Top 7 Moments from the 2022 Qatar World Cup

2022 World Cup trophy sitting on a soccer field in front of a goal and stadium seating with a rainbow gradient border.

If you haven’t been glued to the TV watching all the action from the 22nd annual FIFA World Cup in Qatar over the last few weeks, you missed out on some unforgettable moments. Thankfully, there’s a soccer channel on social for that (or football, depending where you are in the world). Leading soccer community and Jellysmack Original channel Oh My Goal has covered the 2022 Qatar World Cup from start to finish for more than 50 million followers across Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. With the channel’s vast knowledge of the game and a team on the ground in Qatar, Oh My Goal captured the best moments from fans, players, and even dogs.

Controversy In Qatar

Of course, the decision for Qatar to host the 2022 World Cup was not without its fair share of controversy. When the announcement was made in 2010, allegations of bribery and corruption among FIFA officials came to light, and concerns over player safety immediately arose due to the location’s scorching triple digit temperatures. Qatar ultimately pushed the tournament to November instead of having it in June and July to avoid the region’s hot summers.

Human rights organizations have also been critical of the country’s strict anti-LGBTQ+ laws and its treatment of the migrant workers who built the stadiums and infrastructure that were required to host the 2022 Qatar World Cup. The Human Rights Watch organization sadly confirmed that at least 6,750 migrant workers died during construction due to poor and unsafe working conditions. For our part, Oh My Goal pledged to donate a portion of profits generated during the World Cup to Amnesty International, an organization that defends human rights. Through its program #PayUpFIFA, they’re committed to helping the families of migrant workers who have suffered greatly as a result of human rights abuses. 

The Tournament

Over the last few weeks, 32 teams arrived in Qatar to face off against the world’s top athletes, and now that the competition has finally ended with Argentina as the winner, we wanted to acknowledge some of the epic moments that made the competition so memorable. 

Let’s kick off the top 7 videos from the 2022 Qatar World Cup:

It seems no one in Lionel Messi’s direct lineage could escape Argentinian fans’ unrivaled enthusiasm. Here, they gathered outside Messi’s grandmother’s home, chanting “El abuela de Messi” outside her window to celebrate her grandson, the GOAT.


Referee calls seem to always be up for debate, and nowhere was that more true than during the World Cup. Here, rewatch some of the most controversial referee decisions in Qatar 2022.


Diehard French fans poured into the stadium ahead of Sunday’s final match fueled with adrenaline. When they were interviewed about the game, they were merciless, saying, “Where is Messi?” “Messi, you’re finished!” Evidently Messi must’ve heard the calls from overconfident fans because he answered in the final moments. Let’s just say this one didn’t age well.


Get all the behind-the-scenes action of what your trio of favorite players Mbappé, Agüero, and Richarlison do when they’re off the field.


When France knocked out Morocco in the semifinals, player Kylian Mbappe and his Paris Saint-Germain teammate Achraf Hakimi shared a beautiful moment on the field. When the final seconds of the game finally expired, Mbappe consoled his grieving friend, and it was a beautiful moment of camaraderie.


Cristiano Ronaldo’s dreams of winning the World Cup were shattered after Portugal’s loss to Morocco. He headed to the locker room deeply upset and fans everywhere mourned alongside him.


Where were you during what was probably the best-ever World Cup final? The epic match-up was a true cliffhanger that finally ended with Argentina grabbing the title. Following the match, Argentinian players were so ecstatic over their win that they somersaulted into trash cans and jumped up on tables to celebrate the victory.

The 2022 Qatar World Cup was full of history-making moments, and Oh My Goal captured them all. Make sure to follow Oh My Goal on Facebook to stay up to date on all the latest soccer stories, news, and more.