Web Summit 2022 Wrap-Up

Four panelists sit on stage beneath a large screen that shows a female panelist speaking.

On November 1-4, over 70,000 people in the tech industry assembled in Lisbon, Portugal for the sold-out Web Summit 2022. Dubbed “the world’s biggest technology event,” Web Summit brought together the innovators, the visionaries, and the who’s who of the global digital landscape. 

Naturally, Jellysmack had a seat at the table, and on the stage. Our Chief International Officer, Youri Hazanov, joined creator partner Talisa Tossell and OneRagtime CEO Stephanie Hospital for a panel titled “The creator economy: how it started, where it’s going.” 

Moderated by Podeo CEO and founder Stefano Fallaha, the discussion focused on the emergence of the creator economy and how the rise of platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok have enabled diverse talents to amass a following and build careers. Youri explained to the standing-room audience how Jellysmack helps creators diversify their content by optimizing, distributing, and promoting their videos across multiple social platforms, allowing them to elevate their presence and grow their brand. 

Web Summit 2022 panel “The creator economy: how it started, where it’s going” offered various perspectives on the evolution of career creators. 

From a creator’s perspective, slime-savvy Talisa shared the changes she has seen and the challenges she has experienced since becoming a full-time creator in 2016. This including her desire to team up with Jellysmack to Go Bigger with a show on Snapchat. 

“I was quite tunnel visioned at the beginning where I was like, it needs to be just YouTube because that’s the biggest one. And then you realize that putting yourself on other platforms actually doesn’t take away from it.”

Creator Talisa Tossell

UK-based slime crafter Talisa Tossell shares her journey from YouTuber to multi-platform creator on stage with Jellysmack’s Chief International Officer, Youri Hazanov. 

As the head of global venture fund OneRagtime, Stephanie added key insights on what to look for in new businesses in the digital space, and explained why she chose to invest in Jellysmack early. 

Web Summit’s information-packed days led to Portugal party nights, with guests turning up at Lisbon hot spots and artists like David Guetta keeping the vibes alive into the early hours of the morning. 

As a place to connect with top talent, a place to learn from fellow tech leaders, and a place to share knowledge, Web Summit 2022 was one for the books. See you next time, tech stars.