Jellysmack Partners With Top Latin American Creators

Aerial view of Guanajuato City at sunrise, Mexico. Symbolic of Jellysmack's expansion into Latin American Markets with Top Latin American Creators

There comes a time in every growth journey where businesses can’t keep moving forward without considering the burgeoning Latin American market. That time for Jellysmack has come.

After announcing a global expansion strategy in May of last year upon the closing of its Series C investment from SoftBank Vision Fund II, Jellysmack has charged forward in its international expansion efforts in the Latin America region by locking in key partnerships with top Latin American creators.

While Jellysmack already has an impressive international footprint—the company has creator partners in dozens of countries like France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Australia, and India—partnering with this power group of Latin American creators is an essential component of breaking into the region’s creator economy. The company recently signed 16 new Latin American creators to its rising Creator Program, bringing the region’s total to 51. 

Creators looking to widen their reach and further develop their audiences across multiple social platforms look to Jellysmack’s Creator Program as a turn-key solution, a way of deepening their fan base and growing revenue streams that doesn’t require any extra effort or financial risk from them.

Spearheading this initiative in Latin America is former Discovery and NBC Universal executive Allan Navarrete. As Head of LATAM, Navarrete oversees the global creator company’s Creator Program in key markets across Central and South America including Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico. 

His team includes Pinterest and Opera Software alumni Juliana Psaros, Jellysmack’s country manager for Spanish Latin America. Based in São Paulo Brazil, Juliana brings over 15 years of experience in media and creator strategy to the table. Psaros is tasked with developing relationships and new business partnerships across Spain and Spanish-speaking countries in Central and South America.

Joining Navarrete and Psaros for this key roadmap objective is Bruno Belardo, who was hired as country manager for Brazil. Belardo will focus on setting up the Brazilian market and strengthening the company’s presence in the area.

Belardo served as director of sales for Spotify in Brazil, where he managed relationships and oversaw ad sales. He brings more than 16 years of experience in digital marketing and online advertising, including roles in product marketing for Facebook in Latin America and as vice president of sales for BuzzFeed in Brazil, and operation that he set up from scratch.

Between the two of them, Psaros and Navarrete have years of hands-on media and entertainment experience. They are critical conduits in helping Jellysmack drive the business in Latin America.

The team’s onboarding highlights the rise of Latin America’s own creator economy as the sector grows into a mainstream global industry.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of something huge,” says Psaros. “International expansion is thriving, and the creator economy in Latin America has so much to offer. We’ve partnered with major creators this year. I can’t wait to see who we sign to the Creator Program next.”

Jellysmack already works with hundreds of the world’s most influential creators, including MrBeast, PewDiePie, Like Nastya, Rezendeevil, Triggered Insaan, Nas Daily, Bailey Sarian, Brad Mondo, Karina Garcia, Derek Deso, and Patrick Starrr, and has helped them grow and amplify their audiences across multiple social platforms. 

Meet the Top Latin American Creators

Latin American creato Mandy Candy smiles with fuzzy rainbow jacket thrown over her shoulder in room with lots of racks with clothing

Amanda Guimarães, better known as Mandy Candy, is a content creator from Brazilian city Gravataí. Mandy talks about fashion, beauty, and her day-to-day experiences as a trans woman.

Mandy Candy is one of the biggest YouTube channels in the world led by a person from the trans community. By partnering with Jellysmack, she will be able to reach even more fans on Facebook.

“I’m honored to be a part of the Creator Program,” Guimarães says. “I’m sure we’ll be able to nurture an even greater connection with my audience.”

Top Latin American creator Richard Rasmussen poses wide-eyed with an eye in outdoor setting. photo is against black background and has rainbow icons

Watch out, National Geographic: Richard Rasmussen is coming for nature’s reigning king.  

The Brazilian biologist is fascinated by animals, a passion that he shares with his five million YouTube subscribers. His content is network cable production quality. Rasmussen’s channel documents his curiosity of the incredibly rich biodiversity of Brazil, home of the Amazon rainforest. He is teaming up with Jellysmack to grow his Facebook following, which is currently at an impressive 4.3 million.

Nury Jimenez is a beauty and lifestyle vlogger hailing from Mexico City, Mexico. Known for her witty humor and animated communication style, Jimenez has amassed a 1.4 million subscriber base on YouTube and 600,000 followers on Instagram. Jimenez has teamed up with Jellysmack to reach new audiences on Facebook, and more than doubled her popular YouTube channel’s monthly views in her first month.

Chilean beauty and lifestyle muse Claudipia has nearly six million subscribers. Her content explores pop culture and style through bikini try-ons, fashion hauls, and makeup tips. Expect a sprinkle of boyfriend pranks, too. Her channel is popular all over Latin America, with her primary fan base located in Mexico, Chile, and Columbia.

Since partnering with Jellysmack, Claudipia has doubled her fanbase on Facebook to over 2.2 million in just over four months. Just six months in, her content generates view counts on Facebook that rival that of her popular YouTube channel’s.

Reciats de Pai is one of the Latin American Creators to partner with Jellysmack as it expands into Latin America. Here he is seen smiling about abut to eat a forkfull of food.

With more than 8.8 million subscribers, this Brazilian creator’s channel is all about family. Recitas de Pai is where Diego Assalve, a father of two young sons, shares his passion for cooking and family. His delicious, inspiring, and well-filmed recipes hypnotize audiences and teach them a thing or two around the kitchen.

Assalve’s videos are in the Portuguese language. He initially found a large-scale audience on YouTube. Recietas de Pai has partnered with Jellysmack to take his content to Facebook and TikTok. There, his content is already being voraciously noshed, with monthly views and engagements reflecting compliments to the chef.

Latin American Creator La Cooquette holds up a plate of baked goods with a smile against a blue background, text overlay

La Cooquette is the channel of Hounduran-American foodie and mom lifestyle vlogger, María Sierra. Her playful and energetic content teaches her 1.3 million YouTube subscribers recipes from around the world and over 550 thousand followers on her Jellysmack-managed Facebook page. Sierra’s channel has a huge audience in both Mexico and Columbia in addition to her growing popularity in a host of other Spanish speaking countries. La Cooquette uploads content in both English and Spanish. 

Latin American creators Thai e Biel share a kiss framed by a black background with rainbow details

Thai e Biel are a fun Brazilian couple who love to prank each other. Sometimes, they team up and prank their friends. They have been recording their lives and sharing on their channel since 2016. Engaged in 2021, the lovebirds invite 6.3 million subscribers to follow along their relationship journey—ups and downs included. On their Jellysmack-managed Facebook page, they have an additional 2.5 million followers.

Latin American creator Cosas Del Jardion holds a plant and smiles in an outdoor setting against a colorful green background framing

Calling all plant parents, green thumbs, and botanists––or even someone with a casual interest in gardening or self sustainability. Cosas Del Jardín is the premier how-to channel of Argentinian botanist Gabriel, who educates viewers on caring for various types of horticulture. Gabriel sprinkles his content with plenty of humor and a little sass.

With more than 1.7 million subscribers on YouTube and set to eclipse that on Facebook this year in partnership with Jellysmack, it turns out ruby red heirloom tomatoes and windowsill herb gardens aren’t the only thing that Gabriel has growing for him. 

The feeling is mutual. Jellysmack is delighted to partner with this top talent and is optimistic about future collaboration opportunities with LATAM. The region is a key point of focus in the company’s roadmap for 2022 as we build partnerships with top Latin American creators and expand our audience base internationally.

Wherever you are, if you want to learn more about how Jellysmack is growing its international footprint or how you can be part of the Creator Program, click here.

Note: All follower and subscriber counts listed in this article are as of the publication date.