3 Ways Jellysmack Helps Creators Scale

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Creating engaging content for a single platform is time-consuming. Most creators want to be able to post their content across multiple platforms to get the most out of every upload, but are constrained by bandwidth. After all, every major social platform has different aspect ratios, core audience bases, and best practices. Each platform has its own monetization logic learning curve.

Focusing on additional areas of their business like video editing, community management, content development and strategy, and platform growth are imperative to scaling their brands. Yet, each of these areas takes time and expertise.

All this means that most creators typically only have the resources to focus on content creation for one social platform. There’s tremendous opportunity for growth in untapped audiences across different platforms. For many creators, the biggest bottleneck is time.

Enter: Jellysmack

And that’s how Jellysmack helps creators scale. Jellysmack ensures that every video gets extra mileage and generates maximum revenue and brand awareness without additional per-video lift by the creator themselves.

Jellysmack utilizes its massive first-party data set and AI technology to help creators scale laterally into new social platforms and audiences to amplify their brand and diversify their revenue streams.

Since the Creator Program launched in late 2019, we’ve partnered with more than 500 of the world’s most influential creators, including MrBeast, PewDiePie, Like Nastya, Rezendeevil, Triggered Insaan, Nas Daily, Bailey Sarian, Brad Mondo, Karina Garcia, Derek Deso, and Patrick Starrr. Since then, creator partners have been doubling their audiences by branching out from the platforms where they initially found success.

When true crime YouTube creator Bailey Sarian joined Jellysmack’s Creator Program in May 2020, she had around 35,000 Facebook followers. Less than two years since partnering with Jellysmack, Bailey’s Facebook page boasts more than 11 million followers. Sarian initially rose to prominence on YouTube. But she was able to find a significant following on Facebook where audiences love her Murder, Mysteries, and Makeup videos. 

Similarly, YouTuber and HBO’s Craftopia host LaurDIY joined the Creator Program to collaborate on launching a Snapchat show. She’s garnered a following of over 830,000 within the first seven months.

Here’s a closer look at how Jellysmack helps creators scale their brands and skyrocket their social audiences.

Jellysmack Helps Creators Tailor Content to Each Platform’s Best Practices

Editing videos is an entire job in itself. It requires deep mastery of editing tools and software in order to cut clips that are fast and engaging. To do it well, it also requires an understanding of the nuanced expectations of viewers across various platforms.

Consider the differences in headspace: Someone sitting down to watch a YouTube video is more engaged than someone who saw an interesting video while scrolling their feeds in-between tasks. Additionally, the core audiences on Facebook and YouTube have nuances. The best content on any platform is mindful of audience considerations.

Jellysmack takes this time-consuming responsibility off of YouTube creators’ plates entirely. The company utilizes its massive first-party data sets and AI technology to edit videos, test variations of each video to find the best performer(s), and put optimized content in front of relevant audiences on TikTok, Snapchat, Reels, and Facebook. Everything is analyzed and tested: thumbnails, graphics, and video titles. 

Passing off this enormous responsibility enables creators—and creators from every platform—to scale their audiences across social platforms, without having to do any extra video editing work.

Additionally, every platform has different monetization logic and it takes a while to learn what works and what doesn’t. Jellysmack is already an expert in this realm. 

Jellysmack Invests in Video Promotion

Organic growth is slow. But when you put money behind social campaigns, creators can see bigger results at a faster pace. Scaling quickly, however, is risky–and expensive.

Jellysmack assumes the risk in both time and funding. By investing its own money, Jellysmack helps creators develop a presence in other social platforms at a much faster rate. That means Jellysmack creator partners don’t invest their own money to promote their content, so there’s no financial risk. 

Jellysmack promotes each optimized video in order to get it in front of larger, relevant audiences who might not have otherwise seen it. Leveraging AI technology and multivariate testing enables us to correctly and confidently identify and optimize social videos to connect with new audiences. 

In many cases, creators who have already successfully grown audiences on one platform can rapidly scale into new audiences on other platforms once their content has been reformatted to that platform’s best practices. 

Jellysmack Helps Creators Manage Various Social Media Profiles

When creators Go Bigger and expand to more platforms, their audiences grow along with them. Developing and maintaining new communities is a monstrous undertaking that requires time and dedication. 

Jellysmack manages all aspects of multi-platform distribution so that creators don’t have to carve out more time for it. 

Jellysmack helps creators grow and maintain new social audiences on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok, ultimately driving growth, brand awareness, and revenue streams. That includes things like posting onto a social account and managing communities on a creator’s behalf. Without this focused assistance, creators often struggle to dedicate the necessary hours in order to reformat all their content and post consistently across numerous accounts. They run the risk of creator burnout in the process. 

If creators have gotten to the point where they have successfully grown meaningful audiences on one platform, manpower is the bottleneck. Keep doing what you’re doing if the audiences are loving it. But that doesn’t mean creators have to miss out on other opportunities. Jellysmack offers creators a solution to these challenges. Best of all, these solutions don’t dilute ownership or interrupt existing income while adding new revenue streams and growing audiences. 

If you want to learn more about how Jellysmack helps creators go multi-platform, click here.