Don’t Stop at TikTok: Short-Form Creators Can Now Go Bigger with Jellysmack

Creator SpicyyCam smiling with mouth open on a red background with social media logos.

We love TikTok, but for many breakout creators, it doesn’t pay the bills. Jellysmack believes short-form content creators can Go Bigger… much bigger. As we head into VidCon 2022, we’re introducing several new ways to help top creators make the most of their short-form content, beyond the “For You” page:

  • Jellysmack is expanding its Creator Program to enable short-form creators to distribute their videos across multiple platforms to find more fans and make more money.
  • We’re welcoming 30 TikTok creators (and counting) to the program where we’ll optimize and distribute their content to Facebook Reels and YouTube Shorts.
  • We’ll also make it easier for TikTok creators to transition into long-form platforms, like YouTube, Snapchat and Facebook, with data-driven, full-service production.
  • For our 500+ existing Creator Program partners, Jellysmack is now offering short-form content syndication using our AI editing and optimization technology.
  • As a part of a curated pilot partnership with Meta, we’ve enabled 150+ creators to distribute and monetize on Facebook Reels – driving 600M views in the first 28 days.

Short-Form Content Meets Long-Term Success 

Since launching in 2019, Jellysmack’s Creator Program has been using proprietary data and AI technology to help creators take their videos across multiple social platforms. 

The Creator Program is currently trusted by the world’s top creators like MrBeast, Bailey Sarian, PewDiePie, Philip DeFranco, Nas Daily, Brad Mondo, and Karina Garcia. These creators have experienced unparalleled multi-platform growth. In 2021, the top 20% of Jellysmack’s creator partners each generated over $1 million on Jellysmack-managed channels alone, with the majority of our creator partners each generating over $250,000.

The data and technology driving Jellysmack’s Creator Program is built on the success of our owned and operated Jellysmack Original channels, which are some of the world’s most-watched social channels. With 204+ billion captured views and 647+ million tagged and categorized videos (and counting), we’re able to optimize and distribute videos for creators that consistently overperform and reach highly engaged audiences. Today, Jellysmack-managed content receives 10 billion views each month.

Most commonly, the Jellysmack Creator Program has supported long-form YouTubers in optimizing, distributing, and promoting their videos across Facebook and Snapchat.  

Today, we’re announcing the expansion of the Creator Program to encompass short-form creators and videos. This includes the distribution of short-form video across additional short-form platforms like Facebook Reels, YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and Snapchat Spotlight. 

This move means that creators can now work with Jellysmack across all the top social video platforms and across all formats to get the most value out of their content.

Jellysmack 🤝 TikTok Creators

To kick things off, Jellysmack is thrilled to welcome 30 TikTok creators into the newly expanded Creator Program, including Nick Smithyman (11.3M TikTok followers), Lindy and Jlo (10.4M TikTok followers), KLR Dubs (8.1M TikTok followers), Wasil Daoud (7.7M TikTok followers),  Albert Can Cook (6.9M TikTok followers) Jamie Nyland (5.6M TikTok followers), Joe Rauth (5.4M TikTok followers), Andy and Michelle (4.4M TikTok followers), Mallola Khalidi (2.8M TikTok followers), and more. 

With an average TikTok following of 4.2 million, these new creator partners will be able to expand onto additional social platforms to better monetize their content, grow their following, and Go Bigger. 

And this is just the beginning. 

“TikTok’s explosive growth has fostered a new crop of incredibly talented creators, but TikTok alone isn’t enough to make a living,” said Sean Atkins, President of Jellysmack. “Creators who can expand onto multiple platforms have a massive growth and earnings opportunity, and Jellysmack enables creators to do it all – with no extra work.”

Side note: To hear more of Sean’s thoughts on this topic, he’ll be chatting with TechCrunch reporter Amanda Silberling during their fireside chat on June 24 at VidCon. 

Lights, Camera, Content 🎥

This short story doesn’t stop with multi-platform distribution. Jellysmack is also making it easier for top TikTok creators to expand into long-form content with data-driven, full-service video production. And things are already getting Spicy! 

Popular food creator SpicyyCam_, who has a whopping 19.1 million TikTok followers, has signed with Jellysmack to create original content for YouTube, Facebook, and Snapchat – in addition to the syndication of his existing short-from content. 

“Short and long-form content are two completely different worlds and Jellysmack has been instrumental in helping me break into new formats,” said Cam. “By having a partner that knows the ins and outs of each of the different platforms, I can just focus on making great videos and let Jellysmack handle the rest.”  

Jellysmack’s production team relies on the company’s industry-leading data to create must-watch videos that consistently overperform. For Cam, we’re producing over a dozen bespoke videos each month. 

His results on Snapchat are already heating up 👻📈🔥. In just three weeks, Cam has rapidly built an audience of over 75k followers, and his Snapchat Discover show is quickly becoming a breakout hit with over 1 million views of the second episode alone. 

‘Reeling’ in Wins for Jellysmack Creators 

Not only do we help our partners create and automate with innovative technology, Jellysmack finds new opportunities where creators can get more value out of their content. We build relationships with platforms to ensure our creator partners are ahead of the latest trends and monetization opportunities. 

For example, Jellysmack is working hand-in-hand with Meta to help our creators make the most of Reels. Under the partnership, Jellysmack’s Creator Program partners are enabled with insights and access to the Reels Play Program, allowing them to better monetize their short-form content on Facebook.

To date, Jellysmack has enabled over 150 creators to activate on Facebook Reels. In the first 28 days of the partnership, we edited, optimized, and distributed over 2,000 videos on Reels and generated over 600 million Reels views for our creators.

Some early success stories include:

  • In one month, creators Isaac and Andrea saw 40 million combined views on Reels, resulting in 8x their monthly revenue on Facebook.
  • In their first 4 months on Reels, creators Mariah and Bill have earned 80 million views on videos that were optimized and posted by Jellysmack, yielding 13x the revenue of their long-form Facebook content over the same time period. 
  • In one month, creator Josh Elkin 10x’ed his monthly revenue on Facebook after launching on Reels and had 2 videos earn over 12 million combined views. 
  • Creator Christina Randall had 6 Reels that each earned over 1 million views thanks to Jellysmack’s tech-powered editing and optimization process. 

For Jellysmack’s Global Head of Platform Partnerships, Stefanie Schwartz, the Reels curated pilot partnership demonstrates another way Jellysmack adds value for creators. “Our partnership with Meta highlights how Jellysmack works with all the major platforms to champion creators and find new monetization opportunities,” said Schwartz. “For platforms, Jellysmack provides a turn-key solution to bring the world’s best creators to their platforms at scale.”

The Short of It 

At Jellysmack, we help creators seize opportunities by maximizing their content, growth, time, earnings, and talent. Now, we’re leveraging our industry leading data and technology to do for TikTok creators what we’ve successfully done for hundreds of our Creator Program partners: help them Go Bigger.