9 Creator Holiday Moments to Get You Into the Festive Spirit

Creators Karina Garcia, MrBeast, Liz Fenwick, and Bailey Sarian in black and white Christmas ornament shapes hanging from Christmas lights

When it comes to getting into the holiday spirit, you don’t have to look far for food, decor, or feel-good festive inspiration. Between the peppermint mochas (which seem to hit the cafes earlier and earlier each year) and social media superstars spreading joyous vibes by decorating their homes, there’s no shortage of people rolling out the red and green carpet for the holidays—and these creator holiday moments are proof. 

Many Jellysmack creator partners are known for spreading the cheer each festive season—in their own unique ways, of course. From heartfelt moments from Derek Deso and Karina Garcia that would warm up even the likes of cold-hearted Scrooge, to wildly impressive home decor ideas from MrBeast and even spooky stories as told by Bailey Sarian, we rounded up nine creator moments that are sure to get you ready to put out the buffalo plaid doormat and blast “All I Want for Christmas” on repeat (assuming you haven’t already started).

Ahead, let these creator holiday moments add a little joy into your home. Science says decorating earlier makes you happier, so there’s no reason to wait any longer to start going all in.

The holidays remind us to prioritize family and friends
  • When Derek Deso’s best friend was in the hospital on Christmas morning, Derek surprised him by showing up with a bounty of beautifully wrapped gifts. His friend Ness opened up each one — some were gag gifts — but the best part was at the end of the video when Ness shared how lonely he’d been feeling at the hospital until Derek surprised him. (This video has all the feels.)
  • Karina Garcia knows how to deliver an adorable holiday video. Here, she captures her daughter Mia’s first Christmas and the moment is filled with all the adorable baby squeaks and squeals you’d expect to hear from an excited toddler. There are matching family pajamas, instant snow decoration, and even pizza.
  • Robert Welsh exchanging Christmas gifts with his twin will get you in the mood to start gifting your bestie, sibling, or twin. They gift each other with a bizarre assortment of beauty buys, including a hair removal gadget, suspicious heated eyelash curler, and questionable hats with attached hair extensions. As the twins say, “Christmas is here.”
… and the holidays can also be really funny
  • Sure, no one wants to unwrap yet another needlepoint project from grandma this year, but most of us are mature and can play the part; we can be gracious and appreciative. Most of us. Charlotte Dobre narrates Kids Reacting Badly to Their Christmas Presents, and, well, watching kids articulate how deeply disappointed they are in the quality of gifts they’ve received is cringe-inducing.
  • In addition to family-first warm and fuzzies, Karina Garcia also has some pretty epic holiday-themed pranks for us to play, including stinky garlic candles and more disappointing presents (keep an eye out for the genius bread slippers idea). 
  • Azzyland does the hard work for us and curates a collection of adorable and hilarious TikTok Christmas videos, including one in which a mom completely forgot it was Christmas morning and was just casually drinking her morning coffee in the kitchen until someone reminded her what day it was.
No matter what, you should always go all out on decor
  • If Clark Griswold were a content creator, he’d be drooling over what his ‘neighbor’ MrBeast was able to achieve when he enlisted the help of friends to put up one million Christmas lights in his aptly titled I Put 1,000,000 Christmas Lights On A House video. Not only was it a world record, but MrBeast ended up spreading even more feel-good vibes because at the end of the challenge he gave someone a house.
  • Liz Fenwick will have you feeling like you can DIY Christmas decorations in a flash. With craft supplies, a hot glue gun and some creativity, her stunning projects will get you amped to give them a try.
The holidays can be a bit scary, too 
  • What would cold December nights be without Bailey Sarian shedding light on the creepy history of Christmas caroling. In her video The Dark History of Caroling she explores the untold origins of the practice and will make you think twice about joining in for Silent Night. 

We’re filled with creative ideas this year and can’t wait to see what holiday content our creative partners come up with next. Be sure to follow their pages for more must-see creator holiday moments.