Brad Mondo Makes ‘The Roku Channel’ Debut Just Ahead of International Creators Day

Creator Brad Mondo inserted into a gradient TV graphic on a black background

It was 18 years ago on April 23, 2005 when the very first video was uploaded to YouTube, forever changing the way we create and consume content. In order to properly honor this momentous occasion, International Creators Day has been created as an annual way of celebrating and acknowledging digital pioneers who play instrumental roles in shaping the creator economy. 

And it’s a day we certainly don’t gloss over here at Jellysmack. Creators are the future of entertainment, and they are at the center of everything we strive to accomplish. We celebrate them not only on International Creators Day, but every day, because our mission is to unlock their full potential across social media and beyond. And that now includes TV.

Creators Move FAST

If you’re all caught up on Jellysmack happenings, then you likely already know we recently kicked off a partnership with Roku to launch FAST Channels. In this first-of-its-kind deal, Jellysmack is developing TV series for dozens of creators and distributing them on Roku’s platform, instantly reaching Roku’s massive audience. This new offering allows creators to circumvent the traditional development and launch processes that are time-consuming, costly, and guarded by media gatekeepers. Creators are now taking over television.

The Roku partnership began on February 28 with series from 17 of our top creators, spread across two channels: Mysteria (channel 548), a true crime hub that showcases bone-chilling stories told by dedicated top creator investigators, and Hello Inspo (channel 454), the ultimate destination for easy-to-follow home decor projects, mouthwatering recipes, and beauty inspiration. Viewing these two new creator channels is easy. Start at The Roku Channel’s Live TV guide, then select the channel you want.

With so many creators like LaurDIY, Smitha Deepak, and Karina Garcia making their way over to television on The Roku Channel, it only makes sense that we help expand the network even further to include even more of our favorite creators. Next up on deck is none other than Brad Mondo, the internet’s favorite hair stylist.

Brad Mondo Brings Good Hair Days to Roku

With over 7.7 million YouTube subscribers, 12 million Facebook followers, and 4.6 million Snapchat subscribers, (not to mention a hair care empire that includes a robust vegan line), fans that are drawn to his engaging and educational hair tutorial videos will now be able to find his upbeat and hilarious content on Roku. If you like hair dye, you’re going to love his new show. And of course, we have the full scoop:

Hairdresser Reacts with Brad Mondo

Channel: Hello Inspo 

Join the king of hair himself as he reacts to the most cringe-worthy hair fails and craziest transformations. From dye jobs gone wrong to the most viral videos on the internet, Brad watches it all and gives professional advice along the way.

See which hair transformations and trends are Brad Mondo-approved.

When you’re done watching Brad offer his hot takes on wild looks and hair trends, you can also celebrate International Creators Day by checking out a few other must-see creator series that launched this month.

Life’s a Hack with Karina Garcia 

Channel: Hello Inspo 

Go inside the life of everyone’s favorite crafty mom, Karina Garcia. In between the viral TikTok hacks you have to try and hilarious challenges, Karina gets personal, talking motherhood and family while giving viewers a peek into her day-to-day.

How does Karina balance life and motherhood? Find out on Life’s a Hack.
Realness with LaurDIY 

Channel: Hello Inspo 

DIY icon Lauren Riihimaki leaves it all on the crafting table as she shares candid thoughts and unfiltered opinions about life and fashion with a side of DIY. From ask me anythings to product reviews and more, get ready for her raw and real takes.

LaurDIY is getting real on her new show, streaming now on The Roku Channel.
Motives & Malice with Brooke Makenna

Channel: Mysteria 

Dive into some of the most chilling true crime tales with storyteller Brooke Makenna. By spotlighting those who are lost and the survivors who are left behind after unthinkable tragedies, Brooke gives a voice to the victims.

Brooke Makenna tells the stories of those who can’t speak for themselves.

TV will never be the same. What shows are you excited to watch next?