Biqtch Puddin and OPI Amplify Voices of the LGBTQIA+ Community

Creator Biqtch Puddin and OPI nail polish collaborate on a colorful drag look.

This article has mentions of suicide. Please take care while reading.  

Sometimes nail polish is nail polish, and other times it can represent so much more.

A recent partnership between Emmy-nominated multihyphenate Biqtch Puddiń (their resume includes actor, content creator, gaymer, founder of “The Digital Drag Show,” and winner of “The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula” – Season 2) and salon mainstay OPI illuminates the power and significance that the right sort of brand relationship can have on a person…and a community.

This Pride month, Biqtch Puddiń and OPI teamed up with Jellysmack to shine the light on OPI’s electric Power of Hue collection, which features 12 limited edition, mood-boosting shades, and a partnership with a non-profit organization in support of the LGBTQIA+ community. 

The partnership carries meaning for Puddiń, who not only has nostalgia for the brand, but sees it as an opportunity to help drive the conversation around non-binary gender awareness. “The first time I ever got a full set of acrylics was done when that OPI crackle nail polish came out and I was obsessed with it and it was so fun,” they share on Facebook while getting dressed for RuPaul’s DragCon LA event. 

I was actually there [at the nail salon] with my drag mother. That is my main inspiration for today’s look, to honor her legacy. She always taught me to be unapologetic and be openly who you are.

Biqtch Puddiń

Before Puddiń achieved drag stardom, however, they struggled with their own identity, and in finding accurate representation of people who looked like them in the media. “At the time when I was coming up, you could not see someone that represented who you were in a positive light,” Puddiń said. The Power of Hue Collection is about helping people find and express the best versions of themselves through colors that are exactly them. 

Creator Biqtch Puddin shows off a few of the mood-boosting colors from OPI’s Power of Hue collection.

OPI’s goal to support LGBTQIA+ organizations, amplify voices of the community, and to help build a more colorful future is hugely impactful for Puddiń as well. At a point in their life they battled with their own suicidal thoughts. It was during that time that their uncle introduced Puddiń to video games which became a respite from those thoughts. Sadly, Puddiń reveals that their uncle took his own life just 18 months ago. “I wish I could go back in time and give him a call, or provide something for him, so he could have a mechanism that could have saved his life,” they share. 

Now, Puddiń uses their platform to inspire people to paint the world with their own stories of triumph to become strong, happy, and unapologetically true to yourself. 

OPI’s limited-edition Power of Hue collection is available to shop now. Grab the shade that speaks to your truth (there are 12 to choose from)! #OPIPowerofHue