Jellysmack Is Hungry for Megastar Zach Choi’s ASMR Food Show

Zach Choi looks into the camera on a rainbow gradient background

Online viewers are hungrier than ever for content. And it’s no surprise that food-related videos are a favorite dish. Jellysmack has taken note and is giving fans more of what they want by adding mesmerizing food creator Zach Choi to its roster of creator partners. The company will optimize and syndicate Zach’s delectable cooking-meets-ASMR YouTube content onto Facebook and Snapchat to find even more fans. It’s a pivotal signing that underscores the culinary category’s steady uptick.

Food is most definitely what’s for dinner at Jellysmack. In fact, it’s the company’s most popular content vertical. Jellysmack’s 100 culinary creator partners generated 20 billion views last year. And it’s why Jellysmack’s been beefing up its food content this year. 

In 2022 alone, the global creator company added 23 cooking creators to its menu, including Korean chef YummyBoy (6.6 million subscribers), Brazilian eating channel Corbucci Eats (2.6 million), and La Ruta de la Garnacha from Mexico. But it’s the most recent signing with Choi that’s making headlines

“Today there are thousands of food creators who have built massive online communities, mostly on YouTube,” said Cat Valdes, a former YouTuber who now serves as Jellysmack’s senior director of creator partnerships. 

“Jellysmack gives them the technology, data, and infrastructure they need to make their content successful across every social media platform. We are their growth partner on the journey to becoming a global food icon.”

The deal with Zach Choi is a big one. He’s the largest YouTube creator that Jellysmack has signed thus far in the food category, with 14 million subscribers. 

So what does this mean for Choi? More platforms, more fans, and more revenue. Jellysmack leverages its proprietary data and AI technology to optimize and distribute Choi’s YouTube videos across Facebook and Snapchat to reach untapped audiences. 

By syndicating content onto different platforms, the company broadens a creator’s presence and establishes new revenue streams. 

It’s a process that can yield tremendous growth for creators. When Jellysmack began working with food creator Emmymade in April 2020, she had  162,000 followers on Facebook. Now, it sits at 5.2 million followers. And after partnering with Hellthy Junk Food, Jellysmack took their Facebook audience from 260,000 to 1.7 million and built their Snapchat show from zero to 500,000 subscribers.

So what’s the secret sauce that already brings 14 million people to Choi’s YouTube channel? He’s got flavor, fusing ASMR with meal-making and mukbang, a term that describes a creator consuming a variety of food.

What’s even more interesting about Choi’s videos? He says absolutely nothing. In an ASMR seafood boil episode it’s the sounds of boiling, bubbling, and melting butter that steal the show. And, of course, there’s Choi’s chewing, crunching, and chomping that, too, are captivating.

Audiences around the world are eating it up.