These Creators Have Your Halloween Makeup Tutorials and Costume Ideas Covered

Creator Robert Welsh in SFX makeup and Smitha Deepak in with glam skull makeup and a floating head effect in black and white with orange and black spider web and bats.

With only a few short weeks left until Halloween night strikes, there’s no better time than right this second to start making plans for costumes, makeup, and, of course, maybe a little mayhem. If you still have no clue what to dress as or do this year, you’re in luck. Jellysmack creator partners are beyond skilled in the beauty and wardrobe department (giving us creative fodder is what they do for a living, after all), and are oozing with Halloween makeup tutorials and costume ideas that are guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing. (Or, at the very least, compel you to go find the sewing kit.)

Whether you’re into that gory vibe for the festivities, or want to rock a gorgeous mani during trick-or-treating, get ready to take some notes. Our partners have content featuring intricate floating head Halloween makeup tutorials, bloody nail art DIYs that’ll get everyone’s attention, and even have a few fun pranks to play. Regardless of what you’re in the mood for, there is a ton of inspiration to help get you in the spooky spirit.

Ahead are some of the best ideas to help you celebrate this October 31st. Don’t forget the candy bowl! 

Your head will literally float with this trippy Halloween makeup tutorial by Smitha Deepak

Millions of viewers tune in to watch this beauty vlogger’s easy DIY makeup tutorials, and now you can join her as she goes all out with a masterful Floating Head Makeup Tutorial that’s so detailed it’s practically a work of art. She shows you how to nail that glam skull look for your Halloween party, and even how to add green body paint to create a mind-blowing photo that’ll have everyone clamoring to snap your pic. Heads will roll.

Smitha takes her masterful makeup illusions one step further this head-turning Halloween tutorial.
Transform into the zombie you’ve always wanted to be with Robert Welsh

You don’t need to be a professional makeup artist to master special effects techniques. Just grab some Q-tips and join the popular UK makeup artist known for creating dramatic looks and transformations. In this SFX tutorial, he’ll show you how to use prosthetics to create a deathly real look that’ll definitely creep everyone out in the best way.

Put together an easy Halloween outfit with these ideas from Hannah Forcier

Our favorite wig-obsessed and beauty hack expert lends her expertise yet again, giving us DIY Halloween costume inspiration using common items in your closet. Follow along as she whips up a vampire look, creates a character from the “Rocky Horror Picture Show,” and assembles both a prom queen and fairy outfit. Need something even more on-trend? She’ll help you create your own Billie Eilish-inspired wig with this DIY tutorial: Billie Eilish Is That You? (If you go for the Billie look, pay attention to Longhairprettynails’ nail DIYs below to finish off the celebrity look.)

Be sure you pick a Brad Mondo-approved Halloween hairstyle

As always, you’ll want to run your ideas by the King of hairdresser reactions first. The founder of XMondo Hair has a thorough Halloween hair reactions video, so check it out before committing to any hair projects (be sure you keep an eye out for fellow Jellysmack Creator Partner Chris Klemens’ spider web dye job).

Longhairprettynails will give your nails the full Halloween treatment

An expert at creating statement nails for every occasion on a budget, Longhairprettynails demonstrates how to create a Halloween-inspired design with this red and black bloody nail tutorial. You can also find Halloween nail art ideas to match any look or costume on her page.

No party is complete without costume prank ideas from Mariah and Bill, Riss and Quan, and Derek Deso.

Your favorite couples creators love to get a rise out of each other with jokes and pranks, so of course, they all have a few Halloween-themed ideas up their sleeves. Watch their hilarious pranks and risqué costume try-ons:

Be sure to tag your favorite creators (and us!) if you end up giving any of these Halloween costume ideas a try. We can’t wait to see how you spend the spookiest night of the year.