mastering the art of Minecraft. You can also catch his content on Facebook.


Whippy is a breakthrough Australian Grand Theft Auto Twitch streamer. He launched his channel in 2016, which entertains 453,000 followers on Twitch and has now amassed over 19.5 million total views. He also has 36,600 subscribers on YouTube which is now being managed by Jellysmack.



Art tutorials, astonishing animations, and creative challenges captivate Jazza’s 5.8 million YouTube subscribers and 234,000 Facebook followers of all ages and demographics.

BigstackD Casting

This talented artist entertains 1.2 million YouTube subscribers with his impressive metal creations made of thrown out scraps and other unconventional materials. You can also find him on his fast-growing Facebook page.

Pask Makes

From wood to metalwork, photography and more, 992,000 YouTube subscribers (plus 73,000 more on Facebook, and growing) tune into Neil’s channel to watch his creative mastery in bringing these pieces to life. 

Gilly Kube

With 114,000 YouTube subscribers, Gilly shares easy-to-learn tutorials and tips on acrylic paint pouring and other simple art creations. She’s also on Facebook


Visual ASMR through the form of fluid paint pouring mesmerizes 33,600 YouTube subscribers and 40,000 Facebook followers with Shelee’s satisfying and educational videos.


Vincenzo’s Plate

Eight hundred and fifteen thousand YouTube subscribers and 1.5 million Facebook followers join Vincenzo and his Italian family in the kitchen to watch them cook authentic dishes rich with fresh ingredients and rooted in tradition. Vincenzo is proof that anyone can bring the true taste of Italy into their home with the right recipes.


Watch father-son duo turn beloved characters into delicious crepes on their channel boasting an impressive 2.7 million subscribers on YouTube and 260,000 on Facebook.

Cupcake Savvy Kitchen

More than 660,000 beginner and expert bakers alike watch Cupcake Savvy Kitchen provide tips, tricks and secrets to creating the most cravable cakes and sweet treats on YouTube. Moreover, 822,000 followers also enjoy her content on Facebook.

Nela Zisser

Once a beauty queen, now a competitive eater, Nela fascinates 304,000 YouTube subscribers and 178,000 Facebook followers by downing giant portions, the spiciest concoctions, and mouthwatering meals in record time.


Austrlian YouTube Creator

Self Sufficient Me

Videos on farming, composting, and organic gardening have garnered Self Sufficient Me 1.5 million YouTube subscribers and 536,000 Facebook followers, all of which share his same passion to live more self-sufficiently using earth’s natural resources.

Andy’s Fishing Wild Cook

A lone adventurer, Andy advocates for ocean protection by showing his 217,000 YouTube subscribers how to catch, cook, and eat the world’s freshest fish. You can also watch his explorations on Facebook.

Bin Living With Big B

Combating global waste is Big B’s mission. His 15,600 YouTube subscribers and 46,000 Facebook followers watch him dumpster dive week after week, sharing ways to reuse and recycle his finds.  


Australian YouTubers Sean and Jess look at each other and smile

Flying the Nest

This family of full-time Australian creators and travelers inspires 1.1 million subscribers on YouTube and 752,000 followers on Facebook to venture out, explore the globe, and take risks, living life for all it has to offer.

Indigo Traveller

Explore the world’s most unique cultures and understand the reality of how they live on Australian YouTuber Nick’s channel, boasting 1.3 million subscribers. Thousands also follow him on Facebook.


A car-fanatic living life in Japan, this YouTube channel showcases Japanese car culture, drifting, and racing to a whopping 510,000 subscribers. His Facebook also boasts 254,000 followers.

Cavy Fishing

This Aussie explorer is in search of the biggest catch, filming his exotic oceanic adventures in Indonesia for his 444,000 YouTube subscribers and 38,000 Facebook followers.

Up Ahead for New Zealand and Australian Creators

These creators join Jellysmack’s global roster of leading video creators, including big names like MrBeast, PewDiePie, Bailey Sarian and Patrick Starrr. 

“ANZ creators have long been awaiting the launch of Jellysmack’s Creator Program here Down Under,” says Ritchie. “The partnerships we’ve established so far prove that the growth potential, both for the company and local creators, is massive. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”